The Taster

☆ The Taster ↠ V.S. Alexander - The Taster, The Taster Amid the turbulence of World War II a young German woman finds a precarious haven closer to the source of danger than she ever imagined one that will propel her through the extremes of privilege and

  • Title: The Taster
  • Author: V.S. Alexander
  • ISBN: 9781496712271
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback

☆ The Taster ↠ V.S. Alexander - The Taster, The Taster Amid the turbulence of World War II a young German woman finds a precarious haven closer to the source of danger than she ever imagined one that will propel her through the extremes of privilege and

  • ☆ The Taster ↠ V.S. Alexander
    366V.S. Alexander
The Taster

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    V.S Alexander is an ardent student of history with a strong interest in music and the visual arts Some of V.S s writing influences include Shirley Jackson, Oscar Wilde, Daphne du Maurier, or any work by the exquisite Bront sisters V.S lives in Florida and is at work on a third historical novel for Kensington.


  • 4.5It s 1943 Magda Ritter, young ,naive and German She is a food taster for the Fuhrer.Her position would place her in the Teahouse at Hitler s Berghof, The Wolf s Lair and The Furer s Bunker in Berlin Is this a job she seeked NO Did she want to be separated from her parents family NO Was she a supporter of Hitler or the SS Party NO Did she fear for her life and the lives of her family and loved ones YESMagda lives with her parents in Berlin and Allied bombs have been falling along with rumors t [...]

  • Please excuse the really bad pun I can t believe I m using it 4 delicious stars to The Taster The Taster was highly recommended by my friend, Holly Who knew there were food tasters for Hitler during WWII This dangerous job was viewed as their service to The Reich Magda s story was loosely based on a real taster who only told her story late in life when she was in her 90s Magda is not a member of The Party, and her sentiments do not lie with Hitler So, as you can imagine, some unrest and drama en [...]

  • 4 starsIt is ironic that I never considered that there would have been women whose job it was to taste the food that was prepared for Hitler Also, it was ironic that all of these tasters were women, not a man among them Yet, these women were selected to offer up their lives for a man that many idolized Magda Ritter, a young German girl was chosen for the position of taster She is brought into the very core of Hitler s various residences, Berghof, Wolf s Lair, The Fuehrer s bunker all to have the [...]

  • FTC DISCLAIMER I RECEIVED AN E ARC FROM THE AUTHOR, IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW RECEIPT OF THIS BOOK IN THIS MANNER DOES NOT AFFECT MY OPINION OF THE BOOK OR THE CONTENT OF MY REVIEW Magda Ritter, a young German girl, finds herself in a precarious position, one that, ironically, gives her her best chance at relative safety during the horrors of World War II This new position ensures that she ll be fed and taken care of, exposing her to circumstances that are luxurious compared to what the r [...]

  • Wow I requested this book because it sounded interesting I had no idea just how in depth it would be and just how much this book would affect me I cannot even imagine what life must have been like during the war, especially for the Germans who didn t subscribe to Hitler s madness I can imagine even less what it must have been like to be plucked out of nothing and made a taster of Hitler s food to make sure it wasn t poisoned Magda is just a normal German girl she has no great ambitions and she i [...]

  • There are many good novels on the subject of WWII What makes this book stand out is a new angle, something never told before The idea of this book was prompted by an account of Margot Woelk, a real taster for Adolf Hitler, who revealed her story at the age of ninety five This book is not based on her life, although several scenes from her life were incorporated into this story Who killed Adolf Hitler The circumstances surrounding his death have been disputed since 1945 In this story, a fictional [...]

  • This is a different look at World War II than readers are used to reading The Taster is from the perspective of a young German girl and is about life inside Germany during the war It s a coming of age story for a young girl with little to no interest in politics and war to a young woman who begins to see the moral dilemmas of the war and the inhumanity of the Nazi party.Magda s parents send her out of Berlin because the allies have started bombing and they fear for her safety She goes to live wi [...]

  • Magda Ritter is a young German woman intent on getting through the war and living her life Politics don t particularly interest her, and she has no use for Third Reich idiologies When, by necessity, she goes to the party looking for a job, she s thinking it will be something inocuous, maybe clerical What happens next changes her life and her outlook on her country forever, challenges her faith in human nature, and at times makes her question her own humanity I felt as though I were living each p [...]

