Why did Paul buy rubber tiles for his garage floors? What made rubber surfacing the perfect choice for Paul?

Paul has always been a car devotee with an eye for antiquity. When he first had a glimpse of 1966 Mustang, he simply couldn’t resist. This exceptional old car found a new home in Paul’s garage where he started redecorating it to shine as much as it did when it was initially driven out for many years. However, each and every antique car comes with the same old problems, and Paul noticed that from time to time it was leaking out small pools of oils. He knew that no one in the family will be pleased to see the floor covered in car’s grease which is why he began to look for an appropriate safety flooring solution. Following are the top 6 reasons we suggest rubber garage flooring for Paul’s application:


  1. Economical: Rubber garage tiles are relatively inexpensive and as Paul wasn’t really a fan of spending too much money on the project, this flooring solution is ideal for him.
  2. A convenient installation: Rubber matting rolls are extremely easy to install and don’t require an expertise. A double sided tape can simply do the job for Paul.
  3. Minimum waste: Since Paul can buy the garage flooring tiles in the exact size or length, so there is zero waste of time and money.
  4. Availability of custom lengths: Rubber flooring is available in many custom lengths which is why Paul can buy what he exactly requires and not be stressed about any excessive material.
  5. Non-slip: Pauls lives in an environment with a high degree of moisture and damp and was worried that it will creep into his garage. But with these garage mats, he can make the entire garage an anti-slip zone and not be concerned about the accidental falls and the potential injuries.
  6. Easy to clean: Because of a waterproof surface, these tiles and mats can easily be washed and the ability to dry instantly keeps them neat and fresh all the time.




After some careful researching Paul finally came across the rubber garage flooring and found it to be a perfect purchase for his new workshop. The reason why rubber tiles are ideal for garage floors is that they are extremely cost effective and enables easy installation. Along with a flow of other exceptional features, rubber provides an outstanding underfoot friction and grip, particularly in slippery and accident prone areas. With all of these obvious benefits, there is no excuse why a garage floor should lack a rubber surfacing. Redesign your garage with these durable and affordable rubber garage flooring.