Stealing Beauty

Free Read Stealing Beauty - by Madison Faye - Stealing Beauty, Stealing Beauty She s been mine from the second I saw her Tonight I ll make sure everyone knows that The tabloids call me Prince Magnum and it s not because I ve got a big kingdom A royal suitor s ball full of si

  • Title: Stealing Beauty
  • Author: Madison Faye
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Stealing Beauty - by Madison Faye - Stealing Beauty, Stealing Beauty She s been mine from the second I saw her Tonight I ll make sure everyone knows that The tabloids call me Prince Magnum and it s not because I ve got a big kingdom A royal suitor s ball full of si

  • Free Read Stealing Beauty - by Madison Faye
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Stealing Beauty

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    Madison Faye is the dirty alter ego of the very wholesome, very normal suburban housewife behind the stories While she might be a wife, mom, and PTA organizer on the outside, there s nothing but hot, steamy, and raunchy fantasies brewing right beneath the surface Tired of keeping them hidden inside or only having them come out in the bedroom, they re all here in the form of some wickedly hot stories Single minded alpha hero, sinfully taboo relationships, and wildly over the top scenarios If you love it extra dirty, extra hot, and extra naughty, this is the place for you Just don t tell the other PTA members you saw her here Join the mailing list for author updates, special prices, and a FREE BOOK eepurl bKN8Hj


  • Princess Imogen and Magnus, Prince of ZaleKing of Avlion has finally agreed that it was high time for Ilana, Imogen, and Isla to start finding suitable matches for marriage Thus the King Lucian s suitor s ball has been organized Eligible men of the right means and pedigree will attend the ball in order to marry his daughters There will be also were a number of eligible princesses that were now at marrying age who d be joining the princesses.All the stories in this series are taking place in this [...]

  • It s good but the first book s better This series may not be for everyone especially to those who don t like manwhore Hs I m just glad it was before he met the h.The story is about Magnus and Imogen.He s the Prince Regent of Zale and she s a princess, daughter of the King of Avlion.He s cocky and has a terrible reputation He s a womanizer and he s proud of it while she s a virgin with no experience at all.It has an epilogue but it s of a HFN for me view spoiler It s their wedding day They just [...]

  • Rating 3 1 2 starsAn erotic tale of instant lurv between a ginger virgin and bad boy aristo The prince charges in and dirty talks and his way into the life of the girl of his dreams while she tries to deny her feelings Being inexperienced, this princess can t resist this randy and royal bulldozer of sexual confidence, excessive good looks, and obsession crashing into her defenses with the intensity of a sledgehammer This quick descriptive read is mega dirty in a vulgarly graphic sort of way fun [...]

  • The scandalous manwhore gets the princessNotorious manwhore prince regent, with a reputation as a manwhore falls in love at first sight with the virgin princess Imogen This dirty spin on the Cinderella fairy tale was pretty good once we got past all the chatter about how scandalous he was no cheating no ow om while his skanky reputation is mentioned, we don t see them in this story He was not with anyone after he saw the heroine for the first time steamy sex scenes lackluster epilogue

  • Stealing Beauty is about Princess Imogen and Prince Magnus Imogen is one of Isla s older sisters while Magnus is one of Prince Logan s best friends Again, I loved everything about Imogen and Magnus Their relationship was just what I needed because it was fireworks for these two Just like with the first book, but their story was a little bit different than Prince Logan and Princess Isla.Again, this book was super quick and easy to read It took me less than 30 minutes to read it I should probably [...]

  • No rating for this one either, hehe It was another quick read The sex was ok I think I preferred Logan over Magnus, but it was still decent I think I preferred Isla also Damn, I have to say that the first book was a tab bit better But overall, it was an entertaining read

  • Stealing Beauty by Faye Madison is book 2 of The Possessing Beauty series and hey this was very hot, quick read This one was based on a Cinderella theme where Prince Magnus and Princess Imogen find insta lust love when Magnus finds his missing MATE again at a ball thrown by Imogen s father who is King I was really impressed with Prince Magnus aka Magnum when he went all out with Imogen and he got what the both wanted each other Really looking forward to reading Ilana and Adele s stories too with [...]

