Unless someone lives in a remote region of the countryside in a house with broad and bulky walls, noise pollution is a part of daily life. Without an appropriate sound insulation or sound deadening mechanism numerous people have their privacy continuously violated by the noisy neighbours which can be extremely unpleasant at times. Nowadays, an adequate soundproofing system has become more of a requirement as it provides a solution for all kinds of noises. While a large number of people hear noises like loud voices or even loud music, it is almost impossible to be able to hear the sound of the television or that of a chat. Sound deadening can be a significant improvement to the quality of life in our homes as it remarkably lessens the noise pollution you agonize.

Sound deadening rubber tiles are commonly used to absorb the noises of the surrounding environment. Because of its hardwearing nature and an excellent durability, it serves multiple purposes and can almost be used anywhere whether it’s an industrial workshop or a music studio. These sound proof tiles have a sleek and clean appearance which enables a hassle free cleaning and allows the maintenance of a hygienic environment. The anti-slip features of these tiles provide an ultimate protection to the people walking on them. These economical tiles are extremely convenient to install and fix without the need of an expertise. They provide exceptional cold floor insulation and can be used for soundproofing walls, ceilings or floors.




The high density sound deadening sheets and tiles are heavy duty and are resistant to any damage. These outstanding features guarantee a longer life without the need for any replacements or repair, therefore saving both time and money being wasted unnecessarily. These acoustic rubber tiles ensure the user of providing a calm and self-possessed environment. The magnificent drainage ability allows them to be used in wet and moist areas like bathrooms, kitchens and poolside. The use of a top quality rubber maximised the service and advantages of these tiles. The premium quality of this sound proofing medium is designed to bear even the heaviest amount of traffic. The professional finishing serves to enhance the beauty of the environment. These rubber tiles and sheets act as sound absorber in case of falls, minimising the severity of the injuries. These tiles are built to withstand a high degree of constant pressure and forces. Installation of these sound proof tiles can really make your life much more restful and untroubled.