The Upside of Falling Down

The Upside of Falling Down Best Read || [Rebekah Crane] - The Upside of Falling Down, The Upside of Falling Down For Clementine Haas finding herself is than a nice idea Ever since she woke up in an Irish hospital with complete amnesia self discovery has become her mission They tell her she s the lone survivor

  • Title: The Upside of Falling Down
  • Author: Rebekah Crane
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Upside of Falling Down Best Read || [Rebekah Crane] - The Upside of Falling Down, The Upside of Falling Down For Clementine Haas finding herself is than a nice idea Ever since she woke up in an Irish hospital with complete amnesia self discovery has become her mission They tell her she s the lone survivor

  • The Upside of Falling Down Best Read || [Rebekah Crane]
    386Rebekah Crane
The Upside of Falling Down

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    Rebekah Crane is the author of The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland and other young adult novels She found a passion for this genre while studying secondary English education at Ohio University She is a former high school English teacher, a yoga instructor, and the mother of two girls After living and teaching in six different cities, Rebekah finally settled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to write novels and work on screenplays She now spends her days tucked behind a laptop at seventy five hundred feet, where the altitude only enhances the writing experience.


  • Its not the current that will drown you It s the exhaustion from fighting it Story Clementine wakes up after surviving a horrible plane crash She is the only survivor But when she wakes up she has no memory of her old life before the crash Beginning to panic, she escapes the hospital and leaves to find her memory, adventures and a little bit of love Characters Even though I really liked the main character Clementine, i loved Kieran He always supported her and let her be the one she wanted to be [...]

  • THERE WILL BE SOME SMALL SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEWWhen I saw this book on Netgalley to request I thought it looked like a super cute, adorable, quick read and that was exactly what it was It s all about Clemetine who is our main character, she is the only survivor in a plane crash and wakes up in hospital with amnesia It follows her as she pretty much hightails it out of hospital with a stranger so she doesn t have to face her forgotten life I didn t agree with every descision she makes, especiall [...]

  • Thanks NetGalley for allowing me to read this This is a story about new beginnings Clementine Jane is a young girl trying to figure out who she is after going through a traumatic event Deep down she remains the same girl but some things have changed She has the opportunity to start over and be someone else I enjoyed this book, the plot is original and I appreciate that in YA There is some character development by the time it wraps up, which is one of its best aspects However, I did have some iss [...]

  • What is the point of cheating death if a life doesn t exist when you wake up I loved Rebekah Crane s The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland, so it s no surprise that I enjoyed this one just as much Rebekah has such a knack for making you fall in love with even the most unconventional of characters Her ability to mix witty banter with sensitive topics gives you that heartwarming feeling in the end In the Upside of Falling Down we are introduced to Clementine Haas, an 18 year old from Cleveland, Ohio [...]

  • I recieved this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exhange for an honest review Thank you She may not know it, but she is a walking story And me I m full of scars with no stories A great combination of a cute love story and a self discovery story We follow the story of Clementine an American girl in Ireland who just happens to be the only survivor of a terrible plane crash who has lost her memory as a result of this accident She no longer knows who she is, she feels alone and without anyon [...]

  • 2.5 starsI received a free eARC copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI was raised in the Buckeye state, so whenever I hear about a book that takes place in Ohio, or where the main characters are from Ohio, I m all over it Cause let s be real here, hardly any books take place in Ohio There s really nothing there, and it s pretty boring I mean, Cedar Point is awesome, and there s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, but otherwise yeaht [...]

  • I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, ok ahora continuemos Este libro estaba teniendo un menor rating hasta el ltimo 10%, en el que mejor bastante As que empecemos con las cosas buenas La historia comienza de una forma muy interesante, se estrella un avi n y Clementine es la nica sobreviviente Plot twist ella pierde la memoria De esta manera sabemos que no es una historia aburrida, descubrimos la vida anterior de Clementine de poco a poco, como e [...]

  • A girl whose memories are lost after a plane crash and the boy trying to find his own purpose fall in love amidst the charming Irish setting in Rebekah Crane s THE UPSIDE OF FALLING DOWN.Clementine Haas wakes in an Irish hospital to find that she s the only survivor in a plane crash with no recollection of who she is On impulse she convinces a sweet Irish guy, who she told her name was Jane, she met in the courtyard at the hospital to help her escape, by telling him that she was mugged and wants [...]