  • I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review In this book we meet Prince Magnus and Princess Imogen These have met before but not that princess Imogen will tell anyone She keeps that her little secret her special time to get away However the prince has never forgotten the women that he met that day and there was just something about her that wouldn t let him go He is determined to find that woman and make her his for all time Little did he know com [...]

  • This is the second book I ve read in the subcategory of insta love I downloaded 5 books in this series in Kindle Unlimited to try it out I m not sure yet what I think about the genre it is smut, but I m reading it knowing it is smut so I have to adjust my expectations, right As I mentioned in the review of the first book in this series, this genre seems to follow a typical pattern the book is only 100 pages, any character development is devoted toward physical attributes than to anything else T [...]

  • I love Madison Faye s style of writing Her alphas are strong, powerful and take without asking Yet they re sweet and when they love they love hard I absolutely loved Stealing Beauty Prince Magnus, a.k.a Magnum, is deliciously cocky I mean, to think a Princess would fall for his well, you know at first sight is absolutely narcissistic But Princess Imogen can t help but want from the magnanimous prince, and thoughts of hiswell, you know, consume her every moment When he finally gets her alone, th [...]

  • Book 2 in the Possessing Beauty series and it did not disappoint Madison Faye does a great job of telling an entertaining story This story based on Cinderella brings together Imogen and Magnus This quick dirty read is a nice little insta love with the prince finding his incognito beauty after she fled from him leaving a few personal items in her haste I truly loved that Magnus s desire for the whole nine yards HEA with Imogen tested his control and that he proved victorious We are given a little [...]

  • SteamyShort and steamy A quick lite read full of hot and sticky goodness Definitely a good choice for those looking for a lite read when short on time

  • Stealing Beauty is book two in Madison Faye s modern day fairytale series and very loosely based off of Cinderella In fact, the only similarity is the the one shoe left behind for Magnus and no other way to find his mystery woman Imagine his surprise when he runs into her at the Suitors ball and she s the very innocent, princess Imogen.The little glimpse we got of Magnus in book one was not very flattering Magnus is known in the tabloids as Magnum and I m sure you can guess why He s got a rep an [...]

  • 4 5Hot fast safe read insta love OTT alpha Virgin h H was a huge man wore, that stopped the second they met no OW Drama Separation for 3 weeks, H was celibate HEA with epilogue

  • The second story in the series Possessing Beauty I can only say that I did enjoy the story a lot It was a very hot quick short story Prince Magnus and Princess Imogen s first encounter was not very romantic to say the least and was very scandalous Princess Imogen went to Ibiza secretly and under a false name named Claire and during her time on Ibiza he was seen by Prince Magnus swimming and was enticed.After seeing the Princess, Prince Magnus decided to surprise her by letting himself in her roo [...]

  • Prince Magnus is the prince regent for his country He is known for being a playboy and is called Prince Magnum for his size A month agao he was visiting a resort that he owned when he sees a gorgeous woman by the pool He instantly knew he wanted her so he arranged to get in her room and and meet her there with his best asset visible Instead of drawing her closer, his cocky boldness caused her to run before he could find out about her Since that day, she is the only woman he wants to be with How [...]

  • I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book Hero, Magnus 4 5Heroine, Imogen 4 5Secondary Characters 4 5Chemistry 4 5Sex 4 5Plot 4 5Mystery 2 5Action 1 5Darkness 1 5Humor 1 5POV Dual POVEnding HEA, No cliffhangerStars 4 Author Madison FayeWould I recommend this book yesWould I re read this book yesWould I read future books by this author YesBlurb Playboy Prince Magnus with a magnum sized you know what , meets a woman who he never gets to know because she uses a fake name when checking [...]

