Quality of Care

[PDF] Quality of Care | by ✓ Elizabeth Letts - Quality of Care, Quality of Care Clara Raymond is the kind of obstetrician any woman would want caring skilled dedicated But she is caught off guard when a pregnant woman is wheeled onto the labor and delivery floor with what seem

  • Title: Quality of Care
  • Author: Elizabeth Letts
  • ISBN: 9780451214102
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Quality of Care | by ✓ Elizabeth Letts - Quality of Care, Quality of Care Clara Raymond is the kind of obstetrician any woman would want caring skilled dedicated But she is caught off guard when a pregnant woman is wheeled onto the labor and delivery floor with what seem

  • [PDF] Quality of Care | by ✓ Elizabeth Letts
    146Elizabeth Letts
Quality of Care

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  • Elizabeth Letts

    ELIZABETH LETTS is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of The Perfect Horse, winner of the 2017 PEN USA Award for Research Non fiction and The Eighty Dollar Champion, winner of the 2012 Daniel P Lenehan Award for Media Excellence from the United States Equestrian Foundation She is also the author of two novels, Quality of Care and Family Planning, and an award winning children s book, The Butter Man She majored in history at Yale, where she studied creative writing with Pulitzer Prize winner John Hersey Her writing has been recognized for numerous awards, including a John H Daniels fellowship, The Charlotte Zolotow Award honor book and the Middle East Book Award A lifelong equestrian, as a teen she represented Area VI California and Hawaii in the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships She lives in Southern California.


  • I like these NAL Accent books They re trade paperback size and on the bottom it says Fiction for the Way We Live Other authors in this line include a favorite of mine, Lisa Wingate and several books I have in my TBR pile I even like the feel of this book The smooth pages, the size I also like the conversation guide in the back which includes an interview with the author as well as a discussion guide I do admit to sometimes reading the conversation guide before the book, allowing for spoilers som [...]

  • As a labor and delivery RN who is writing a book whose main character is you guessed it a labor and delivery RN, I loved this book especially the first few chapters Dr Clara Raymond is called to help a pregnant patient who seems to be in early labor Then all hell breaks loose The patient is her childhood friend, Lydia Benson, the father of the child is Clara s first and possibly only true love, Gordon Robinson, and as I was pulled into the developing trauma and complication of the birth well, th [...]

  • Clara, a highly skilled and caring obstetrician is caught off guard when a pregnant woman comes into the ER with minor complaints That woman turns out to be a childhood friend who just so happened to marry Clara s ex boyfriend Everything that could go wrong does and Clara finds herself in California with her surgeon s privileges suspended and in the house of someone who has answers to questions in Clara s past.

  • ob dr takes over care of pt who she knows, while pt is in labor, woman dies and what happens nextt BAD from an ob point, but i didnt like the horse stuff included

  • I thought the premise of this was good Well written too Just found myself impatient and skipping ahead too much to enjoy.

  • For a debut novel this was a deeply touching story Tragedy, uncertainty, pondering, and healing are the most striking issues that come from this exquisitely written novel I ll definitely be watching for further Elizabeth Letts novels.From back cover Clara Raymond is the kind of obstetrician any woman would want caring, skilled, dedicated But she is caught off guard when a pregnant woman is wheeled onto the labor and delivery floor with what seem to be minor complications The patient turns out to [...]

  • One night, an obstetrician gets a surprise patient a childhood friend who once saved her life Things go horribly wrong The complication The childhood friend is married to the obstetrician s former lover Did the OB do all she could Doubts assail her from within and without, and she escapes to her childhood home in California, where under somewhat false pretenses she finds work as a stablehand During this time she learns much about herself and her own past I was afraid this was going to be melodr [...]

  • Held my interest, but I didn t like the horse stuff I also was upset that the author, a midwife, chose to write about an obstetrician Why not use her talents to write about a midwife and get midwifery out there into the mainstream I also have some issues with her management of the shoulder dystocia she describes will surely come back to haunt her if she ever finds herself in court for a similar situation I kept waiting for her to make the point that the obstetrician had done the wrong thing and [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book On the surface, it s the story of an obstetrician who experiences a traumatic birth where the mother dies On a deeper level, it s the story of a woman who has never dealt with her past, choosing instead to close the door and pretend it has no relevance.All of us are impacted in our lives by many other people Frequently we are unaware of how they were a part of our life, and sometimes even that they touched it This story explores these relationships.It s a great story, [...]

  • This book was given to me and I thought I would give it a chance It had a good story, although predictable I am very glad I read it after I had our children, it has a lot of obstetrics and a very bad and tragic situation many things went wrong with pregnancies and deliveries it was tough to read I would maybe give it 3.5 Lots of people confronting their pasts, past secrets, identities were surprising, certainly a formula I have read before.

  • I read this book because I know Elizabeth, who was a midwife in the clinic I managed for a couple of years The book is about a nurse midwife who goes back to re examine her past, but it was fun trying to pick out who each character might represent It was a good story Not a great story, but it held my interest An easy reading book.

  • On paper this book sounded great it s a medical novel with an OB concentration, there are horses in it which I love but it was just okay The writing was definitely not amazing A review on the back cover said A good read and I remember thinking that that isn t what you d call a rave review, is it

  • I really liked this book It is about horses actually than babies, but it did keep my interest because it switches between now and the past so I kept reading in order it find out we got to where we were.

  • While the story line was good, there were parts of the plot that were a just a little too much for me I mean, really a huge brush fire and a woman going into labor all at the same time But the rest of the story, the characters and the main themes were very well written.

  • Clara and Lydia were best friends in school, however they had lost touch Clara becomes a doctor and come to her old friend for pre natal care Who coincendentally is expecting a baby with Clara s old flameGood medical descriptions here, but not very entertaining.

  • Interesting but found myself skimming at times as wasn t always holding my attention.but still a good story

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