Resisting Mateo

[PDF] Resisting Mateo | by ↠ Sam Mariano - Resisting Mateo, Resisting Mateo If you dance with the devil don t be surprised when all Hell breaks loose PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE YOU WILL NOT ENJOY THIS IF YOU ARE NOT INVESTED IN THE CHARACTERS DO NOT READ THIS IF YO

  • Title: Resisting Mateo
  • Author: Sam Mariano
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Resisting Mateo | by ↠ Sam Mariano - Resisting Mateo, Resisting Mateo If you dance with the devil don t be surprised when all Hell breaks loose PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE YOU WILL NOT ENJOY THIS IF YOU ARE NOT INVESTED IN THE CHARACTERS DO NOT READ THIS IF YO

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  • [PDF] Resisting Mateo | by ↠ Sam Mariano
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Resisting Mateo

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    Follow Sam Mariano on Facebook or check out her Blog She also recently opened an Instagram, sammarianobooks, if you d like to follow there If you need to email her, she can be reached at sammarianoauthor gmail but she is sometimes tardy about checking email Mateo is very demanding.Sign up for Sam s mailing list to stay up to date on current projects she won t spam you Only for notification of new releases or book sales Because of You, Beautiful Mistakes, Irreparable Damage, and The Morelli Family Series are now available on And don t forget to follow Sam s Author page to get the newest releases Sam Mariano has been writing stories for as long as she can remember She lives in Ohio and has a sweet and wonderful daughter.Because of You was her first finished story she started writing it when she was 18 and due to a full time work and college schedule, it took her years to finish She has also been telling people for years that there would never be a sequel sorry, guys which turned out to be a lie Sam Mariano is currently working on the sequels to Irreparable Damage and Because of You.Feel free to find her on Facebook or her blog she loves hearing from readers


  • We all know the events that led to this pivotal moment If you ve read the other books in the series then you know what I m talking about The no turning back danger zone, it s climactic epic and completely unforgettable During the read, I had the author, god bless her heart on instant message She was getting first hand reactions as they were happening I laughed, cried, cussed my computer screen out making any sailor proud The only analogy I can give you that best sums up Resisting Mateo is this A [...]

  • You think you know.You don t know.You DO NOT KNOW what you re in for And you don t want to trust me on that Just pull up a chair at the Morelli table and watch the show And early reviews must take on the responsibility of not BLABBING ABOUT EVERY SINGLE UNBELIEVABLE THING that happens soooHere is my reaction to Resisting Mateo as told in GIF form I m telling you, this is the ONLY way to do it without spoilers Can I just pause here and say that Sam Mariano s Warning to Readers should be YOU CAN T [...]

  • Resisting Mateo Family Ties, 5 By Sam Mariano4 StarsMake sure you read the first 4 books before diving into this one BOOK FIVE in the Morelli Family series THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE YOU WILL NOT ENJOY THIS IF YOU ARE NOT INVESTED IN THE CHARACTERS DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DIDN T READ THE PREVIOUS BOOKS Well my goodness I knew Mateo was an EVIL man I knew Mateo Loved Mia I knew Mateo Loved Meg I knew Mateo is SEXY as all get out I knew Mateo was a Mental Case I knew Mateo thrives on Mental Games Bu [...]

  • HOLY FUCKING SHIT.Cuddle the kindleGlare at the kindleTry hard to not THROW the kindle.Drool on the kindle.Repeat.

  • Holy Hell I don t even know how to capture, in words, all the feelings I felt while reading this book Sam Mariano has managed to create an entire world for the Morelli Family, and make it utterly addicting I m officially obsessed Sign me up for the MorelliMafia We thought Mateo was bad in Accidental Witness, but in Resisting Mateo it was like Mateo had an entire amusement park at his disposal and he made sure the only ride we could go on was the biggest, wildest roller coaster in his park This b [...]