  • Holy Hotness Batman This is one Magnum rich story that has it all Royals, hot stalking, virgin princess, hot yet sexy horn dog prince, with seduction at its finest and an epic royal ending Prince Magnus is the prince regent for his country He is known for being the royal manwhore and has a certain nickname due to a bodypart of his that the ladies call him by His life was perfect until a month ago when this sexy seductive yet innocent woman caught his eye by the pool at one of the resorts he owns [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book It is a fast paced modern day fairytale with lots of steamy scenes I liked both hero and heroine and liked them as a couple Even though Magnus is a womanizer, he changed his ways the moment he saw Imogen I liked that he changed and was determined to make Princess Imogen his This story is a modern day Cinderella The heroine kept running off from the hero and even left a shoe behind at one point The storyline for this book is easy to follow and an enjoyable read I cannot [...]

  • Like Beasting Beauty, the romance takes place over a night and there s an epilogue to show into the future The difference in Stealing Beauty is Imogen and Magnus met four weeks prior to the suitors ball Also, where Beasting loosely resembles Beauty and the Beast, Stealing loosely resembles Cinderella.Imogen absolutely loves the princess lifestyle, unlike her two sisters After just turning 20 , she decides she wants to have a little birthday fun outside the kingdom She sneaks off to a resort in S [...]

  • This Cinderella blows a shoe, but does not blow her best chance for love D I received an Advance Reader Copy for Stealing Beauty written by Madison Faye and voluntarily reviewed this book This is the second of this author s fairy tale novella series It is reminiscent of Cinderella s story, as we have Prince Magnum Jameson, rightly named Magnus, secretly moping around the past month because he had finally met a girl who just wasn t into him, as countless other females before She actually had left [...]

  • A wonderfully written, funny and sinful fairytale.Oh wow this series has blown me awaya fairy tale theme with princes and princesses and the inevitable ball and also a contemporary romance which includes a clandestine trip to Ibiza and really hot sex scenes Each short story in this excellent series focuses on a different royal couple as they attend the Suitors Ball looking for true lovePrincess Imogen reluctantly attends with her sisters in the anticipation of finding potential husband material [...]

  • Magnum sized hotness A royal ball, untouched princesses looking for a majestic husband, and a total womanizer who falls under the enchanting spell of love at first sight If all this catches your attention, you may well read this novella and taste all its steamy deliciousness.Once again, we get to meet all these princes and princesses who attend together the ball of the century All the daughters of a very protective king are on the lookout for a husband, but princess Imogene is loathing the prosp [...]

  • Could a beloved fairy tale get any better Oh, my five stars yes it can and a whole lot hotter too The Brothers Grimm would be ahem blushing or something if they had the opportunity to read Madison Faye s latest release Stealing Beauty Stealing Beauty is a modern day, insta love lust fairy tale featuring a beautiful, virginal princess and one smokin hot prince The chemistry between Prince Magnum, er um I mean Prince Magnus and Princess Imogen is hot enough to melt your Kindle as well as other unm [...]

  • I understand that I am receiving a copy of this book for a VOLUNTARY, completely honest, non incentivized review Stealing beauty focuses on Magnus, a self proclaimed playboy prince and Isla, a sheltered, but curious princess They first meet in Ibiza under false identities and assumptions A month passes and neither one can stop thinking of the other Flash forward to a ball Isla s father is throwing with the intent of finding suitors for his daughters and I really really enjoyed the first book, Be [...]

  • Yet another hot, sexy, fast paced short modern fairytale from the princess of storytelling herself Madison Faye.At the ball her father is holding for herself and her sisters to find a husband she comes face to face with the man who exposed himself to her on a side trip to Ibiza, Spain Imogen knew it was Prince Magnus and did the only thing an innocent virgin could do, she ran.Magnus couldn t get the red head out of his mind, he found out her name but it was obviously not her real name, she was o [...]

  • I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book Madison Faye has done it again This is the second book in her new Beauty and the Beast series and I loved it It is the story of Princess Imogen and Prince Magnus Magnus has been a womanizer bedding beautiful women everywhere and has gained the reputation of having a large package so the tabloids have named him Prince Magnum All of his womanizing goes out the window when he sees a red haired beauty at his resort in Ibiza He has to meet h [...]

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