Heart of Eden

☆ Heart of Eden ✓ Caroline Fyffe - Heart of Eden, Heart of Eden USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe s sweeping saga about five sisters finding love and forging new lives on the Colorado frontier Raised by guardians in Philadelphia the Brinkman sisters hav

  • Title: Heart of Eden
  • Author: Caroline Fyffe
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  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Heart of Eden ✓ Caroline Fyffe - Heart of Eden, Heart of Eden USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe s sweeping saga about five sisters finding love and forging new lives on the Colorado frontier Raised by guardians in Philadelphia the Brinkman sisters hav

  • ☆ Heart of Eden ✓ Caroline Fyffe
    135Caroline Fyffe
Heart of Eden

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    USA Today Bestselling Author Caroline Fyffe was born in Waco, Texas, the first of many towns she would call home during her father s career with the US Air Force A horse aficionado from an early age, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in communications from California State University Chico before launching what would become a twenty year career as an equine photographer She began writing fiction to pass the time during long days in the show arena, channeling her love of horses and the Old West into a series of Western historicals Her debut novel, Where the Wind Blows, won the Romance Writers of America s prestigious Golden Heart Award as well as the Wisconsin RWA s Write Touch Readers Award She and her husband have two grown sons and live in the Pacific Northwest.Visit Caroline at carolinefyffeSee her photographs at carolinefyffephotofacebook caroline.fyffeTwitter carolinefyffe Write to her at caroline carolinefyffe She loves hearing from readers


  • What a lovely beginning for a very promising new Western romance series The premise of five sisters raised in Philadelphia in the late 19th century, then transplanted to a small town in the wilds of Colorado to oversee the inheritance of a cattle ranch, a tannery, logging mill and other businesses their deceased father left them is novel and extremely creative The story does feel just a bit disjointed a few times when the chapters suddenly jump from one character to another right in the middle o [...]

  • This was a terrific kick off to a new series by Caroline Fyffe Belle and her four sisters have just learned that their estranged father has died and they must travel to Eden, Colorado for a reading of the will When they arrive they find that nothing that they believed about their father or Eden is true Plus they now stand to inherit half of a very successful ranch and multiple businesses if they stay in Eden Belle is almost engaged to Leslie and has to decide if her future lies in Philadelphia o [...]

  • A FATHER S LEGACY FIVE SISTERS RANCHOnce again, Ms Caroline Fyffe has taken her readers on a roller coaster ride in this emotional journey of family, loss, deceit, betrayal, lies, secrets, and love The story will bring the five Brinkman sisters back to Eden, Colorado, where they were born, from their home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania They must all be in attendance for the reading of the will, left by their father, John Brinkman.The story is full of bitterness on the part of the five sisters, Ma [...]

  • Ludicrous Sisters raised in Philadelphia with minimal side saddle riding skills inherit half their father s ranch and within a few days are riding astride and helping with the round up no less Somebody has watched John Wayne s The Cowboys one to many times Or has never been on a horse or around cattle A dnf at 64% or whenever they put on their boy clothes and ride out to bring in the herd.

  • I just love new series a fresh start with new characters that you get to know and most of the time come to love I really loved the map that is included that if you want to go back and see the lay of the land you can I enjoyed the opening which gives you a little back ground and you get to get a feel of each character Not all is as it seems there has been some lies told along the way that made the characters lose year of knowing a kind man It is too late for them but is it too late for the childr [...]

  • I never tire of going back in time with this author s 1800 stories This time we travel to Eden, Colorado and meet the Brinkman sisters Their mother took them away from the Five Sisters Ranch and their father when they were very small Now they are grown, and their father has died In order to inherit his large cattle ranch and his other holdings in town, the 5 sisters must live on the ranch for at least six months When they return to Eden they become reacquainted with Blake Harding, their father s [...]

  • In this new series from Caroline Fyffe, the five Brinkman sisters travel from Philadelphia to Eden, Colorado for the reading of their father s last will and testament It s a much different environment than Philadelphia, to say the least.This story focuses on Belle Brinkman Even though it would appear her future is in Philadelphia with her almost betrothed, she s intrigued by what she finds in Colorado, and that includes her father s foreman, Blake She s ready to take over the ranch and Blake is [...]

  • I have been looking forward to this new series and characters for a while now and I was not disappointed Caroline Fyffe has once again created a setting that is so vivid and descriptive I could see myself sitting atop a horse looking over the vast valleys and cattle New characters became almost instant family while reading Their heartaches, fears, strengths and surprises were heartfelt and so real that I had to keep reading to find out The mystery that was kept up throughout was perfect I had n [...]

