The Doctor's Bond

☆ The Doctor's Bond Í Lee Tobin McClain - The Doctor's Bond, The Doctor s Bond Bad Boone McDermitt s back in Pleasant Haven Florida to help his troubled nephews not to romance the preacher s daughter But the handsome doctor sees a kindred spirit in restless talented Abby Smit

  • Title: The Doctor's Bond
  • Author: Lee Tobin McClain
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ The Doctor's Bond Í Lee Tobin McClain - The Doctor's Bond, The Doctor s Bond Bad Boone McDermitt s back in Pleasant Haven Florida to help his troubled nephews not to romance the preacher s daughter But the handsome doctor sees a kindred spirit in restless talented Abby Smit

  • ☆ The Doctor's Bond Í Lee Tobin McClain
    460Lee Tobin McClain
The Doctor's Bond

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  • Sexy doctor So this is a Christian romance, but there is some spice as in Boone, the sexy bad boy doctor Boone had a rough life growing up, but had a good heart underneath his tough exterior Abby is our sweet preacher s daughter who tries really hard to live up to everyone s expectations She doesn t mean to be judgmental, but finds she is in some ways and her tender heart is humbled As always Lee author put in some great kissing scenes Kiss me harder Abby egads Highly recommended

  • This is officially the final book in the Sacred Bond Series there are a couple shorter sequels that occur before the bond In this book, we get to know Boone He is now a doctor and is not use to working in a clinic, but does so to support his sister and two nephews He takes care of them while his sister is trying to deal with her alcoholism Boone is not much on Christianity, but falls for the preacher s daughter She has mixed emotions on rather a relationship with him is even okay.As the story pr [...]

  • The Doctor s Bond by Lee Tobin Mc Clain is another fantastic book about the last of the Sacred Bonds.Boone is the md that comes home and meets the Preacher s daughter, Abby.They are attracted and the story shows Abby s struggle to decide between Boone, the helping, caring physician from the wrong side of the tracks and Gordon, the stable interim minister.She must search her soul and have the guidance of the Lord in her decision and Boone, must find a way back to the Lord.Another issue that comes [...]

  • TRUST FAITH PUTTING YOUR HOPE IN GOD, NOT IN MANI really enjoyed this book, which is part of a series, but reads well as a standalone book I found Boone McDermitt to be a better representative of a Christian than many actual so called Christian people He lives Christ like and less judgmental, but growing up, in a small town, and having the town drunk for your father is never easy Abby Smith is on the other end of the scale, she is the preacher s kid, which puts her under another microscope The [...]

  • Another wonderful read that is part of an outstanding series In this book we follow the bad boy Boone, another member of the Sacred Bond Group, and Abby, the preacher s daughter, on their journey to finding God s plan in their lives Once again, the story line pulls you in from the first pages and keeps you reading to see what is going to happen next The author through this story does a wonderful job of reminding that as God s hands and feet in this world we are called to love people and not to j [...]

  • Bad Boone McDermitt s back in Pleasant Haven, Florida to help his troubled nephews, not to romance the preacher s daughter But the handsome doctor sees a kindred spirit in restless, talented Abby Smith, and he s drawn to her spirituality as much as to her beauty The problem is, Boone doesn t think he s good enough for Abby, and a few small minded church people agree As for Abby, she must choose between a dutiful life with the clean cut minister dear old dad s chosen for her and the dangerous, pa [...]

  • The Doctor s Bond by Lee Tobin McClain This is the last book in the Bond series This as well as all the others are excellent Christian romances that keep your attention from beginning to end In this book we have a doctor born and raised on the wrong side of the tracks Boone was the son of the town drunk and at the church the day the pastor has a heart attack Abby is the pastor s daughter longing to leave the community when her dad has the heart attack Gordon is the relief pastor sent to take car [...]

  • Cute Cute easy read.I have read books 1and 2, book 2 being my favorite I didn t read book three before this one, but I didn t feel that I was missing anything in the story There are some references to the characters in previous books, and they do make a brief appearance but this book was pretty much a stand alone story Boone and Abby are adorable, and the inner conflicts that Abby faces as a preachers daughter I can relate to as I gre up as a Pastors daughter ,myself The story was believable abo [...]

  • Great readMy first book by this author and overall I liked the book.The story had slow spots and the end was rushed and to me seemed incomplete The H and h were both likeable but it would have been nice if Boone had indicated he felt than lust before he asked Abby to marry him Also by not being able to make up his mind until after she meet his bond brothers , does that mean he had to have their approval before he could decide I still recommend this book to others.

  • I have to admit, this is my favorite in the series of Sacred Bond What a lot is going on For me, I found judgementalism to be rampant by the Christian community in this book How it was overcome by people involved is wonderful Left me with some soul searching to do Truly a great read and all the Bond members with wives showing up was super Excellent writing and character development I was given a copy of the book by the author for an honest review Thank you, Lee.

  • I had the honor to review this book for the author The story of Boone is amazing What he does for his nephews and sister is beyond words Watching Boone and Abby s ups and downs will have you on the edge of your seat The sacred bond brothers are all truly amazing men You won t be able to stop reading this wonderful story.

  • Clean ReadsI enjoy clean, Christian romance, and this was such, yet you get the feelings that go along with the scene I felt the woman dangled the two men a bit too long, and the young pastor should have recognized the problem sooner, but all in all, it was a great read with reality a major part of the book.

  • Can bad boy, Boone and the preacher s daughter Abby overcome all the roadblocks and opposition to find true love A great Christian romance I highly recommend this entire series Each book is better than the previous one

  • Lee Tobin McCain came though again with a great Christian romance that includes a good Christian testimony with live and faith and how faithful Christian friendships help us along our walk Thank you again for another great read This book was gifted me in exchange for my honest review.

  • Yet another great book in the Sacred Bond series I love the characters and the story The author does a great job reminding us not to judge others, but to help them.

  • I loved this Being able to know you are loved by God enough to be who you are and love others where they are a touching writing.

  • Really loved itLoved this story with so many truths about Christians and church goers This is the second book I have read in this series, can t wait to read the rest.

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