  • OFFICIALLY MIND BLOWN Like, sitting here staring at the wall an not knowing what to say, kind of mind blown Sometimes a book is so good that you don t even have words to desire why it s so good this is one of those kind of reviews where I m like READ THIS NOW but can t really tell you why I don t even know where to start with this review I ve been obsessed with this series from the first book of book 1 Mateo is the ultimate bad guy, and who doesn t love a bad guy Because I certainly do This stor [...]

  • Wow Sam what have you done How do you put into words This book I have come to the conclusion Sam Mariano is some sort of witch, she pulls you into the life of Mateo Morelli and his family and keeps you there against your will and demands you become addicted to Mateo through her witch craft know as her writing talent Sam lures you in with the tease of a hot mob boss and once your in there is no chance for escape because Mateo Morelli will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride Sam has taken [...]

  • 3 5 These chicks have lost it, stars.After looking at other reviews it s clear to me, I m reading this book wrong Everyone else sees Mateo this way I see Mateo this way Mateo is sick and twisted I m no psychology major, but there is something seriously wrong and diagnosable about the way he tests people s loyalty Maybe he got torture tips from the guy from Saw Of course, the women are just as culpable for putting up with it It s like a version of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel from the bible Jacob love [...]

  • Sam, Sam, Sam If only I could stay in your brain for just an hour, just a minute or just a second, I would soak up every little devious, wicked though you have and cherish them and die happy.There you have it My review of Resisting Mateo Say what Has Miss Betty lost her mind Yup After reading Resisting Mateo, I have completely lost my mind, lost my heart, lost my everything God, I loved this book Seriously, I don t think it can get any better than this I m obviously not going to say a single wo [...]

  • My mind is blown once again This was by far the hardest, most heart shattering, mind wrenching book in the series thus far The story picks up right where book 4 left off and is told from both Meg and Mia s POV So I knew this was going to be intense I d been warned The author herself warned us this was going to be a crazy intense book I thought I was adequately prepared Never have I been wrong So much takes place that I honestly never expected to actually happen It s craziness Chaos I hated it I [...]

  • Resisting Mateo Morelli pt 5 Sam Mariano Not a stand alone book Read in order or you will be lost.Oh my freaking god Just when you really thought everything ended with Francesca and Salvador bam Sam Mariano pulls this story out of the air The twists and turns this books goes through will pull in and having you gripping your phone or tablet to the very end And if you thought the others books were bad ss with Mateo This one takes the cake Grab a pillow, a blanket and a box of tissues Because your [...]

  • I m not gonna lieis book made me VERY uncomfortable I ve marked this as a spoiler so that way I can actually say what I m so uncomfortable about From the beginning, I ve shipped Mia and Mateo They just worked for me and I got a connection with them then I did with their own respective partners in the other books Guess in the words of Mateo, I should be careful for what I wish for I wanted Mia and Mateo together but not like this This is the story about how three people learn to coexistgether a r [...]

  • Fabulous plots, great characters I love this series Must be read in order It s like the Godfather met the Little Red Riding Hood

  • Advanced Review Copy Provided by Author Reviewed by OfaBlog Tongan Book LoverRating 4 StarsI had a lot of mixed emotions with this book And I still do I m torn between two people, between two heroines and especially torn between cussing at Mateo or praising him Who will he choose That s literally the question of the year and I don t know how I feel about it I know that whoever he does end up with he might stay with both, we never know my heart will still be in pain I m invested so much in both g [...]

  • I might as well let the devil sweep me up in his arms for one dance Exactly what happens Mia and Mateo are one of those book couples or non couple, or not sure what they are at any given time that literally go to hell and back and you have no idea where they are going next Mia literally dances with the devil and sets in motion one of the most mind screwing set of events that even now that I m done, still trying to wrap my book hungover little mind around In past reviews I may have mentioned Mat [...]

