[PDF] Coldwater | by ↠ SamuelParker - Coldwater, Coldwater Having forfeited his youth to the state prison system Michael moved back to the only home he d ever known An empty shell of a man who now lived if it could be called living in the still vacant house

  • Title: Coldwater
  • Author: SamuelParker
  • ISBN: 9780800727345
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Coldwater | by ↠ SamuelParker - Coldwater, Coldwater Having forfeited his youth to the state prison system Michael moved back to the only home he d ever known An empty shell of a man who now lived if it could be called living in the still vacant houseColdwater, MI Official Website Downtown Coldwater Selected for Michigan Main Street Program Following a months long application process, including site visits, interviews, a video submission, and fundraising efforts, the DDA Board will become a Main Street Organization. Clemens Food Group Coldwater Clemens Food Group is proud to have a new fresh pork facility in Coldwater, Michigan, that began operations in September We are pleased to be partnering with a number of experienced family owned pork producers who share our core values and vision for the future. Home Village of Coldwater The village of Coldwater is an idyllic community nested in rural west central Ohio Our strong work ethic, family focused values, and community pride make Coldwater a wonderful place to live or visit We have excellent schools, a beautiful park, numerous businesses, civil organizations, and a state of the art hospital all focused on keeping our Village of Coldwater Village of Coldwater Since The Coldwater Business Improvement Area BIA has been creating a vibrant business and shopping district for members, their customers, and the greater community Merchants have worked together to beautify, promote, and host special events over the past years Coldwater is now one of the most desirable rural towns in Ontario. Coldwater Golf Club Avondale, AZ Coldwater Golf Club specializes in providing an exceptional experience for all golf outings Whether we are hosting your charity event or corporate golf outing, Coldwater Golf Club is dedicated to creating the best possible experience for you and your guests. Coldwater Creek Women s Clothing, Accessories Home Dcor We re back Save and shop at Coldwater Creek for comfortable, uncomplicated women s apparel that is inspired by nature Discover denim, vests, sweaters . Coldwater, MI Official Website Nov , Downtown Coldwater Selected for Michigan Main Street Program Following a months long application process, including site visits, interviews, a video submission, and fundraising efforts, the DDA Board will become a Main Street Organization. Coldwater Gardens Eco Resort Milton, Florida Welcome to Coldwater Gardens Day use is currently limited to a self guided tour of the gardens, including plants for sale, and the accommodations area We do not currently permit day use of the hiking trails or creek access areas These amenities are available to our overnight guests only. Coldwater Schools NOACSC Coldwater Exempted Village Schools North Second Street Coldwater, Ohio Phone Fax Informational Video for the Coldwater EVS proposed PI Levy Horseback riding in Eminence, Missouri Coldwater Ranch Coldwater Ranch in Eminence, Missouri offers wilderness horseback riding at it s best We have rough rider trips, hourly rates and rustic cabins Your horse or ours, experience Southern Missouri and the Ozark Hills the cowboy way

  • [PDF] Coldwater | by ↠ SamuelParker

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  • SamuelParker

    Samuel Parker was born in the Michigan boondocks but was raised on a never ending road trip through the U.S Besides writing, he is a process junkie and the ex guitarist for several metal bands you ve never heard of He lives in West Michigan with his wife and twin sons.


  • After enjoying Purgatory Road, Cold Water was a miss for me The beginning was good The writing strong The plot and characters didn t capture my interest though.

  • 4.5 starsFrom the very first chapter even the first few sentences Samuel Parker had me hooked The beginning of this book has some of the most compelling and heart stopping opening scenes that I ve read in a very long time I won t go into too much detail so as not to spoil anything even if it is the first chapter but suffice it to say that I could feel my chest tighten and my breathing quicken as I felt the claustrophobia that the main character, Michael, had to be experiencing Rarely do I have s [...]

  • When I first started this book, I felt compelled to keep page turning, the author is a gifted writer and although I was grasping for what the story was about, I had to keep at it Now I knew this was a Christian book, but there are no bible verses and we do not go to church, but I could quickly sense the undertones, and it wasn t too far in that I began to understand, and it was so real.This is a very different read, and yet it brought the justice system to light, a ten year old in prison, a man [...]

  • Offering up another unique addition to the world of Christian fiction, Samuel Parker has crafted a thrilling, brilliantly written novel that plumbs the depths of human evil From the first opening scenes to the unexpected conclusion, Coldwater held me in its grip and did not let go for a moment The novel simply races along with short, action packed chapters that breathe with supernatural tension that made me want to start sleeping with the lights on The author carefully unpacks the complex plot c [...]

  • Reader, when I give this book review you will understand why on the back of the book someone says of it, Not for the faint hearted Samuel Parker s latest book is one heart rending thrill of a suspense ride My overall assessment of Parker s Coldwater is simply this Parker is the Christian version of Stephen King for Christian books I didn t think I would have nightmares considering the overall arch of the book is bent toward the Christian mindset of redemption and mercy, but don t let that fool y [...]