  • A big thank you to Kensington publishing, V S Alexander and Netgalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review Thank you as well to my friends for introducing me to this book The moment I started reading, I was captivated and intrigued It s not too often that a book captures my attention from start to finish but The Taster was successful in achieving this feat I found the writing style to be quite interesting It was simple and straightforward and worked well [...]

  • There are many good novels written about WWII, however, I think what drew me to this work was the fact that it was written from the point of view of an ordinary German woman Many ordinary Germans played an important role in WWII and the character, Magda Ritter, is one such woman She was a young German woman who out of necessity and family demands needed work to help support the household Magda interviews and is chosen to work for Hitler as a Taster of his food This sounds promising, after all, s [...]

  • A unique look behind enemy lines In The Taster we follow the story of young Magda Ritter, the newest poison tester for Adolf Hitler, as she wrestles with her beliefs and what to believe in the midst of war torn Europe A winning novel, well worth reading

  • A longer review is available on my blog reviewsofbooksonmynightstand It s a dangerous job I was nervous at first You never know which meal will be your last It is Germany in the middle of World War II Magda Ritter s father is worried about Magda s safety in Berlin and sends her to live in Bavaria with her uncle and his Spanish wife She can t seem to please her aunt, who wants her to find a job to pull her weight as soon as she arrives Her police officer uncle pulls some strings to get her a job [...]

  • I had mixed feelings about this book It was really engaging, and I liked Magda a lot It s always truly fascinating to see WWII from the perspective of an average German citizen, and this was no exception However, despite how average Magda is, everything happens to her Warning, a lot of spoiler in this spoiler like the entire plot view spoiler She experiences evacuation out of Berlin for safety, employment in the F hrer s kitchens, falling in love with an SS officer who is actually part of the pl [...]

  • REVIEWHaving read The Magdalen Girls by V.S Alexander back in December 2016 and absolutely loved it, I had been keeping an eye out for books by this author When I saw The Taster I was instantly very interested, then when I read the blurb I knew I just had to read this book as soon as I could The cover features a woman dressed in a plain wine dress with a very neat white lacey collar The female also has a brooch or badge at the neck of her dress There is also lace featured on the cuffs of the lo [...]

  • The Taster tells the story of Magda, a young woman who tasted Hitler s food to make sure he didn t get poisoned It s an interesting premise, but sadly the book doesn t live up to it I think the main issue is the writing It s very distant, with lots of telling instead of showing I never felt connected to the characters or the events described in the book The story covers several years and is told in a linear fashion, without any suspense or surprises It all makes the book a little uninspiring The [...]

  • I remember being fascinated with the Holocaust when I was a teenager and I couldn t get enough of what life might have been like Anne Frank was a favorite The Taster shows another view entirely as Magda impoverished but with her family, comes of age as a young woman during the war German born, she is forced to do her duty and work for Hitler as his food taster She struggles with her own views politically, and morally, and yet finds the courage to act V.S Alexander has crafted an epic novel guara [...]

  • When we first meet Magda the year is 1943, and she is a mid twenty year old woman of little drive and ambition, living at home with her parents with no work, a basic education and little interest in the political polemic of the time Her father is not a fan of the reich, and while he does his best to keep his own political skepticism quiet, his wife is much inclined to believe in the party line and the charismatic man at the forefront Magda isn t interested put out by the lack of available men [...]

  • What a wonderful unique historical novel I loved it Worth reading The author, V.S Alexander, through intensive research was able to marry WWII historical events and fiction with ease His idea to write this book came from reading about the life of Margo Woelk who was one of Adolf Hitler s food tasters This is NOT a biography of Margo s life This is the fictional story of Magda, a German girl who becomes Hitler s food taster She was one of fifteen women tasters that were employed to taste Hitler s [...]

  • Il romanzo di V.S Alexander una sorta di incontro tra verit e possibilit.La storia di Magda Ritter l unione di tante testimonianze che sono giunte fino a noi da quegli oscuri anni di dominazione nazista.L autore prese spunto, per la creazione di questo romanzo, da un intervista a Margot Wolk, novantacinquenne che, solo giunta a quell et , decise di condividere la sua storia.Ma non solo la storia dell assaggiatrice viene narrata, questo romanzo tocca tutte le fasi cruciali della vita intorno al F [...]

