When my hair sprawls just like an additional film of skin on my face and I appear almost as if I just got grasped in an unforeseen hurricane. I then allow myself to step off the exercise machine. I can feel a perplexing emptiness and bareness in my legs and there is an emerging sensation of sickness from my abdomen. It never terminates to astonish me that the legs and muscles that were working so strenuously just a while ago now are scuffling to even support and hold my weight. I lurch towards the mirror to stare at the sweaty and soggy me, my accomplishment, a vision that mollifies my distress and consternation of being flabby again. All I can see now is strong and muscled bones that not so long ago were hidden and enfolded. This is now the advanced me, the one who works persistently and exhaustingly to keep the fat off rather than sympathising myself at the café with another consolation reward.


All this new routine has been developed only since my new home gym which always keeps me aroused and stimulated. It is designed with rubber gym mats in beautiful and vibrant colours. The mats are of exceptional qualities and features. The surface provides an excellent resistance against falls and minimises the odds of any serious injuries or bruises. The hardware and durable surface of these gym floors not only provides a firm and sturdy underfoot grip but also a soft and cushioned feel. The fatigue resistant characteristics make the exercises and workouts much more productive and enjoyable unlike the hard surfaces like wood which can result in physical stress and muscle fatigue. Use of rubber makes the flooring surface extremely convenient to clean and enables easy maintenance and management without the need of an expertise. To achieve specific goals the gym floors must be flexible and versatile. If the surface cannot bear added pressure and force applied on it than this can result in having a detrimental effect on the gym floors. Rubber gym flooring guarantee an outstanding moisture resistance as the floors that aren’t really waterproof can result in an unhygienic and vexatious atmosphere. These floors provide a proficient and intact installation making sure that the surface remains damage resistant at all times. Apart from all the other excellent features of these rubber floors, they beautify the environment by giving it an elegant look.