A Perfect Grave

A Perfect Grave Best Read || [Rick Mofina] - A Perfect Grave, A Perfect Grave The face in the mirror belongs to a man Sister Anne McGrath knew years ago The cold blade against her throat guarantees her silence Can rookie reporter Jason Wade unravel the truth behind the nun s mu

  • Title: A Perfect Grave
  • Author: Rick Mofina
  • ISBN: 9780786018482
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback

A Perfect Grave Best Read || [Rick Mofina] - A Perfect Grave, A Perfect Grave The face in the mirror belongs to a man Sister Anne McGrath knew years ago The cold blade against her throat guarantees her silence Can rookie reporter Jason Wade unravel the truth behind the nun s mu

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  • A Perfect Grave Best Read || [Rick Mofina]
    407Rick Mofina
A Perfect Grave

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    Rick Mofina is a former journalist and an award winning author of several acclaimed thrillers His reporting has put him face to face with murderers on death row in Montana and Texas He has covered a horrific serial killing case in California and an ard car heist in Las Vegas, flown over Los Angeles with the LAPD Air Support Division and gone on patrol with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police near the Arctic He has reported from the Caribbean, Africa and Kuwait s border with Iraq His true crime articles have appeared in the New York Times, Marie Claire, Reader s Digest and Penthouse.By 2010 his books will have been published in 8 languages and 16 countries.Series Tom Reed and Walt Sydowski Jason Wade Jack GannonAwards Arthur Ellis Award Best Novel 2003 Blood of Others


  • A Perfect GraveRick MofinaPinnacle Books, 2007, 362 ppsBN No 978 0 7860 1848 2Sometimes events from the past make their way to the present and not always with a pleasing result Is there something in Sister Anne Louise Baxter s past that would bring about her brutal murder Jason Wade, reporter for The Seattle Mirror, is determined to find the answer.Jason is having a difficult time at work His boss is constantly pressuring him and he has received blame for actions that were not his fault Jason is [...]

  • This book was excellent In fact the whole three book series The Dying Hour, Every Fear and A Perfect Grave was excellent Glad I read them in order Though, each book could stand alone I m just sorry the series ended with just three books The primary characters Jason Wade, and his father Henry are realistic, and affable The stories wonderful and complex I would greatly enjoy revisiting these characters ten years later.

  • Excellent novel.Jason Wade rookie crime report and his father ex police officer After bank robber killed eight years old boy, he lost himself in a bottle, but he recovered and working as a private detective Jason s relationship with his father is rocky, always hopes to find out what happened Jason under pressure to find a crime story that will help to increase newspaper circulation Author being once a crime report makes the Jason s character very believable Now trying find out why Sister Anne wa [...]

  • It got off to a slow start and I began to think I might not finish it, but once things started to get moving, the pace tension kept building nicely The plot was woven together neatly from several threads of the lives of seemingly unconnected characters and without giving too much away although it became fairly obvious whodunnit from about midway through the story, that didn t detract from my enjoyment of how it all played out.

  • I enjoyed this suspenseful book The story flowed at a good pace and I liked the main character, reporter Jason Wade I also liked the supporting storylines especially the one about Jason s dad, an ex Seattle cop and the one about Brady, the young boy who needs an expensive brain surgery I plan to read from Rick Mofina.

  • Once again one of my very favorite writers has crafted an incredible adventure filled with intrigue, suspense, mayhem, and some horrific murders A Perfect Grave , is the third book in author Rick Mofina s Jason Wade series Completely powerful , and a very compelling plot moving at top speed keeping the intrigue, and suspense pushed to the max from first page through it s conclusion Author Rick Mofina is a master story teller who can weave several different story arcs that are amazing when they a [...]

  • You won t want to put it downA mystery, a quest for the truth and a chance at redemption Very well written and it will keep you guessing the whole way.

  • 2.5 stars Maybe I was a bit distracted when I read this but I just couldn t get into it It was my least favorite book of the trilogy Were there too many cliches Perhaps A saintly nun who works with prisoners and homeless people is brutally murdered and our intrepid reporter, Jason Wade, is hot on the heels of the story So we have the poor beleaguered reporter, his beastly editor who is constantly on his back, his police officer on and off girlfriend who is not cooperating and feeding him info, t [...]

  • I do not usually write a review on books I have read However I may begin to do this now I did enjoy the book and for the most part was trying to find odds and ends of time to steal away and see what was going to happen next While the book kept me interested, I felt like there were many, many characters brought in without a good description For me a little description of who we are talking to and about is important when there are so many people in the book Character development is important for m [...]

  • I like this author I have read several of his books and none have been overloaded with sex and or obscenities His writing mechanics are excellent, and he is my favorite writer of thrillers I am usually struck by the symbiotic relationship he creates between the press and the law, especially in the present book Jason Wade, a criminal law reporter, works hand in glove with the legal powers that be to solve an ard car heist that occurred twenty five years in the past Readers, get ready for a thrill [...]

