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Bunny Modern Best Download || [David Bowman] - Bunny Modern, Bunny Modern The trade paperback edition of David Bowman s prizewinning first novel Let the Dog Drive has developed a cult following Now Bowman s exuberantly praised second novel a hard boiled comedy about love

  • Title: Bunny Modern
  • Author: David Bowman
  • ISBN: 9780316102025
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback

Bunny Modern Best Download || [David Bowman] - Bunny Modern, Bunny Modern The trade paperback edition of David Bowman s prizewinning first novel Let the Dog Drive has developed a cult following Now Bowman s exuberantly praised second novel a hard boiled comedy about love

  • Bunny Modern Best Download || [David Bowman]
    212David Bowman
Bunny Modern

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    David Bowman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bunny Modern book, this is one of the most wanted David Bowman author readers around the world.


  • Why would carrier pigeons be necessary in a future without electricity why wouldn t regular, non electronic snail mail suffice That s the kind of question you shouldn t really bother asking yourself while reading this book, because the zany world of the novel does not appear to have been conceived with much care or thought, and the whole thing has an on the fly, make this shit up as we go along quality that could be either refreshing or maddening depending on your own personal calibrations as a [...]

  • Bunny Modern is a clever, inspired and hallucinogenic journey into the deep dark end of imagination In this novel, electricity is out of fashion fashion has become literary and literature is made in an electric fashion Calum McCann, author of Sundogs and This Side of BrightnessThat s a very apt review from the back of the book Two words Killer Nannies.It s okay, this book is like a crazy friend that you have, right This friend is certifiable, but when they talk about their plans, they sound so s [...]

  • I read Bowman s Let the Dog Drive a number of years ago now I need to reread it I think I needed my training in literature to appreciate Bowman s bizarre creativity This book invites comparisons to Vonnegut s Cat s Cradle, to Burgess s A Clockwork Orange, to Huxley s Brave New World and Orwell s 1984, and even to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the recent Thursday Next novels It also reminded me, in its particular dystopian slant, of Berger s Regiment of Women and Atwood s Handmaid s Tale Bowman i [...]

  • I love it when a science fiction or fantasy novel where the world isn t the point Bunny Modern by David Bowman with his near future look at New York and New Jersey comes close to accomplishing this goal.In this day and age where alternative energy is becoming a world wide concern and oil prices are so volatile, Bunny Modern reads like it was published this year rather than last decade.In Bowman s vision of the future, electricity has stopped working but not because of a lack of oil It has just s [...]

  • In this twisted tale from David Bowman, the loss of electricity has created an oddly upbeat dystopian society Former child actor Dylan lives in a world where appliances are enshrined, gun toting nannies like Clare are hired to protect the valuable commodity of children, and the young child named Soda may be the key to fixing it all Bowman s initial premise of a de energized city is an interesting idea the book flounders in its desire to incorporate violent caretakers and the emotional heart stri [...]

  • I wanted to like this book the description sounded enjoyable Mr Bowman had some cache as an up and comer in the middle nineties but never wrote a third book and passed away suddenly Alas, this book was like a bad Seinfeld episode extended to a two hour movie Electricity stops working inexplicably, fertility rates plummet, and the few, precious children are protected by heavily armed nannies Also, some people have telepathy for no reason It s a great premise that gets old quickly and then Mr Bowm [...]

  • Pretty cool strange tale of New York in a near future where electricity has vanished, and child care is performed by drug crazed armed nannies The narrator is a man who becomes infatuated with one of these nannies, and their paths cross in a most ridiculous fashion I wish I had read it in a day or two instead of slowly over a week due to crazy work schedule lately I ll probably reread it at some point.

  • There are a lot of fun cultural references, but I m not as old as Bowman, so many of them were lost on me I really liked the concept, but my biggest problem was a lack of description of scenery There were many times when Clare threw shoes into the water, but were they on a boat A dock A lot of times it was fuzzy.

  • The opening imagery of future post modern, assault weapon toting, Goth baby sitters is just so very cool However from that point the narrative plummets into a downward spiral that the author never pulls up from.

  • It s a fun, weird, wacky story of drugs, babies, and gun toting nannies Truly one of the weirdest novels I have ever read The writing style was fluid and modern It s a fun romp, nothing serious or important, but an entertaining read.

  • I learned never to read a book based on the cover art or because it has the name of my favorite animal in the title Lesson learned.

  • Love, love, LOVE this book Is it sacrilege to say that this might be the Fahrenheit 451 for a new generation

  • the description of this book sounded much better than it actually was i didn t like this book, but i give it an extra star because it was a pretty creative idea for a book.

  • two stars punks with carriages and a loaded gun boring but realistic dream of living in todays modern world of beautiful electric dreams.

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