William Shakespeare's The Force Doth Awaken: Star Wars Part the Seventh

☆ William Shakespeare's The Force Doth Awaken: Star Wars Part the Seventh ☆ Ian Doescher - William Shakespeare's The Force Doth Awaken: Star Wars Part the Seventh, William Shakespeare s The Force Doth Awaken Star Wars Part the Seventh Experience The Force Awakens as a Shakespeare play complete with Elizabethan verse Shakespearian monologues and theatrical stage directions As the noble Resistance clashes with the vile First Order

  • Title: William Shakespeare's The Force Doth Awaken: Star Wars Part the Seventh
  • Author: Ian Doescher
  • ISBN: 9781594749858
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ William Shakespeare's The Force Doth Awaken: Star Wars Part the Seventh ☆ Ian Doescher - William Shakespeare's The Force Doth Awaken: Star Wars Part the Seventh, William Shakespeare s The Force Doth Awaken Star Wars Part the Seventh Experience The Force Awakens as a Shakespeare play complete with Elizabethan verse Shakespearian monologues and theatrical stage directions As the noble Resistance clashes with the vile First Order

  • ☆ William Shakespeare's The Force Doth Awaken: Star Wars Part the Seventh ☆ Ian Doescher
    168Ian Doescher
William Shakespeare's The Force Doth Awaken: Star Wars Part the Seventh

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  • Ian Doescher

    Ian is the author of the William Shakespeare Star Wars series He s a Portland native, and lives in Portland with his spouse and two children Ian has a B.A in Music from Yale University, a Master of Divinity from Yale Divinity School, and a Ph.D from Union Theological Seminary.


  • His mother and I both were thunderstruck,In love with our dear child, in love with life,In love with th myst ry of the galaxyThat brought such tender happiness to us.How could I not love this The Force Awakens was a special moment for all Star Wars fans, but for me it especially resonated My mum was a teenager when she first joined the Rebel Alliance, and she got to witness the original trilogy coming out Then my brother grew up to develop an equal love of Star Wars, which today manifests itself [...]

  • Mine entrance is the very knell of death,Which doth come ringing for mine enemies.Disciple of the dark side, Kylo Ren,So am I now and ever shall be Soooo how does one take the tepid new Star Wars and attempt to give it some class Why turn the prose into a mimicry of Shakespeare of course Yes you read that correctly As if the Force Awakens weren t painful enough, Ian Doescher shows he has FAR too much time on his hands in this amusing, and relatively entertaining version of the movie.The story is [...]

  • A great diversion this weekend, I m glad I checked the physical book out of the library to go with my audiobook It was a great way to make my nerdy heart happy today R2 and Chewbacca speak, Rathtars sing, and so much in this newest edition.

  • Ian Doescher does a great job of melding two of my favorite things Star Wars and Shakespeare This book and it s counterparts are the straight up scripts of the movies except for everything being eloquently said in Shakespearian language In this particular one, I was pleasantly surprised to find that in the footnotes you can read what Chewie is saying unlike the others My only complaint is that Doescher can steal a little bit too much from Shakespeare as becomes apparent in this one I noticed thr [...]

  • I love these Period It s a genius idea and I will always wish I had thought of it I want to see the stage productions come on my theater friends Get going on this.

  • The galaxy is on the brink of war as old and new heroes race to find the last Jedi against vile agents of the imperial First Order in William Shakespeare s The Force Doth Awaken by Ian Doescher The first film of the sequel trilogy returns us the Star Wars galaxy 30 years after the fall of the Empire as its successor strikes reclaim the galaxy while attempting to destroy those that could stop it but instead of screen or adaptation is translated wonderfully into fantastic Elizabethan prose by Does [...]

  • I received an ARC of William Shakespeare s the Force Doth Awaken Star Wars Part the Seventh from Quirk Books for a review on Rogues Portal You can read an excerpt of that review below, or click this link to read it in full If you ve ever wondered what BB 8 would sound like in Early Modern English, look no further The droid s beeps have been translated alongside all your other favorites from The Force Awakens Early Modern English definitely sounds natural for some characters than others Supreme [...]

  • I ll repeat some of what I wrote in my reviews of Doescher s other books I m a massive Star Wars fan additionally, I love Shakespeare, so a book that combines these two things hits me square in my wheelhouse This book imagines Star Wars, Episode VII The Force Awakens as a Shakespearean tragedy told in iambic pentameter, complete with acts, scenes, asides, and so forth Many of the lines of dialogue are simply reinvented lines from the movie told in old English The Jedi, then, were real, as some d [...]

  • This is not merely a translation of a Star Wars script into Shakespearean English There are so many incredible hidden references in this play Lines from Mercutio s Queen Mab speech from Romeo and Juliet Lines from Henry V s St Crispin s Day speech The Hamilton reference that I ve already highlighted Also, the editor s translations of Chewbacca.The illustrations are also incredible The best scene may be the conversation between the Stormtroopers at how different times are now than they were then [...]

  • Read our full review on Hypable As a casual Star Wars fan, I never thought I would be interested in reading one of the many novels set in this far, far away galaxy, but the second Doth Awaken crossed my desk, I was hooked The Force Awakens is by far my favorite movie and is what truly made me love this universe, so the idea I could read the story in addition to experiencing it visually was than a little tempting.Ian Doescher s reinterpretation of the movie is brilliant on multiple levels First [...]

  • If you re reading this, you ll most probably know about the concept of the series and you ll know to expect blank verse, stage directions, Shakespearean soliloquies, and some extra dialogue That is exactly what had drawn me to Ian Doescher s series of the Star Wars films adapted as Elizabethan plays in the first place I fell in love with not just the writing style though, but also the depth and humour Doescher always manages to surprise me in his adaptations I loved bits like the merry song of t [...]