  • I was glued to this book by the end of the first chapter This is a very intense read, with many stories going on at once, you ll be absolutely mesmerized with the individual workings of the charters as they all tie into the end result of the main story in this who done it novel.Rick Mofina s uncanny ability of placing you into the story will have you thinking you have the individual stories all figured out, the surprise ending will leave you amazed at the way the author tied all the stories toge [...]

  • Another fantastic Jason Wade story Ok, so parts of each of Jason s stories get me upset because he has been lied on, lied to, and used by The Mirror, the Seattle paper for which he writes news stories Jason wants to report truth, not lies, and his editor doesn t care how the story is put together as long as his paper reports it first Sounds a lot like today s news world However, Jason is a guy we want and need to see win, come out on top He gets his story in the end with an exceptional story thr [...]

  • Really good readI received this as a free e book, and I read a lot of e books, but this one was different The writing was excellent and the characters were believable Although I had figured out some aspects of the mystery about 3 4 s of the way into it I had not guessed them all With any good book, the issues were resolved and believable Thanks, and now to read the other books in this series.

  • Usually when I read a book that includes a reporter character, I spend a lot of mental energy trying to ignore all of the glaring errors of what it s like to get a story together That was not the case with this novel He did a great job of accurately albeit dramatically portraying a city crime reporter s life The editor was a POS and I d totally be sending out resumes if I worked for him, but again not unbelievable Oh, and the overall story was engaging and fast paced.

  • Mofina writes a good crime novel In this one, a journalist and a policewoman are racing against each other and occasionally in support of each other to find the guy who murdered a beloved nun that worked in prisons and shelters Turns out she had something of a past before she became a nun, and it caught up with her The events of 25 years before took a toll on all the others who had been involved at the time.

  • An entertaining read I wasn t able to guess the plot as it was expertly woven amongst three different story lines Rather slow getting going, too slow for me, but then raced to its conclusion At this point I enjoy the other Seattle detective J.P Beaumont over Jason Wade, perhaps because I m closer in age to J.P wink.

  • Starts slow but increases pace to an exciting endThe story didn t grab me at first, but about a third of the way in, it kicks in and doesn t stop I liked that the story built clue by clue, and all the plot lines tied together nicely in the end I wish he would write in the series.

  • Another 5 stars for Rick MofinaYou can t go wrong with a Rick Mofina mystery Always delivers your money s worth and Every one I read is better than the last Edge of your seat suspense, deep character development, unexpected twists, it s all there, every time He is fast becoming an absolute favorite author.

  • Murder and mayhem at its most deadlyA rookie crime reporter who is fighting to keep his job sets out on the case off a lifetime This has everything from the accidental shooting of a young hostage, the murder of a nun and the culmination of tragic life and death struggles involving the reporter s own father

  • A young nun is murdered Everyone loved her as she was an angel to all she came in contact with She worked with prisoners, homeless, abused women and all who needed help Jason Wade is a reporter and wants to make this story his big break His ex girlfriend is on the police force and working on this case His father is an ex alcoholic and former cop Soon all these lives will connect.

  • Another great story from Rick Mofina, he s fast becoming one of my favourite authors Great pace, fantastic storytelling If you haven t read any of his books yet, you should This one is about Jason Wade, a crime reporter in Seattle and centres around a dead nun, I won t give any away Read it

  • Really enjoyed this I read the first of the Jason Wade trilogy last year, having not read any of Mofina s work previously, and read the following two books since the new year Always very well written apart from the odd typo I do enjoy the intrigue and suspense that arises in them The main characters are likeable and have plenty of depth I d love there to be a follow up

  • Couldn t stop reading As always with with Rick Molina s work I couldn t stop reading The suspence and pace are incredible Devious paths lead you to suspect many players in the crimes currant and past Private and personal lives intertwine as the case developes Draws to a satisfying conclusion with a hint of to come.

  • Kept me guessing Great twists and turns Characters were well developed and believable I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good story Looking forward to reading by Mofina

  • Compelling but slow I picked up this book because of the nun And,I found it solid, but a little slow I m not usually interested in crime but this one held my interest I ll give the author another shot.

  • Great readFathers speed as you get further along in story Like a great weaving, the author uses different people and their struggles to finally show redemption is possible Surprise s through out.

  • Excellent book kept me on the edge of my seat couldn t put the book down, I have read a few of Rick mofina books and each one has kept me reading can t wait to read of his books what a great read

  • Wow loved it Just kept getting better Loved the suspense I would highly recommend this book to anyone who does not have to get up early cause you can t put it down It really holds your interest One of the best.

  • Another Great ReadI love how Mofina creates his stories like spinning a web Several different points of view intersecting and coming together to create the big picture Very much enjoyed this one

  • Very good Holds your attention.This book takes several stories and intertwines them to a quick and just climax While it appears to be a long book it is a fast read that grips the reader Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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