  • Written by my 16 year old son who is a reluctant reader but did enjoy this creepy read for the Christian market I m not normally a reader of this genre but I was deeply interested in this book It is a very invigorating read The chapters are skillfully written to keep the reader from putting it down It s slightly haunting narrative gave the story a particularly hair raising supernatural effect The mystery and the plot points I will leave for the next reader to enjoy As I said reading this genre i [...]

  • Coldwater, written by Samuel Parker, is a very intense dark thriller The story starts out very slow and I kept wondering what was going on, but once I got into it, I found it hard to put down With the addition of twins in his family, Michael finds his parents to busy and to tired to give him the attention he needs At just 10 years of age his parents leave him to watch his younger siblings and he orchestrates his brother s death He is put in a high security prison with adults His father dies, his [...]

  • I received a complimentary copy of Coldwater to review from a Christian standpoint I finished reading Coldwater three days ago and I have yet to fully decide if this book deserves to be on the Christian bookshelf I liked the book and it would have easily scored a 5 star if I removed the low rating I gave it for the Christian message category Michael is a very intriguing character He carries a living sin within him that mysteriously kills living things near him He is on the run from a lynch mob t [...]

  • This story was so very unique, and yet so powerful A boy born with something residing in him that he can t remove, and it will not allow harm to come to him One horrible act as a young boy begins a span of years being incarcerated for killing his brother, and then being ostracized and tormented by the town s residents when he is released and returns to the only home he knows I especially loved the unexplained supernatural aspect that left us guessing what it is and where it comes from Great book [...]

  • I have conflicting thoughts about Coldwater It is an intriguing read, but yet confusing at times for me There are some thrilling action scenes with hang on to your seat adventure and at times suspense filled mystery I just do not believe it was completely my kind of read I was hoping for a spiritual type message, but that was not to be I do believe many will love Coldwater However, it was just not for me.I give this book 3 stars.I received this book from the publisher This review is 100 percent [...]

  • I enjoyed this book a lot Although, what held me back from fully committing 100% was the fact that I found myself not committed to the characters all the way Which in turn was easy for my attention to be diverted by other things while reading Yet, this was really the only factor for me The story was good Michael was the only strong lead in my opinion I was on his side all the way He was not only smart but resilient as well It was like he could not be killed No matter how many times the bad guys [...]

  • At first, I wasn t sure about this book, but the character of Michael was very gripping and I found myself compelled to keep turning the pages.All Michael wanted was to be left alone to live out his life but his past had at least one townsperson worked up enough to convince others to go along with him in taking care of the problem The book opens with Michael having to dig himself out of a grave We soon learn that several men from the town are behind it leaving me wondering what Michael had done [...]

  • I liked the story in Coldwater and its underlining parallels to reality, but I was not a fan of the writing.Full review on Janepedia.

  • This book drew me in when I got the Revell email back in December and I knew I had to read it And then I had to wait to read it longer than anticipated due to delays and warehouse issues And then the first couple of chapters hooked me in so hard that I could have been on the edge of my seat but let s face it most of my reading is done in the car or laying in bed It s a legit thing, go with it And then I got lost somewhere in the mix In the first 10% or so of the book I was waiting for everything [...]

  • I was interested to read Coldwater, by Samuel Parker, because, to be honest, I can t remember the last time I ve read a fiction book by a male author This is Parker s second suspense novel, praised as pulse pounding and spine rattling , and its story revolves around Michael, a man who has recently been released from prison and returns to his childhood hometown of Coldwater, where a group of men who know Michael s past have decided to take justice into their own hands and a woman from out of town [...]

  • Coldwater by Samuel Parker is an intense, gritty, emotionally charged read It definitely ain t your grandmother s Christian fiction More on the lines of Peretti, Dekker, or Dellosso, this novel will stretch your view of sin, justice, and the spiritual implications of both It is an excellent novel, but it will not be for everyone.Michael Sullian committed a horrible crime while just a child The justice system didn t really know what to do with him, so he was sentenced to a super max jail Now 20 y [...]

  • Note Kristin reads and reviews both Christian and secular fiction on A Simply Enchanted Life Out of respect for my readers, I am including a content review This content review will help you decide whether this book is suitable for you.Content Review Christian or Secular Closer to secular with Christian undertonesProfanity NoneSex NoneViolence MildTrigger Warnings Some readers may be disturbed by content including demon possession, attempted assault, murder, and attempted murder.Disclosure This b [...]