  • Al servizio di Adolf Hitler un libro che coinvolge sin dalle prime pagine A tutte voi che siete appassionate di storia e d a un libro che non potete perdervi Al servizio di Adolf Hitler si presenta, sin dal prologo, come un romanzo che sveler il mistero sulla morte del dittatore nazista La protagonista Magda Ritter giocher un ruolo fondamentale per Hitler, in quanto funge da barriera tra lui e il veleno Lei un assaggiatrice ma anche pi di questo Forse molte volte a scuola vi siete chiesti, studi [...]

  • Magda, the protagonist, is a simple woman that loves her family, she lives in Berlin and is not interested in politics neither is affiliated to the Nazi party Circumstances forced her to work and survive Like all German citizens she has a duty to perform, for her country, her family and the F hrer There was a lot of Nazi propaganda going on, most of them didn t know about the concentration camps, there were rumors, but no way to prove it, therefore, it was easier to believe they weren t real The [...]

  • I m torn about this interesting piece of historical fiction On the one hand, I learned about something I hadn t known before the life of a taster for Adolf Hitler On the other, it periodically made my skin crawl Magda is an intriguing character A woman sent by her family to work for the Reich, she ends up in the closest proximity to Hitler and Eva Braun That said, there s very little emotion, even at times when there should be a lot I don t know if it s because this was written by a man but ther [...]

  • This is an exceptionally well done work of historical fiction I love WWII historical fiction but I want it done well, like Stones from the River or The Book Thief I want WWII historical fiction that is going to have me completely immersed in time and place and I really love it when the story is told from an unexpected POV This book did both of those things so very, very well I found the descriptions of the bombings and destruction to be some of the best I have read and found them to pack a prett [...]

  • I received an advanced e copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest reviewIn an effort to keep herself safe, Magda Ritter applies to work for the Reich She gets hired to be one of 15 tasters for Hitler, tasting for poison and making sure his food is safe to eat The constantly possibilty of being poisoned terrifies her, but she does her job well The closer she gets to Hitler s inner circle, the disturbing things she discovers She will have to decide what is important going with [...]

  • I read a lot of novels in the genre and I love it when I am able to find some thing different that I haven t yet found Very well written enjoyable read Kept me interested until the end

  • The circumstances surrounding the death of Adolph Hitler have long been discussed and disputed since the end of the war The Taster , written by V.S Alexander and published by Kensington Publishers is a novel based on a woman who was among Hitler s tasters These women were chosen for their fidelity to the Fuhrer and were required to taste every bit of food and drink prior to its presentation to Hitler Hitler was scared to death that he would be poisoned and thought that everyone was out to kill h [...]

  • Given the current trend of governments moving away from democracy around the world, the timing of two new novels about the Nazi regime during World War II feels particularly prescient The two novels are nothing alike, told from two very different perspectives of Nazi Germany, but they both are important for modern readers Not only do they serve as a warning cry to not only never forget what happened They also serve as a reminder to remain diligent and aware in order to prevent something like tha [...]

  • There is an old saying that states The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing In The Taster, V.S Alexander shows that it takes many good men doing the right thing to triumph over powerful evil Unfortunately, Germany at the time of the Second World War did not have many good men.The Nazis had thought themselves invincible but in early 1943, Berlin gets its first real taste of the war Allied bombers make it into the center of the city, awakening the citizens of th [...]

  • Tre stelle e mezzo Al servizio di Adolf Hitler racconta la storia Magda Ritter, normale ragazza tedesca che diventa uno dei simboli di lotta al nazismo Una storia inventata mescolata ad eventi realmente accaduti.Hitler aveva la fobia dei germi e il terrore degli attentati Nelle sue residenze, insieme al personale di cucina, erano presenti anche le assaggiatrici, coloro che dovevano annusare prima, e mangiare poi, i pasti destinati al dittatore tedesco Magda, trasferitasi dagli zii, viene spinta [...]

  • A copy of this review can be found at Book Ink Reviews.Thank you to NetGalley, Kensington, and V.S Alexander for this free ARC in exchange for an honest review.A beautifully done historical fiction, we follow Magda Ritter through her journey as Hitler s poison control and her ever increasing hatred for the destruction he wrought in Germany If you liked Kristin Hannah s The Nightengale, you will adore The Taster.While at times the book slowed to a near crawl, you were ever invested in Magda s jou [...]

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