Granta 139: Best of Young American Novelists 3

Granta 139: Best of Young American Novelists 3 Best Download || [Sigrid Rausing] - Granta 139: Best of Young American Novelists 3, Granta Best of Young American Novelists Once every ten years Granta publishes a list of the twenty best American fiction writers under the age of forty In and Granta picked out such luminaries as Daniel Alarcon Edwidge Danticat

  • Title: Granta 139: Best of Young American Novelists 3
  • Author: Sigrid Rausing
  • ISBN: 9781909889064
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback

Granta 139: Best of Young American Novelists 3 Best Download || [Sigrid Rausing] - Granta 139: Best of Young American Novelists 3, Granta Best of Young American Novelists Once every ten years Granta publishes a list of the twenty best American fiction writers under the age of forty In and Granta picked out such luminaries as Daniel Alarcon Edwidge Danticat

  • Granta 139: Best of Young American Novelists 3 Best Download || [Sigrid Rausing]
    343Sigrid Rausing
Granta 139: Best of Young American Novelists 3

About " Sigrid Rausing "

  • Sigrid Rausing

    Sigrid Rausing is Editor and Publisher of Granta magazine and Publisher of Granta and Portobello Books She is the author of History, Memory and Identity in Post Soviet Estonia The End of a Collective Farm and Everything is Wonderful, which has been translated into four different languages.


  • It s taken me a long time to read through the 21 pieces included in this collection, but that is partly because I went on holiday for 2 weeks and forgot to take it with me It s a mixed bag that I found overall OK with a few great stories and a couple of very poor ones But, I imagine, this is probably the case for everyone who reads it and it is simply that the list of good bad ones changes for each person.I thought the first and last stories were the two strongest by Jesse Ball and Claire Vaye W [...]

  • Mixed bag as these things always are Lauren Groff still great Keep T Prez out your fiction though Hasn t he infected enough What are you gonna tell me about him anyway You didn t think he was gonna win and now you re playing the zeitgeist card No.

  • Honestly the best part about this collection was that I discovered so many wonderful female writers There were a couple good male contributions but the women just hit it out of the park I was floored.

  • 3.5 A solidly good, but not great collection Most of the stories were quite readable, some compelling, but with a couple of duds The stories that I flag as duds tend to engage some type of experimental writing I like to be challenged on occasion, but I prefer straightforward writing As I have stated before, I am intelligent, but not an academic, and my reading is primarily for leisure.

  • The authors of my favorite stories in this anthology, in no particular order, are 1 Emma Cline2 Rachel Glaser3 Karan Mahajan4 Garth Risk Hallberg5 Ottessa Moshfegh6 Lauren Groff7 Catherine Lacey8 Greg Jackson9 Joshua Cohen10 Dinaw Mengestu

  • Ending on I Love You But I ve Chosen Darkness was a great move That story is probably the best thing I have read this season Others really got me going, like Butler s The New Me, Cline s Los Angeles, or Mengestu s This is Our Descent Then, the collection featured a round of stories that didn t act of me too much I couldn t finish Trump Sky Alpha, or The Meat Suit, or Uri or Country Eastern Anthony Marra had a cute piece that was enjoyable, as were The Answers, Bright Circle, and All the Caged Th [...]

  • For me this was a mixed bag, some stories riveting and others primarily those experimental not so much I am a reader, but not an academic, and so my reactions are colored by this fact, I think.I was drawn to pieces with strident, dark voice, often political, but also emotional and moral As an older person who s lived through dark times socially and politically, I found it disburbing that so many young writers focus on those who are near hopeless, or who find hope in tiny things and acts that bal [...]

  • The Best of Young American Novelists Wait, really Look, some of these stories are quite good The ones that stood out to me were by Halle Butler, Emma Cline, Sana Krasikov, Garth Risk Hallberg, Esme Weijin Wang, Chinelo Okparanta, Anthony Marra, and Yaa Gyasi The rest were either not memorable for me, or downright unreadable there s quite a bit of experimental stuff in here, which is really not my thing.Even though there was good stuff here, the unevenness of the collection left a bad taste in my [...]

  • I guess the novelist issue just isn t for me I like Granta for its longer nonfiction, and with none of those nor poetry, photo series, etc and extra length, I had to give up on this issue A lot of the same myopic themes, some excerpts which I rarely enjoy, unfinished work for the first time Granta felt like a chore It would be better to cut it in half to around 10 selections at most, and even then to split them across two issues along with other content I love you but I ve chosen darkness was ve [...]

  • This is not my favorite Granta issue It is quite a bit longer than usual Some of the stories 2 3 are great, but many of them are excerpts from longer works and feel incomplete in this format Also, I miss the variety of having some essays and poetry mixed in with short stories I do think that the list of the best young writers is wonderfully diverse and fresh, though I congratulate Granta on that aspect.

  • Overall rather disappointing Was hoping to find some new authors but the good stories were all by the usual suspects Cline, Groff, Hallberg, Lerner, Marra, Watkins The others were all okay, although goodness gracious what the heck was Brom I ve heard good things about Moshfegh but wow that was disturbing.

  • This is the first Granta under the new editor Sigrid Rausing that I have not loved Maybe it s just the very modern style of some of the stories I would read of Emma Cline, and Trump Sky Alpha by Mark Doten was a little too real, but most of the rest I could take or leave Worth reading if you like semi experimental writing, less appealing as a collection if you are looking for plot.

  • All in all, I think this collection is absolutely a worthwhile purchase I didn t know a single author in here until I started reading, and I m thrilled to say that I definitely found some new interests As many other reviews mention, some of the experimental stories were not quite my thing, but all in all I spent some very happy days introducing myself to these authors.

  • This was the least enjoyable Granta I can remember and I have read them all There were a few pieces I enjoyed, but they were a small minority On the whole it was a collection of depressing stories featuring characters with whom I could neither identify nor sympathise.

  • I am so grateful for this issue of Granta It brought Jesse Ball to me, as well as a few others.

  • As with all anthologies some of it s great And some of it really isn t to my taste It was exciting to see some authors I liked in here, it was annoying to see Ben Lerner in here, etc, etc.

  • Good primer on US fiction s current bright young things Emma Cline s Los Angeles was one of the standouts.

  • Such a good collection, only a few I didn t enjoy, and that was only really because I m not interested in the subject My favourites were the absolutely wild Trump Sky Alpha by Mark Doten, and Los Angeles by Emma Cline.

  • Sadly as I ve been a Granta subscriber for over 30 years, this was the most disappointing issue of Granta I ve yet read If this is the state of the new hopes for American literature

  • Largely disappointing, parochial in concept, navel gazing in style Modern life just isn t that interesting One or two were stronger, but too many covering the same kind of ground.

  • I feel I should have liked this collection than I did Too sophisticated for me I go for story first, but I rarely found myself being won over Clearly, it s good writing but.

  • Patchy Especially when most are excerpts rather than bespoke stories V Good Ben Lerner, Emma Cline, Lauren Groff, Rachel B Glaser, Clare Vaye Watkins natch , I.e all the ones I d already read

  • Favorite stories sorry, dudes The New Me by Halle Butler Los Angeles by Emma Cline Day 4 by Rachel B Glaser Yport by Lauren Groff What Terrible Thing It Was by Esm Weijun Wang I Love You but I ve Chosen Darkness by Claire Vaye Watkins

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