Edge of the Pit

Free Read Edge of the Pit - by Bill Thesken - Edge of the Pit, Edge of the Pit Badger Thompson works for a protection agency Their clients are the richest people in the country and they pay a lot of money to stay safe He works on the outer perimeter of a security team and is one

  • Title: Edge of the Pit
  • Author: Bill Thesken
  • ISBN: 9780990351955
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Edge of the Pit - by Bill Thesken - Edge of the Pit, Edge of the Pit Badger Thompson works for a protection agency Their clients are the richest people in the country and they pay a lot of money to stay safe He works on the outer perimeter of a security team and is one

  • Free Read Edge of the Pit - by Bill Thesken
    264Bill Thesken
Edge of the Pit

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  • Bill Thesken

    I was born in Whittier, East Los Angeles in 1957, moved south to Mission Viejo in 1967 and graduated High School in 1975 In 1977 I drove to Ketchikan, Alaska, worked for a month on the docks, then flew to Hawaii to go surfing and never looked back.My first job was as a food runner at Lion Country Safari in Irvine, and since then worked as a car detailer, warehouse stocker, dishwasher, short order cook, busboy, stevedore, bellhop, shuttle driver, mason, painter, laborer, the guy with the shovel on concrete pours, fisherman, taro farmer, real estate broker, bartender, and writer Although writing isn t really work when it s going well It s like transcendental neuro athletics, hand eye mind coordination typing as fast as you can to keep up with the flow of words as they build a world on paper.When I was growing up, my Dad would read about 3 novels a week, they were laying all over the place, piled in the corners, on desks and tables, mostly crime novels, so about a year ago I split from my Action Adventure genre and wrote a crime novel for him, titled Edge of the Pit This year I followed it up with The Catalina Cabal.I finished my first novel when I was 36, then got busy raising kids, and didn t attempt another till 20 years later when I wrote 4 in 3 years, which still seems a little weak I need to step it up a bit.My birthday is on June 1, which is the first day of Hurricane Season in Hawaii My wife says that explains a lot


  • Fairly by the numbers Men s Adventure novel Badger Thompson is supposed to be a top ranked perimeter bodyguard On a milk run, something happens, he wakes up in a hospital, his client is gone,and the rest of his crew are dead.He breaks out of the hospital, to prove his innocence.Fast moving, but the ending doesn t really make sense.

  • Don t waste your timeThis book has a farcical far fetched plot with characters you just can t believe I read it quickly just to get to the end so I could write this review Did anyone proof read this before publishing I don t think so There were missing words, words which didn t make sense, grammatical errors and punctuation errors , which for me made the book amateurish All in all a waste of me timp See what I mean

  • I love books that have a lot of action and suspense This book has that and so much Badger protects people for a living They are wealthy and well known and expect the best to keep them safe Badger has all the qualities needed to do a superb job After all he started off with being in a gang and later went to Iraq where he honed his skills while serving in the Army Now he is on a simple case where he sees no imminent danger All he has to do is get his client to her destination safely What could po [...]

  • I received this book as part of a giveaway.Badger Thompson has a problem, after serving his country in the Army he returns home and is recruited by a top level security agency On a routine assignment providing protection for an up and coming musical artist, the artist in question is kidnapped and the entire security team, with the exception of Badger, is killed Badger awakens in the hospital and soon realizes the company intends to make him the fall guy He escapes the hospital and begins using h [...]

  • Badger Thompson is one of the best security guards in the world with a spotless reputation However, one day, his world turns upside down and he somehow ends up as the suspect in a kidnapping case The plot is amazing , especially how he is able to stay a step ahead of the goons from his former agency as they try to capture him I loved the twists turns hope to see of Badger in future novels.

  • Never a dull moment My first time reading a Bill Thesken novelBut diffinetly not my last Allways anxious to turn the page Easy to read and to stay with the story.The description of the actions taking place were exceptionally graphic and really added to my enjoyment of the story.

  • I won this book in a giveaway.It wasn t horrible, but I tend to not like books written in first person, especially with an overuse of the word I Story was ok, but not very original, and seems easily predictable, but sadly I will never know DNF couldn t get past the writing style Easy to read, low level writing if you are looking for a mindless snack.

  • Another book won in a giveaway May never have to buy a book again, but as I read them, I review them This one was a pretty good action mystery novel A hired gun working for a high priced protection agency fails at a job and has to get his charge back or die trying Good quick late summer read.

  • I won this book from , and I m very grateful The book is very fast paced with lots of action I anticipate seeing of Badger Thompson later.

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