  • Rating 4.5 StarsI was lucky to stumble upon Crane s last book, The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland, last year, and enjoyed it immensely Therefore, when I saw The Upside of Falling Down, I knew right away, that I had to read it, and you know what It was utterly delightful It s the upside of falling down, Kieran says It s why you jump in the first placer that moment Pro The whole theme of the book is fabulous It s about new beginnings and possibilities Clementine s amnesia freed her from her past, [...]

  • I received a free eARC copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review When I saw this book on Netgalley I thought the cover was really cute This book turned out to be such a cute fun read I flew through it in just two sittings, I couldn t put it down The book is set in ireland which gave this story bonus points from me I love reading about foreign countries, there not a setting used as often as it should be.The main character Clementine, it was interesting to be inside her head, as she has [...]

  • Just when you think your life is over, a new story line falls from the sky and lands right in your lap When Clementine wakes up in an Irish hospital without her memories she decides she needs to rediscover herself in order for them to return The only thing she knows is she is a lone survivor of a plane crash, her name is Clementine, she s from Cleveland, Ohio and she s not ready to face the father that came all the way to get her because she can t let the man down knowing that she doesn t rememb [...]

  • I received a free ARC by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Ireland I fell in love with Ireland as soon as they defeated Bulgaria in the Quidditch World Cup final of 1994 So I really, really want to visit Ireland Right now So when I read the synopsis I was like yasss, girl But oh boy was I wrong PLOTClementine Haas wakes up with amnesia She s in a hospital and has no clue where she is, or who she is All her memories are gone It turns out she was in a plane crash and tha [...]

  • I had no idea what to expect going into this one I didn t even read the synopsis and boy was I pleasantly surprised If you re looking for a fantastic contemporary to get you out of a reading rut, this book is just the thing you need The memories mean nothing to me if I can t recall them Except for the small fact that they mean everything No matter what people want to believe, life is locked in the past It s all we are a timeline of events that make up a person Clementine Haas wakes up in a hospi [...]

  • guess who s behind on the reviews they were supposed to write, yet again As it turns out, all one needs to do to get me interested in a book is mention Ireland somewhere in the summary.Actual rating 3.5This is a solid book in my favorite genre, it s no surprise that I enjoyed it It s well thought out and well executed I liked the characters best of all, and the plot was very intriguing The only thing that doesn t sit well with me is the ending, it felt rushed and it didn t seem believable Copy r [...]

  • actual rating 4.5 I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I ll never be able to fathom the feeling of waking up without memory of your past Not a single bit of my childhood, no memories of my life, no memories of my family That s horrifying and extremely unnerving It s precisely what had happened to Clementine.I really liked Clementine After surviving a horrible plane crash, she wakes up not remembering anything from the past She has no recollection [...]

  • 3.5 Stars This was a fun read and I really enjoyed the bits about Ireland I had a little trouble with the main character, which you can seen in my updates, but liked it overall.

  • A positively epic read I was sucked into these pages and I fell hard for these characters Clementine is so inspiring Her journey to move past her tragedy and her great heart will warm your insides She s a survivor, dealing with unfathomable circumstances All of these amazing people will keep you vested and addicted to these pages I m a hard core Rebekah fan and this solidifies my love for her work These words will inspire you and help you feel that even when faced with some of the worst circumst [...]

  • Rating 3.5 StarsThe Upside of Falling Down was an absolutely adorable, light hearted read It was a quick read as well, I found myself engrossed in Clementine s journey to find herself This is a books that should definitely be adapted into a movie, it has the perfect rom com storyline.After Clementine survives a plane crash, she wakes up in the hospital with absolutely no idea who she is Afraid of who she ll be once her memories start to return, Clementine decides to escape the hospital Enlisting [...]

  • ARC provided by Skyscape and Two Lions publishers in exchange for an honest review Clementine Hass is the sole survivor of a plane crash which has left her with amnesia Waking up in a hospital she has no idea who she is, or where she is from This is the perfect depiction of finding out who you are without the distracting influences of your past Clementine isn t entirely sure her lost memories are relevant or useful and embarks on a reinvention of sorts to discover who this striped down and vulne [...]