  • I have enjoyed all the books in this series, but the best part of this one for me was the dialogue between two storm troopers, one of whom has been around since A New Hope It is a well done jab at the rehashing of old storylines, and a hilarious quote that Those were the droids I was looking for.

  • Pray, Bigness, calm charge down thy batteries The wonderful folks at Random House Audio have once done great justice to Ian Doescher s seventh volume of Star Wars in iambic pentameter Would that they could give the same treatment to Episodes I, II, and IIIAgain, a full cast of seasoned Star Wars audiobook readers have delivered an excellent performance from Doescher s text, which is marvelous in its own right The movie is all there, but with several winks and nods to the original two trilogies [...]

  • The pentameter isn t as smooth or poetic as that of the Bard himself, but that is likely due to the need to create something slightly decipherable, to appeal to a broader audience.That being said, it s an incredibly fun read if you re a fan of the film The asides delve into these characters in a way the film visually hinted at, but here we get to see it in words Chewie s monologue after Han s death is truly tragic Recommended.

  • These are fun stories I enjoy the Shakespeare with Star Wars characters, it makes even the prequels tolerable This made a movie which was pretty good, a fun exciting Shakespeare play B.B 8 was the cutest still and R2 D2 makes his appearance worthwhile This almost makes up for the terrible movie that follows, maybe Shakespeare can save that story.

  • For a mediocre movie, this is an amazing book I love the characters and I love how it is written.This series needs to be on Broadway I would see it 5 stars because I can t give 7.

  • I love these books They actually offer a lot of insight into both Shakespeare and Star Wars view spoiler This one also has an added scene where an older stormtrooper tells a younger comrade what it was like working for Vader on the Death Star, and how a certain Jedi once changed his mind about the droids he was looking for The younger replies that he is envious of the elders experience, for his own is not at all the same This is both a hilarious and respectful jest to the fact that A Force Awake [...]

  • I did not see the movie so reading this book was a joy and especially written in Shakespeare s style I won this book on I would like to read the other Star War books written in this style.

  • Those who ve seen The Force Awakens may think they don t need to review it as an Elizabethan stage play, but for anyone with a true interest in Star Wars, Ian Doescher s adaptation is a treat Not a satire as one might think but a serious transcription of the seventh episode of the epic into a live dramatization as it might ve been done had the Bard himself gotten the inspiration instead of George Lukas.In true playbill style, the cast is listed as the Dramatis Personae they are, beginning with R [...]

  • It pains me to give this book 3 stars because I loved the writing, the humour and all the little easter eggs Unfortunately, and perhaps because this was written by someone without the full inside scope of where the movies are heading as well as the little clues in characterisation provided in the novelisation, this book is missing some key plot character details It would be amazing if we could get a revised version of this in tune with the official novelisation Apart from that, it s a great boo [...]

  • I didn t like it as much as the previous two trilogies by Doescher, but it was still pretty good My favorite scene was when and old Stormtrooper and a young Stormtrooper start discussing Kylo Ren s tantrums and the young one is confused because the old guy s talking about his youth serving under the Empire and he insists that things were different then despite the fact that practically the exact same thing is happening over again I d love to see Doescher s take on Rogue One, but he s probably sk [...]

  • I was sent a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review As a big fan of Star Wars and someone who appreciates the works of Shakespeare this was a no brainer for me Plus that gorgeous cover just drew me in it s definitely now sitting on display on my shelf because of it This is quite possibly the perfect way to remind yourself of the Force Awakens story ahead of the next films release next month Doescher follows the film pretty much blow by blow and it makes for a wonderf [...]

  • The first play of the sequel trilogies is just as strong as Doescher s previous works, and shows that even he is able to improve on what I thought was a pretty good series already Before the good, though, I do want to point out that the BB 8 dialogue is going to trip some people up I learned to appreciate it by the end, but I like puzzles and that sort of thing The code for his language was hard to figure out to the point that I had to look for the answer elsewhere read every eighth letter but b [...]

  • I loved this book and series I started reading them when A Verily New Hope came out These books go right with movie and give insight to the characters They are a fast enjoyable read I would highly recommend them to young readers beginning to start reading Shakespeare in School This gets you in the hang of it and understanding it A fun read Can t wait for episode 8 The Last Jedi Only a few weeks away till the film opens and I imagine the next book will be out next year Enjoy fans.

  • I loved the audio version of the original trilogy s Shakespearean version This one is great also In Iambic pentameter, hear the tale of Poe, a pilot, Finn, an escaped Stormtrooper, and Rey, a scavenger With chorus and a lament sung by Leia.

  • This book is awesome in so many ways Whether you are a fan of Shakespeare or Star Wars this book can bring you to appreciate both I have to admit the inside jokes were great, such as everything Admiral Akbar says ends with ap The Han Solo Death scene was the funniest scenes ever Okay the after effects actually, Chewbacca s soliloquy, and Leia s sonnet just had me rolling Mainly due to their delivery, they never ended, just when you thought it was over another line would start up.Do yourself a fa [...]

  • Once again, this series just keeps getting better as we enter the newest trilogy in the Star Wars mythos If you haven t read any of the books, each one is a retelling of the movies set entirely in Shakespearean prose Many think that this is a silly concept, but it treats both works with such respect and gives new scenes and motivations that doesn t become just a rehash In this book, we see several characters surreal their minds about the situations, fix plot holes, and even poke some humor with [...]

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