Doll Shaker

Free Read Doll Shaker - by Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens - Doll Shaker, Doll Shaker Doll Shaker is an exploration of one s identity crisis from the lingering effects of emotional abuse as a child and how it ties in later with sex and relationships Descend into a strange little world

  • Title: Doll Shaker
  • Author: Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens
  • ISBN: 9780976947691
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Doll Shaker - by Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens - Doll Shaker, Doll Shaker Doll Shaker is an exploration of one s identity crisis from the lingering effects of emotional abuse as a child and how it ties in later with sex and relationships Descend into a strange little world

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  • Free Read Doll Shaker - by Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens
    295Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens
Doll Shaker

About " Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens "

  • Casey Renee Kiser Jasmyn Taylor Givens

    Casey s work strives to expose the distorted mainstream ideas of beauty, while bringing quirkiness to the daring truth of self reflection With dark, abrupt and often unsettling humor, she writes about identity, relationships, depression, mental illness and the human condition Her recent work is full of undertones struggling to overcome the trauma, self loathing, and confusion of parental narcissistic abuse.


  • Casey Renee is one dirty girl, and I m not just talking about the foul mouth or sexual attitudes on display in this short book of poetry Rather, like the dolls she writes about, she seems to have seen her share of wear and tear over the years, and this is evident in her verse Even better, she wears her smears and stains like a patina of pride, with all her shattered bits and missing pieces in full view We ve all been kicked around, neglected, and ultimately thrown away and forgotten like so many [...]

  • Oh, Casey, This was too beautiful I love how you blend your talent for words with darkness and honesty so well.

  • This is the second collection of poetry I ve read by Casey Renee Kiser, and I m suitably impressed I loved the other book I read Fade Out, Smile , but this one hangs together even better as a unified collection, where the themes are chiefly to do with sex, surviving life s hard knocks, and the vulnerability of fragile emotive forces at play in Kiser s head and heart These poems are both dark and playful as well as humorous , and that s perfect, cos a lot of this verse is treading the line betwee [...]

  • I am in love with these poems Holy crap Casey writes with such passion Her poetry is dark and raw The book is small, on 22 pages, but oh dear God These words will touch you in a place you never knew existed I, myself, am rather dark so I completely understood her messages Poetry is a dying artform More people need to create poetry I truly love how she put her emotions out there for the world to see, and interpret them in their own way My favorite poem from this book is Stare no bones to break no [...]

  • Yeah, I enjoy Casey s poetry and struggle with the artwork I have that issue.I already posted some of the highlights of lines, but the little collection hangs together cohesively dealing with the loss suffered from a childhood destroyed too early.

  • I received a copy of this book through Library Thing in exchange for an honest review.I am a big fan of Casey Renee Kiser I love the unique style of her poetry It is casual, but has so much feeling behind it I really enjoy reading poems that take my breath away or make me really think, even if I m not entirely sure what the poem is about These are those kind of poems Some have obvious meanings while others are a bit trickier to figure out But they all have a uniqueness that I really enjoy.I like [...]

  • Seduction, anger, humor, and isolation come together to form a slightly uncomfortable small collection of poems 25 intense pieces that reach inside and tug at your emotions, making you see their subtext Not for prudes, but not really explicit either just good poetry.

  • I received a signed print copy, from the author, in connection with another book she recently offered as a giveaway on LibraryThing and the following is my honest opinion.This makes the third book of poetry I ve had the pleasure of reading reviewing From this author Once again, this author has successfully has created a wondrous dichotomy of elements in her poetry On one hand they re fairly lighthearted but on the other hand they re gloomy On one hand they re childlike and on the other hand they [...]

  • Note adult language.The poetry is well written and seems to be the product of a cathartic experience by the writer pouring her pain and anger out onto the page.

  • These are unique poems unlike any that I have read so far This may contain explicit language.won a copy through giveaway

  • My favourites were Peep Show, Stare, and Keep My Man in the Attic Not sure if I necessarily got some of the poems, but it s an interesting collection, and I like the theme of toys and dolls.

  • This collection had a few poems that interested me, but they fell a little flat I feel like rather than focusing on the quality of the work, there was too much focus on trying to shock the reader, and the shock value wasn t very shocking There would often times be a break where it just didn t seem to fit, making an otherwise fine poem become clunky And nothing is worse than a clunky poem Out of the 21 poems in this collection I can say confidently that I liked 5 of them If I m to be really kind [...]

  • I won this in a giveaway I ve not really read much poetry but this sounded right up my ally disturbingrversely offbeatuncomfortable humor but unfortunately I didn t really enjoy most of the poems Maybe I didn t get them because I m not an avid reader of poetry, a few stood out Porcelain on Parade and Selfish Things but most, even after several rereads, did nothing for me.Also, there are pictures throughout the book, and I don t know why but they are terrible quality I m not talking about the act [...]

  • Doll Shaker from Casey Renee Kiser is a wonderful collection of poems While on the dark and gloomy side they are not excessively so I prefer this collection as a whole over the only other one I have read but that is because the other one was dragged down by her co author What I found particularly interesting here with repeated readings was the manner in which I could connect with each poem They speak to both internal struggles battles but they also address the places where the personal has no ch [...]

  • The poetry in this book is really good, and the way that fonts and word sizes are used to emphasise certain lines is used so effectively.However, the main font used for the titles, the contents and the cover page is incredibly difficult to read It s given me a headache.

  • A concept collection of poems written in my recovery from narcissistic abuse.Learn about this topic youtu 8JAUzP4b1X0

  • Wow, what a perspective on life Her emotions just spill out on the pages I would enjoy hearing her read her poetry Good luck to you Casey, Tom.

  • I received this book for free through Giveaways and have chosen to give my honest opinion about it.An interesting read, although it s a bit too dark and a bit horrifically twisted, it was definitely different from most other poetry books I ve read.

  • The poems were very vivid, intriguing and dark I understood some of them but not all But one thing that I noticed was that it covered topics like seduction and pain.

  • This collection of poems was all over the place for me I did have pretty high expectations, as the back description promised a lot However, many of the poems were just raw Too raw to fully bring alive their emotions for me There were many moments where parts would jump out at me, but overall it fell flat I received this book as part of a free giveaway.

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