All or Nothing

[PDF] All or Nothing | by ✓ Dixie Lee Brown - All or Nothing, All or Nothing Dixie Lee Brown launches her Trust No One series with this tale of a hunted woman and the only man who can save her life if she ll let him Someone wants Cara Sinclair dead One minute she s halfhearted

  • Title: All or Nothing
  • Author: Dixie Lee Brown
  • ISBN: 9780062273864
  • Page: 344
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] All or Nothing | by ✓ Dixie Lee Brown - All or Nothing, All or Nothing Dixie Lee Brown launches her Trust No One series with this tale of a hunted woman and the only man who can save her life if she ll let him Someone wants Cara Sinclair dead One minute she s halfhearted

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  • [PDF] All or Nothing | by ✓ Dixie Lee Brown
    344Dixie Lee Brown
All or Nothing

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    Dixie Lee Brown Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the All or Nothing book, this is one of the most wanted Dixie Lee Brown author readers around the world.


  • All or Nothing is the first book in Dixie Lee Brown s Trust No One series It s got action, adventure, bad guys, good guys, mafia badasses, arms dealers, sassy female characters, sexy male characters, and even an awesome dog In fact, it s got all the things I need to enjoy my romantic suspense reads and yet, this time, it wasn t quite enough.From the cover Someone wants Cara Sinclair dead One minute she s halfheartedly enjoying an Oregon Coast casino, and the next she s being chased by hit men Re [...]

  • Recently escaping an extremely abusive marriage to a husband with mafia ties, Cara Sinclair is unsure who is trying to kill her Rescued by a total stranger she meets in an Oregon casino, her life is swept into a world with threats from the ATF Her safety is now in the hands of the hotel stranger, a leader of a mercenary group named Joe Reynolds and his team Cara has learned never to trust anyone including her instincts since it led her to her husband, but trust in Joe and his team might be the o [...]

  • Generally speaking this book is alright, it is about what you would expect from a book of this genre It is far fetched but engaging, it has a male character who is tough but can be soft and a damsel in distress People do not read these books for the high end literature and serious story lines and All or Nothing is no acceptation, it does exactly what is says on the tin and would be fine except for one serious problem, Cara I struggle to think of another female character that made me as angry as [...]

  • I have recently come to love Avon books When I saw this cover and read the blurb, I got excited over the prospect of a hot romantic suspense read To say I was disappointed with this book is putting it mildly I really liked the plot, and there was potential in all directions for nail biting suspense, heart thumping action and toe curling romance Unfortunately the story fell flat due to the characterization and actions of the heroine Despite having purchased and read this book in July, I still rem [...]

  • Six years ago Joe Reynolds lead a team into North Pakistan, their mission was to locate an Al Qaeda operative and bring him out alive The mission went horribly wrong and although the team made it out, Joe did not, as he was about to be executed, Charlie Dugan defied orders and came back for him However when Charlie needed him three weeks ago, it was too late So he has come to Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast to save a woman s life because Charlie begged him to with his last breath.As Joe meets C [...]

  • This was such a good, action packed book Cara had been hurt badly by her ex husband David She does not trust anyone She had always loved her brother Brian until she found out he was in the mafia with David They both wanted her dead Joe had made a promise to his best friend to protect Cara I have to say I loved him and his team in this book They were like a big family, and they accepted Cara into that family By the end of the book she knew she could trust them, but it did take a long time to win [...]

  • This was my first time reading Dixie Brown, and I m thrilled to say I was NOT disappointed All or Nothing has made me a huge fan of her work Ms Brown certainly knows how to keep a reader perched on the edge of their seat I couldn t turn the pages fast enough and got downright annoyed if someone tried to speak to me while living the intense action and drama which unfolded with each turn of the page There is no down time in this one I was riveted all the way to the very last page I absolutely fell [...]

  • A great first book I really liked seeing the development of the relationship between Cara and Joe He helped her to develop her strength both emotionally and physically I think some one of my favorite scenes is when Joe is first having her do the high ropes course and he pushed her to keep going, but was willing to let her stop if she wanted I was at times frustrated with both Joe and Cara making assumptions about the other usually thinking that the other person was not trusting them or didn t ca [...]

  • This one tugged on my heart strings in a big way I really felt for Cara She really touched me She s that character whose been through hell, and that alone drew me to her But at the same time, she s learning to find her own strength, and naturally finds it hard to trust, and this had me rooting for her Joe isJoe made ME feel safe He was her perfect match He was her staunch protector, yet he pushed her at times to find her own strength Theses were type of characters I wish I could meet in real lif [...]

  • Loved this story Edge of your seat suspense.Joe Reynolds is a fabulous take no prisoners kinda guy and sexy too Cara Sinclair is a woman who has suffered abuse but comes back kicking ass and taking names.a great cast of characters, with some you wanna hug and be friends with and others you want to burn on the barbecue I look forward to reading of the Trust No One Series I encouraged all to read it 5 kick ass stars

  • This book has action from beginning to end Could not put it down edge of your seat I highly recommend this book Going to read the second one now can t wait to hear Walker story

  • Normally I am skeptical about reading romantic suspense as it tends to have suspense than romance All or Nothing had just the right amount of both to keep me interested in turning the pages From the start, this book had non stop action and and kept a pace equal to NASCAR.This book braked for no man Within the first chapter you are introduced the the main characters, Cara and Joe, Joe s buddy Charlie who died , Cara s brother and SIL Then there is an attempt to kidnap kill Cara from which Joe an [...]