  • Format Kindle Edition Verified PurchaseIf you love western romance, Heart of Eden, the first in a new series written by Caroline Fyffe is a must read, Caroline brings her readers right into the story, Imagine you and your sisters are living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and you get a letter saying your estranged father has died, the girls decide to travel to Colorado And, so the story begins.A Colorado Hearts NovelHeart of Eden by Caroline FyffeIn Eden, Colorado, 1880 John Brinkman has died, lea [...]

  • I received a complimentary copy of Heart of Eden It s a true honor to review it Excellently written this Introduction to the Colorado Hearts Series takes you to Eden Colorado in 1880 and acquaints you with the Brinkman Sisters Upon return to Eden for the reading of their Fathers Will the Sister s learn their Father John Brinkman had left them a Dynasty as well as a six way partner ownership to Five Sister s Ranch along with Blake Harding Foreman of the Ranch whom had been raised by John also To [...]

  • The five Brinkman sisters return to Eden, Colorado when they receive a letter informing them that their estranged Father John, has died For many years they have lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with friends of their Mother, the Crowdaire s who took them in after they left their Father who they were led to believe was a cruel and violent man Unfortunately their Mother was taken ill and died and the girls were left to work for their keep in the one room the Crowdaire s housed them in, and even [...]

  • I loved this book Book one in a new series in the town of Eden, Colorado The 5 Brinkman sisters are summoned to Eden for the reading of their father s will They re told that if they want their full inheritance, they must stay in Eden for at least 6 months It s quite a difference being in this small western town after living in Philadelphia.The longer they re in Eden, the they find out, like that their father never stopped loving them, and had hoped that one day, his girls would come home They a [...]

  • Heart of Eden Colorado Hearts Novels By Caroline FyffeWow this first story of this new series by Caroline Fyffe is a Blockbuster It s new, fresh, wild, and adventurous, the stories of the Five Brinkman Sisters who arrive in Eden, Colorado to find out what their deceased father s will entails and not expecting much at all Bam hit between the eyes at what transpires in the attorney s office they really don t know what to think and they all need time to process it all.This is a wonderful new start [...]

  • I ve always though as historical books as lighthearted reads There s always the mail order bride or the widow who can t run her ranch and so forth I love those kinds of books and I thought Heart of Eden would be just a wonderful predictable book Boy was I wrong Heart of Eden is the first book of this new series by Caroline Fyfee John Brickmans wife left him and took his 5 girls with her He thought once the Indian threat would be over he would once again reunite with his family The girls protecto [...]

  • True Heart s Desire So excited about this new seriesCaroline Fyffe books and series are amazing and this first book Heart Of Eden in the Colorado Hearts Series is starting out so exciting and heartfelt Heart of Eden introduces the Brinkman Sisters, a wide variety of personalities, strengths and beauty They chance a trip to their first home to hear the reading of their fathers Will Here they also meet Blake Harding, Foreman of the Five Sisters Ranch They each have a wide variety of personalities, [...]

  • This book was on my To Read bookshelf and I received a copy through a GoodReads giveaway.John Brinkman and his wife had 5 daughters in Eden, Colorado The mother left with the 5 girls and moved back East to Philadelphia The mother died after 5 years and the daughters were raised by relatives They mystery was why the mother left The girls were told how terrible their father was and that he didn t want them The girls were nominally taken care of and the eldest was working, had married but her husba [...]

  • Heart Of EdenThis book capture my heart never mind Eden it s very intriguing the characters Caroline has created come to life on the pages each and everyone especially the sisters who are portrayed with totally different mannerisms charms and flare yet are so close as one family Blake and Henry are hero s looking after the girls best interest although at the beginning Blake is rather put off with them until the plot thickens and he finds out that here so called guardians The Crowdaires has swind [...]

  • This was a nice start to a new series It took me a bit to warm up to Blake because of his animosity towards the girls I understood where he was coming from but the girls were children when they left It wasn t their choice and he had no idea what they had lived through or been told I would have liked him if he had been cautious but open minded at their first meeting It was once his hostility ended, that the story became enjoyable for me The terms of the will and the intrigue kept me hooked I app [...]