  • 3.5 starsI loved where this book took place It has been a wish of mine for some time to visit Ireland This story was emotional as Jane was on a path to discover herself It had a mild twist to the romance Altogether it made for a good read.

  • I received a free eARC copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I loved the premise of this book Lone survivor in a plane crash Amnesia in a foreign country Re discovering who you are while in Ireland Cute love interest I read this book in 2 sittings because I just could put it down I loved all the characters, but Clive was my favorite I just really wish it was a TAD bit longer so that things didn t have to get tied up so quickly at the end.

  • Digital ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book got me in with the promise of Ireland and an amnesic plane crash survivor The fact that this amnesic then hightails it out of the hospital instead of facing her forgotten life and the media flurry surrounding a lone plane crash survivor only makes it even appealing It s a pretty solid premise I think that premise remained strong throughout the book I mean that it was a solid plot driver, and though I didn t understand a [...]

  • Well, this was something.This is the story of Clementine Haas and how she was reborn She wakes up in a hospital in Ireland, with no idea of who she is and how she got there They say she survived an plane crash, that she s a miracle, but how can that be, when she s completely lost It feels like a nightmare to her She can t remember anything, not her dad, who s on his way to get her back home, not her name, nothing But the sound of going back, to a life that doesn t feel like hers, is worse than [...]

  • MY RATING 5 5 STARSI was given a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review This book is my second 5 5 star read of 2018 It was so well written, it made me cry for so long during the last couple of hundred pages The Upside of Falling Down taught me that life was beautiful no matter the circumstances Your family and friends that surround you and their relationship they have with you are strong and unbreakable They are they there to support you, lift you, and be there when you think you r [...]

  • The Upside of Falling Down by Rebekah Crane is written in first person with Clementine Haas as the narrator The story is set in Waterville, Count Kerry, Ireland and follows the life of Clementine Haas, the only survivor in a plane crash but suffering with amnesia Out of fear of facing her father with no memories and achingly longing to have them back, she decides to make a run for it with Kieran O Connell, a stranger she had just met in the hospital grounds Clementine takes in a new identity hop [...]

  • This review and many others can be found at Lost in My Library I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really wanted to like this one There were so many things in it that I really should have loved, but it was rare that I found myself feeling anything other than indifference I also had a few problems with the book that made it go from maybe I m just reading this at the wrong time to this is definitely not for me Firstly, let s examine o [...]

  • A book about new beginnings, The Upside of Falling Down is Clementine s story about having to move on and live with uncertainty She is the sole survivor a plane crash, but she also has retrograde amnesia so when she wakes up in the hospital, she is basically a stranger to herself Because returning back to a life she knows nothing about seems overwhelming, she runs away with a stranger to his house in a small village, so that she can try to remember and figure herself out before getting back to h [...]

  • I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Actual rating 3.5 StarsThe Upside of Falling Down is the story of a girl who loses every memory of her entire life after a plane crash that she was the only survivor of.I enjoyed this book quite a bit.The author had a way of conveying Clementine s emotions and thoughts that made you understand her completely I feel that I would have felt the same as if I found myself in her situation.The events of this story h [...]

  • The Upside of Falling Down by Rebekah Crane is a very unique and interesting book, and I loved it Clementine Haas, from Ohio, wakes up in a hospital in Ireland with total amnesia She is the only survivor of a plane crash The only person Clementine feels comfortable with is her male nurse, so instead of facing her dad, she escapes the hospital to find who she really is This book kept me reading page after page, and it had twists and turns as we figured things out along with Clementine I strongly [...]

  • An incredibly unique contemporary ya novel that tackles several issues in a refreshingly way.The only survivor after a tragic plane crash, Clementine now faces total amnesia and the knock of effects of how to cope with the loss of both her memory and the grief from the crash These hard hitting subjects are dealt with in a sensitive and relatable way, and the underlying message is that there is hope.I enjoyed the romance element and how that played a part in Clementine s recovery Overall, a very [...]

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