Mercy Best Read || [Debra Anastasia] - Mercy, Mercy He taught me to kill Murder is in my blood now It runs through my veins and though I hide the monster I see in the mirror with ink it doesn t keep him from coming out My street name is Mercy but I n

  • Title: Mercy
  • Author: Debra Anastasia
  • ISBN: 9781973742128
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback

Mercy Best Read || [Debra Anastasia] - Mercy, Mercy He taught me to kill Murder is in my blood now It runs through my veins and though I hide the monster I see in the mirror with ink it doesn t keep him from coming out My street name is Mercy but I n

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  • Mercy Best Read || [Debra Anastasia]
    146Debra Anastasia

About " Debra Anastasia "

  • Debra Anastasia

    Debra creates pretend people in her head and paints them on the giant, beautiful canvas of your imagination What an amazing job that is The stories hit her hard while driving the minivan or shaving her legs, especially when there s no paper and pen around She has written a smattering of books in a few genres paranormal romance, contemporary romance and romantic comedies She lives in Maryland with her husband and two amazing children.DebraAnastasia


  • I picked up Mercy as a Kindle Unlimited selection recently and was pleasantly surprised This was a dark romance, that didn t cross over into the territory of seriously disturbing It was just dark and dangerous enough to hold my attention without being so dark as to lose it s appeal for a mainstream romance audience.Rebecca Dixie Stiles, aka Becca , waits tables and bartends at a popular bar in town to make ends meet Unbeknownst to her, she is the object of a dangerous man s obsession Every move [...]

  • People who are meant to be together find their way back They may take a few detours, but they re never lost.When you both begin and end a story with tears streaming down your face from so many feels, you know it s meaningful Oh was MERCY by Debra Anastasia meaningful Mercy is so much MORE than a romance it s salvation, redemption, hope, and destiny Passionately poignant, soul shattering, and devastatingly beautiful, Mercy hits the heart hard and slays the soul Oh was my SOUL SLAYED Have you ever [...]

  • This is a fabulous cover although it s not really a great representation of the hero He is tatted as a skeleton all over, but hey I guess you work with what you can find The composition is very good as well.This is the second book I have read by this author and the second one I have really loved It was fabulously well written The pace was slow, but I didn t find myself bored That said, I did find it a bit hard to get into at first This was relatively slow burn, so the hero heroine don t get roma [...]

  • I ve never read anything by Debra Anastasia and I enjoyed this read a lot Somehow I thought it would be a bit darker, just judging by the cover of it, but I didn t find it to be too dark There s a tortured stalker ish hero who is heavily tattooed You are probably wondering which one of those three things I am so happy about Yeah, the stalker part Definitely that one Wait, I should have added killer to that list S all good, people Fiction I loved the chemistry between the two main characters and [...]

  • MERCY is a standalone full length, contemporary romance novel by Debra Anastasia, spoken in Dual Perspectives In this we meet Fenix Churchkey aka Mercy and Rebecca Dixie Stiles.This unlikely duo met the day or night of Fenix s mothers death they are at the supermarket picking up a few grocery items when his dad got rough with him when a young superhero of a girl stepped up and told him off for hurting him He never forgot that day when she stood up to his father, a beacon of light in his darkest [...]

  • 15 years ago little Becca tried to protect little Fenix from his a hole dad in a supermarket.He never forgot that one bright moment in his childhood.Even after all these years he s still looking out for her she just doesn t know it.He thinks she would run away screaming if she ever saw him.He s tattooed all over from head to toe.He thinks he had to do it he looked too much like his dad.And if that wouldn t scare Becca away, his job would definitely do it.He only takes the jobs were he can rescue [...]

  • Obsessive, consuming, intense MERCY is a romance like no other, with an anti hero who will draw you in and make you fall hopelessly, desperately in love I am in love with this story Just head over heels in love This is the kind of story that stays with you, the kind you can t stop thinking about long after you ve finished Prepare yourself for an epic, but amazing book hangover.

  • 4 This one is different starsI picked up Mercy because of all of the five star reviews I ve seen this author before, but I don t know why I never picked up any of her books I just knew that the Hero is a killer yes something I like and there should be a damsel right The book starts out GREAT It starts out with Mercy, but his real name is Fenix and he uses that most in the book so the title is slightly misleading, but nothing to cry over He s ruthless and he has a terrible past I LOOOVVEEEDD Nix [...]

  • Quick review Cover Sexy AF Rating NC 17 Thumbs Up 5Overall so DAMN goodCharacters Well DonePlot Broken boy will sell his soul for the woman he lovesPage Turner Absolutely Series Cont YES Recommend YESBook Boyfriend Merc y NixSUMMARY 50 words or less It s been forever since I read a book that has me so pumped up I LOVED it, every second Even though there were parts that touched on areas I m not a fan, I was so absorbed in this book, none of that mattered Best book I ve read in a while.For a full [...]

  • My first by Debra.d I m gonna kick myself for it The story of a broken boy Fenix Churchkey aka Mercy He meets a young girl in a supermarket parking lot and she pierces his scared , tortured heart and camps there His entire life is now dedicated to keeping Rebecca Dixie Stiles safe Safe from his fatherSafe from him If she wanted it, she could have it My hand My heart My life She took my hand, and that was enough.He has very little in life to love or derive joy from He s hooded and cloaked with ta [...]

  • Debra Anastasia delivers with this book a very surprising story with a gripping plot and amazing characters.Mercy isn t a dark read, as I thought it would be in the beginning, although it starts out with a very sad and dark scene.It s a love story between two people who were made to be together from their childhood.Fenix vowed himself to protect Becca and make her happy without her being even aware of it , and he will stop to nothing to keep his promise Inked with a skeleton from head to toe, hi [...]