  • 3.5 starsThe five Brinkman sisters have always looked out for one another They were raised by guardians in Philadelphia after their mother died When news reaches them that their estranged father has passed away, they set off to Colorado for the reading of his will They are shocked to find out he might not be the terrible man they had always been told Their father gives them the Five Sisters Ranch on the condition they live there for at least 6 months.Blake Harding, the ranch s foreman, looked at [...]

  • Five starsVery believable story of the struggles of settling a new territory and then state of Colorado I took a very special kind of woman to be strong enough, emotionally, to deal with the hardships and violence of that era This story deals with a woman who couldn t After being married to a rancher and giving birth to give daughters she finally allows her terror to drive her back east with her daughters The series takes up after their Father s death when the five sisters are summoned to Colora [...]

  • Pleasingly DelightfulHEART OF EDEN is a pleasingly delightful story from start to finish Filled with heart warming moments, moments of laughter and tears and many moments of excitement with dashes of fear, Caroline Fyffe gives readers an unforgettable beginning to her new series, COLORADO HEARTS The characters in the story present with their own unique qualities and the author meshes these qualities together well Everyone fits together and no one character outshines the other, until it is their [...]

  • Heart of Eden was a great story, filled with love, loss, happiness and hurt The sister s torn between the life their father would have wanted for them and the life they already have, venture into the town unknown to them, while someone is trying to scare them off With determination they find out that the father they thought hated them actually loved them very much, and that their guardians had been lying and stealing from them all these years.I won t give any than that The author wrote in great [...]

  • Heart of Eden by Caroline Fyffe is book 1 of the Colorado Hearts series You reintroduced to five sisters who were raised by their guardians and who are finding out the truth about their dead estranged father and what he created for them He created a ranch called FIVE SISTERS RANCH as well as businesses in Montana they travel from Philadelphia to the area of the ranch It is an interesting tale of travel and life in the late 19th century I a story that keeps your attention When you finish, you wan [...]

  • Wonderful warming story I really enjoyed reading this book Blake and Belle are my favorite characters There were many twists and turns that are not expected I would love to read stories about the Brinkman sisters My only issue was with a term the author used a couple of times towards the beginning of the book I am not certain what she was meaning when she said the horses were jogging I have never heard that term about a horse, and I was raised in them I think she may of meant loping because she [...]

  • This Family familiar is great reading It s refreshing to read novel that contain the historically accurate history of a family that settled the west The estrangement between the parents kept the five daughters away from the father ranch.Upon his death the daughters were summoned to the family estate to witness the reading of his will.He had established the town of Eden and was well known and loved by everyone in the area.The fun really began when the will contained a bizarre stipulation that for [...]

  • A wonderful start to a new series I loved everything about it, from the characters that pop up from the page to the plot and pace But what really stands out is the setting of this town of Eden and the wilds of Colorado.The first happily ever after was that of Belle and Blake and it was fun, engaging and sweet I am really looking forward to getting to know all the sisters and the men that will catch their heart.Caroline Fyfe, bring them on Melanie for b2bGift ARC provided by the publisher

  • Heart of Eden is the first book in the Colorado Hearts series Learning of the death of their estranged father, they had to leave Philadelphia to go to Eden, Colorado When they get there they learn that what they told growing up was a lie Now to inherit the ranch, they all have to live their for six months Blake was their father s foreman, and he sees something in Belle When danger comes knocking, will they be able to survive it and stay on the ranch I really enjoyed this story, and I look forwar [...]

  • Absolutely gripping.Another wonderful series to look forward to from Carolyn Fyffe Set in southern Colorado, five sisters learn the truth about the father and ranch their mother pulled them away from 18 years ago Writing, character development and dialogue is seamless and pulls the reader into how the sisters deal with moving from Philadelphia to the rural west, betrayal be their aunt and uncle, and finding love The first book lays the foundation and tells the story of the girl s return to Eden [...]

  • A Western Romance This story, set in the old west , basically had it all.The story revolves around five sisters raised in questionable circumstances in Philadelphia who inherit the substantial Colorado estate of the father they haven t heard from for many years As the attempt to collect the inheritance, Fyffe manages to weave in just about every catastrophe you can imagine and still end up with a touching love story Really keeps you guessing.

  • By far one of the best books written by Carolyn Fyffe I look forward to her new releases and this one did not disappoint This series will be one of the best ever written Journey to Eden Colorado with Belle and her sisters, for the reading of their late father s will Along the way they learn that not everything they have been told was true Do they have what it takes to start a new life If you like Carolyn Fyffe books you will love this one.

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