  • Should have stuck with my first impression on this one and skipped it.This was of a book about the Too Stupid to Live chick from the horror movies rather than a book about people coming together and falling in love I d go into the details about all the ways that Cara s character proves her utter lack of basic self preservation and common sense, but I d be reciting the whole book and it wasn t worth it the first time around.The yo yo effect going on here is enough to make anyone dizzy Not sure b [...]

  • Cara was so very stupid and na ve I feel sorry for everyone who had to interact with her for the most part She could never make up her mind and the waffling between going, staying, trusting, not trusting, not to do this or blah blah blah was frustrating to say the least She trusted the most obviously wrong people at least to me instead of the actual good guys I think that she should have known better after her disastrous marriage, but nope I read this book twice, since I had gotten the sequel an [...]

  • The mysteries of Cara Sinclair, her life and her family are troublesome to Joe Reynolds but he made a promise to his best friends to protect her Joe, and the reader, spend most of the book trying to figure out if Cara is party to the crimes occurring around her Brown does a good job of creating turmoil and an embroiling story built around two edgy but ultimately very likable people The book is fast paced, the story interesting and full of intrigue and suspense and the heat between the hero and h [...]

  • The mysteries of Cara Sinclair, her life and her family are troublesome to Joe Reynolds but he made a promise to his best friends to protect her Joe, and the reader, spend most of the book trying to figure out if Cara is party to the crimes occurring around her Brown does a good job of creating turmoil and an embroiling story built around two edgy but ultimately very likable people The book is fast paced, the story interesting and full of intrigue and suspense and the heat between the hero and h [...]

  • Wow, what an adventure This is one of the best stories I have read It captured my attention before I purchased and once in my possetion I had to read it right away I didn t put it down much until the last page was read Thankfully the next stories with these wonderful characters is out.I enjoyed the story line with all its twists and turns The characterization was top notch and I could see it all in my minds eye I would wish for a movie except it could never do justice to it.This is a must read I [...]

  • I enjoyed the book well enough It was an easy read I felt a little detached from the characters, so their angst didn t affect me much I truly wanted to know how it would end, and I was pretty satisfied with how it did I did get a little tired of the whole trust issue Not the fact that it existed, considering the circumstances, but the sheer number of times the word trust was used It would be interesting for someone to count it to see exactly how many times the word appears in the book.This was a [...]

  • This could have been better The main character, Joe, was someone you d want to get to know His love interest, Cara, however, was annoying I find it a little unbelievable that she mistrusts all of the team assembled to help her and so easily trusts a total stranger that even a blind reader could see was sent in specifically by her enemy.It s also a little unbelievable that she would accept what her ex husband tells her so easily while professing to hate him so.I look forward to the next books, a [...]

  • I absolutely fell in love with the hero, Joe, who has a protective instinct for Cara Cara s been through a lot in her life and deserves a man like Joe in her life It just takes her some time to warm up to him and learn to trust again I also loved the secondary characters esp Walker Glad to know there s to the series The fast paced suspenseful scenes had my heart beating wildI couldn t put the book down until the end A great read for those who love romantic suspense

  • The characters made this novel The story line was a little typical woman in trouble with alpha male agent coming the to the rescue There were several twists to the typical damsel in distress which made it a very good story, but like I said, the characters made it They made me laugh and hurt with some of their tales, and some were downright insane at time Let s just say unsanctioned explosives play I already bought the next book in the series.

  • I was pretty sure this book would end up with 2 stars I was rolling my eyes at some of the dialogue Nothing very unique about the story until you start learning about the heroine s back story The hero doesn t get much development at all But I was drawn to other characters in the story so will read the next book in the series Overall, I did like this book wasn t too insta love.

  • God this woman was TSTL I hated her so much that I have a hard time remembering a character I ve hated She was wishy washy in her actions, insisted on running headlong into situations she couldn t handle as a result, and every seen that she was supposed to be some sort of bad ass made me go, huh Terrible.

  • I truly enjoyed this action packed read From the first chapter, you get drawn into Joe and Cara s world and their race to escape from their past and deal with people who are trying to kill them in the present A definite page turner and lots of great characters make the story one you won t want to put down

  • ALL OR NOTHING by Dixie Lee Brown grabbed me from the start Strong and likable characters pave the way for suspense from the very start It continues throughout the book, many times leaving me with a worried pit in my stomach about the outcome and flipping fast through the pages to find out the result Now that s good writing I d highly recommend this book.

  • Ugh waste of time to read First of all, a random guy tells you that your brother is trying to kill you and you agree I was turned off in the first five pages of the book I never leave a book unfinished I must have missed the whole falling in love part because all of a sudden they are saying I love you It made no sense.Won t read this author again.

  • Started out at a reasonable pace but then dragged and dragged I got about an eighth of the way through The writing style was not developed enough Trust me I wanted it to be good, nice cover but it did not get across the line.

  • I loved the hero, Joe Reynolds The heroine was annoying She was unable overcome her trust issues throughout the entire book She had been severely abused by her ex husband, but it took way too long for that to be resolved If abuse is a trigger for you, don t read this book.

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