  • I didn t know I could love a man whom I hated as much as I hate Mateo But, good lord, I m in love with that man Fantastic book in my favorite series of the year

  • Resisiting Mateo is book 5 in the Morelli family.This is not a standalone so do not proceed if you haven t read the first 4 books.So we always knew Mateo was a bastard whom has an obsession for Mia and vise versa Well in this book he does the unforgivable to her Or so we thought He is the master manipulator that, even Meg gets concerned for Mia s safety.This book brings out all your emotions You will love, hate cry with, and want to kill some characters Brilliant read

  • I devoured this book in a few hours It s by far the best out of the series I cannot wait nearly 2 months for book 6 s torture Please please continue from Mia and Mateo s point of view Their relationship was explosive and had me crying and laughing at the same time Mateo is one hot anti hero and I love him Still not so sure about Meg, but she grew on me a bit during this book.

  • This review contains spoilers Plot 3.5Characters 1 Heat 5Enthrallment 3.5 Plausibility 3 I m a little loss for words with book 5 I will say that it was not at all what I was expecting This story brought out a lot of emotions in me Unfortunately, most of them were me being pissed off I will definitely give props to Ms Sam for not being afraid to write risqu , unique concepts.I just can t get down with Polygamy I draw the line there So even though this story was full of steamy sex, it was hard to [...]

  • I totally intended to not read this book I enjoyed the first four but since I despise love triangles and didn t much care for Mia, much less Mateo can t stand the man and feared for Meg s happiness whom I liked I didn t plan on buying the book And then one day before it came out, somehow I changed my mind and pre ordered it To read it later somewhen And then it was on my Kindle and oh well, resisting Mateo s book proved too hard for me I dived right in.And it was a good thing I wasn t emotionall [...]

  • It has a twist that may unsettle some readers but I loved it Mateo Morelli is a man of his word Push him, test him and then repent at your leisure Complex and borderline crazy, compassionate and cruel yet the loyalty he commands is never questioned Well, almost and we find out early in the story who it will be that decides to cross his line This is a spoiler free review as usual The Morelli Family Series must be read in order because Resisting Mateo is not a standalone book.I refrained from shar [...]

  • I received this book in exchange for an honest review This is a series I have been waiting impatiently for this book, as I had a couple of books due before this one OMG this book definitely took me out of my comfort zone, it s expected with these series but WOW I never thought it would be taken that far This book is beyond awesome I am still Team MIA I love Meg still too though, even though in these later books she has become a little annoyance I just don t understand how Mia has not completely [...]

  • Mind blowing This series absolutely blows my mind It has me sad, happy, on the verge of tears then screaming at the top of my lungs Resisting Mateo is wonderful It s one of those books that the anticipation drives you crazy You don t know what to believe, who to trust or where the story is going next Mateo is one of my favorite characters ever You can t help but love him He is everything, absolutely everything He s a criminal, paranoid, mean, disturbing, but at the end of the day he s beautiful, [...]

  • Where do I even begin Seriously This book is insanity I ve been loving the hell out of this whole entire series, but this book Resisting Mateo is the crowning glory of the Morelli family series I can t even say much about it because pretty much anything I would want to rave about would be a spoiler and trust me, you don t want spoilers for this one This is just such a complex, thrilling, roller coaster of a book The best book of the year, by far The best series of the year If you haven t already [...]

  • I enjoyed reading about the whole Mia Mateo Meg thing but it was frustrating at times This book gave a lot insight into all three of theses characters and Mateo s relationship with both of them is so different but so necessary I m a Mia Mateo fan but he can be so careless with her, Meg has it so much easier it s not fair Can t wait to read

  • Firstly I absolutely loved this book , but what an utter mind fuck Honestly I m on an emotional roller coaster here You don t want to like some of these characters but you get sucked right in Book 6 can t come quick enough for me bookhangover time for me

  • You re my fucking masterpiece, and you want to punish me I m dead Mateo killed me Someone revive me so I can see what freaking awesomeness comes next Don t see how the series can possibly get better So freaking good Mateo is one of a kind There s no villain as sexy, smart, and sneakily endearing as this man I can t say much about this book without spoilers, and trust me, you do not want spoilers, but this book is just incredible I m so impressed I love this series so much.

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