  • English Portugu s3,7 starsWhat first caught my attention in this book was the cover Beautiful, right The fact that it looked like a dark book was the second thing And at last, the synopsis That was it I couldn t wait to read Although it was not as I thought it would be, I quite enjoyed the book.I imagined Fenix totally different from what was presented The blurb implies that he is a cold guy and has no mercy And right at the beginning of the book, right after the prologue, I came across a guy kn [...]

  • One hundred and forty four million stars for my Nix heart eyes He was taught to kill when he was just a kid at the hands of his own father His whole life has been one kill after another That s what happens when all you know is hate His street name might be Mercy but his victims know he shows anything but.The only solace in the hell that is his life is Becca, his superhero She stood up against his monster and he has loved her ever since He follows her, makes sure she is safe Because he knows the [...]

  • 5 StarsBadass soulmates united Mercy wasn t the usual romance story, it s a mix of dark and rom com, with a hint of angst It was really amazing Mercy made me laugh and cry, made me sigh with love and worry for the characters and had me on edge I fell in love with Nix and Becca, with how their lives were connected, with how they affected each other in so deep levels, and most of all, how they protected each other They were perfect together 200% Recommended.

  • 4.5 Stars If she wanted it, she could have it My hand My heart My life She took my hand, and that was enough Wow We loved this contradiction of a story Mercy is difficult to categorise and in some ways had a bit of an identity crisis If you were to go off the synopsis, you d be thinking this was a particularly sinister, dark read for us, it wasn t Yes, there were dark elements, especially in the last 20% of the book, however the story was essentially one of never ending love, acceptance, destiny [...]

  • 3.5starsFor the ones who don t really know me I love skulls everything with skulls So I have a lot of skull items But I don t know if I would love it if my bf would come home as a skeleton Forever.I had some moments that it was a bit much, the stalker things I know it all comes from a good place, but still it was a bit much at times.I liked Animal a lot I liked them all And I enjoyed this one but not loved.

  • As soon as I saw the striking cover I had to read this, and once I started I couldn t put it down Mercy is a full length standalone romance, written in dual point of view.Nix had the childhood from hell When a young Becca stood up to his father to protect him, Nix never forgot her He s been watching over her ever since, fearing his father would seek revenge.Nix isn t your average hero Hating what he saw when he looked in the mirror, he s covered himself from head to toe in tattoos He earns his l [...]

  • This book is AMAZING I actually beta read this one I may have read it a few times This is Debra s best book She killed it.

  • 4.5 Stars If she wanted it, she could have it My hand My heart My life She took my hand, and that was enough Wow We loved this contradiction of a story Mercy is difficult to categorise and in some ways had a bit of an identity crisis If you were to go off the synopsis, you d be thinking this was a particularly sinister, dark read for us, it wasn t Yes, there were dark elements, especially in the last 20% of the book, however the story was essentially one of never ending love, acceptance, destiny [...]

  • Mercy was a deliciously sexy and dark ish ride by Debra Anastasia It reminds me of this author s roots going back to Poughepsie as it has a very gripping, real and honest feel to it I really enjoyed Nix and Becca s love story Their passion was strong and Nix s devotion to Becca was unparalleled You could feel the intensity coming off the pages I could not get enough.After a lifetime of abuse at the hands of his father, Nix has become a product of his upbringing he is now a trained killer and vig [...]

  • 2,5Through the whole story, I struggled with it Dull and uninteresting, and on top of everything nothing dark.I liked Mercy and Becca although I do not know who in real mind would tattoo a skeleton on his body but I admit, Animal is the most interesting.

  • Five stars Five stars Five freaking fantastic epic mind blowing stars I don t know where to start Characters are amazing Physically I can honestly say I ve never encountered a character with Nix s attributes His pain Yes I ve encountered before BUT The impact of his pain, his technique of processing that pain, and the long lasting effectswooooooooossssaaaa You won t believe it until you read it Becca and Animalfabulous characters Perfect additions to the story Every single element and expectatio [...]

  • Debra Anastasia has this amazing talent of being able to write hilarious comedy but is equally at home with heartbreaking angst She touches on uncomfortable matters such as abuse with a careful hand I think this is one of my favourite books written by her It runs a very close 2nd to Poughkeepsie and in some areas I d say it s better Fenix Mercy Nix wears the horrors of his past on his skin He s not a good guy He has blood on his hands but inside Nix is a protector and the person he protects most [...]

  • Please have mercy on my soul because I m absolutely and irrevocably in love with Debra Anastasia I have been reading Deb s works since her first Poughkeepsie book, and while I loved her writing, there s just something about the tattoo covered Fenix that tugged at my heartstrings, really freaking hard Fenix, in all his tattoo glory, might be slightly stalkerish and obsessive, has a soft spot for kids and does not bode well with humans oh, he is an assassin too but there s something magical about [...]

  • 4.5 Mercy me Love me some Nix Review to follow.UPDATED Mercy me Mercy, by Debra Anastasia, is insanely sexy with a tattooed twist Nix never forgot Becca, the little girl who stuck up for him many years ago He also knew that his crazy father would never forget her Fast forward years later Nix turns into an evil contract killer, known to show no mercy to those he pursues He lives in the shadows, protecting and watching those he deems innocent Becca doesn t have a clue that she has not one, but two [...]

  • This book almost went into the pile of DNF but I stuck through and finished it It was ok nothing greatI got bored sometimes but it did have some saving graces plus I like the last few chaptersrt of I d give it a go with another book from this author suggestions anyone

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