  • Title Cold WaterAuthor Samuel ParkerPages 320Year 2018Publisher RevellMy rating is 5 out of 5 stars.Samuel Parker s second novel, Cold Water, is a heart pounding, engaging mystery that captures the mind of the reader from beginning to end To me, it is a very unique story as the characters have no last names and very slowly and methodically the author reveals the interesting history behind the town s inhabitants As I read, I was drawn into the mystery behind Michael s uniqueness in that it seems [...]

  • Have you ever read a book where you are not sure where it is going Where there seems to be no certain protagonist or antagonist Where the plot is undetermined except to move forward in a perpetual chase Have you ever read a book where the driving question seems to be, What is going on That is what reading this book by Samuel Parker made me feel I m not saying this in a negative sense Some authors make their plots and characters easy to figure out and predict to varying degrees That is not true w [...]

  • I received a copy of this book from Interviews and Reviews Website as well as the author Samuel Parker and publisher Revell What follows is an honest review It is very hard to talk about this book without giving away major plot points The story opens with a man in a pine box struggling to get out It is the start of many struggles that this man will go through in his life for the next few days Branded a murderer as a child and sent to jail, he is released as an adult and tries to live by himself [...]

  • I may be one of the few who really got the meaning of this book I thought it was brilliant writing and I m still shaking after reading it I ve read a few reviews which said they didn t like it because it was published by a Christian Publishing company with no scripture reference through the entire book I m reviewing the book on the context not what I think should be in there Being a Christian doesn t mean you have to only read books that quote scripture or reference God The book was an awakening [...]

  • This book is published by Revell Publishing, a company that supposedly publishes Christian books That is the reason I requested to read and review this book, I expected it to be a Christian story It is not I am deeply disappointed in Revell.Now, on to the book itself It is a dark story It is mostly about a man and the demon that lives within him The author has talent and is very good with words.The characters in the book are fairly well developed You see mostly their emotions and the good or evi [...]

  • The first chapter of this book is possibly one of the most anxiety provoking and stressful scenes that I ve read in a book, ever I am extremely claustrophobic and the thought of that scene as it s very vividly described by the author sent chills down my body and almost caused me to stop reading because of the intensity of the scene This is a testament to how great Samuel Parker s writing is.Parker is very good at showing the reader things through the character s eyes instead of narrating it and [...]

  • A pulse pounding thrill ride that will haunt you past the last page and well into the night.When Michael wakes up after being buried alive, he just wants to give up at first He has spent half his life behind bars since before he was a teenager Now, he has gone back to his home town hoping to live a quiet life and be left alone The people of Coldwater have other ideas, set on seeking the punishment they feel the prison system lacked Michael is trying to keep himself alive and figure out the dark [...]

  • Ok, I ll admit that, even though I thoroughly enjoy a great suspense novel Have enjoyed Stephen King and Dean Koontz for years , I never could totally wrap my hands around this one I tried seeing this from a good vs evil viewpoint, but that was even hard to do at times The main character is surrounded by hate and evil and the guys in the town that tried killing him weren t any better I kept waiting for that intersection of all of this evil with a redemption plot and an introduction of a good cha [...]

  • I m not sure many in this world could understand the depths of evil that reside inside Michael As a young child he let jealousy and the need for love to allow him to take a life The life of his younger brother From that day on Michael s life was never the same He was sentenced to prison at the age of 10 How does a 10 year old live and survive in an adult prison The evil inside of Michael took over, like an act of protection When Michael s sentence is served he heads home to the only home he s kn [...]

  • I received a copy of this book from the publisher Here is my honest review.This book did not meet my expectations in some good ways, and in some other ways Going in to reading this book, I knew it was thriller and I knew it was published by a Christian publishing house I expected twists and turns in an engaging plot with a conflicted main character AND I expected all of that within a very clean no language or sex along with toned down violence narrative This book hit every one of those In fact, [...]

  • This is a book I am not sure what to say about in a review It was weird, yet it was an interesting book that I read in one afternoon I would hesitate to call it Christian fiction, even though it is classified as such It is clean and free from bad language, but there is no Christian theme or talk of God and Christianity The main character was sent to prison at the age of 10 years old for killing his 7 year old brother There is something inside of him that protects him and usually kills anyone who [...]

  • This is not the kind of book I usually read, although the Christian genre drew me to read it However, from the first chapter, it did not seem Christian at all, except in that it pitted evil versus good With all the death and darkness throughout the book, at times it was hard to tell the difference between those who were evil and those who were good The story is about a young man named Michael who spent time in the prison system as a boy and who has now returned to his hometown of Coldwater But h [...]

  • Cold Water by Samuel Parker is a Christian thriller that takes place in a small town where revenge vigilantism is at the highest level Michael has moved back to town after being the state prison system trying to get away from the darkness that has haunted since childhood but it will not go away Neither will men in the community that think he must die especially one man who makes it his mission to kill Michael This was a very intriguing and interesting book that once I started reading I could put [...]

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