The Learning Hours

[PDF] Download ↠ The Learning Hours : by Sara Ney - The Learning Hours, The Learning Hours He s not a douchebag but that doesn t stop his friends from turning him into one FRIENDS WANT ME TO GET LAID So much so that they plastered my ugly mug all over campus in bold printed letters Are you

  • Title: The Learning Hours
  • Author: Sara Ney
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ↠ The Learning Hours : by Sara Ney - The Learning Hours, The Learning Hours He s not a douchebag but that doesn t stop his friends from turning him into one FRIENDS WANT ME TO GET LAID So much so that they plastered my ugly mug all over campus in bold printed letters Are you

  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Learning Hours : by Sara Ney
    121Sara Ney
The Learning Hours

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    Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh out loud New Adult romances Among her favorite vices, she includes iced latte s, historical architecture and well placed sarcasm She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British.


  • 4 STARS I freaking love this book so, so much It reminded me of my own personal love story with my hubby I swear my hubby and Rhett have got to be the same person The only difference would be that Rhett is from the south and my man is from Scotland They both have sexy as fuck accents that make panties drop without asking.I don t know why in the H, E, double L my ass hasn t reviewed the first two books in this series on my blog as I have enjoyed every single one, but whatever We are going to chat [...]

  • DNFBut don t listen to me The book has an average of 4.49 at the moment And the majority of my friends who ve read it, loved it.Unfortunately 1 For me, this book wasn t fun 2 I insta hated the heroine She was conceited and vain 3 I pitied the hero and despised his friends 4 The characters, the dialogues and the plot were too immature for me.I enjoyed the first two books Hopefully I ll like the next one better.

  • 5 stars So, the first two guys that starred in the Douchebag series really were Douchebags In this book, however, the guy was actually the opposite of a Douchebag Rhett Rabideaux is one of the sweetest, most kind hearted men you could come across I adored him and I loved the twist in this one When Laurel first sees Rhett, she s not impressed He s very average, and although he s got a great body he s a wrestler he s not got the prettiest face Rhett is a new transfer to college and he s not having [...]

  • 5 Big StarsLet me let you in on a little secret I love douchebags In the figurative sense, of course, but there s nothing better than a selfish jerk to give any story a little oomph Sara Ney has done a fabulous job with the first two books in her How to Date a Douchebag series and while I enjoyed those immensely, The Learning Hours is in a class by itself This book is hands down my favorite NA read in recent memory As much as I want to share everything wonderful and emotional I felt while readin [...]

  • ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewWhere the hell have I been I must have been living under a rock or something because Sara Ney has popped my Douchebag cherry with her latest release, The Learning Hours Not only have I discovered a new author to stalk because apparently I need to catch up on the first two books of How To Date A Douchebag Series.The New Adult genre is either a hit or miss with me but holy freaking moly, I love The Learning Hours I seriously hands down LOVE LO [...]

  • 4.25 Unicorn Boyfriend STARS God, how could I ever thought he wasn t attractive when now, he s the most handsome guy I ve ever seen A well done twist on the series just as fun, sexy, and well done as the previous two books

  • 4.5 stars So, we are not allowed to reveal the douchebag this book is about, so I am gonna do my best without spoiling everyone even though it s pretty difficult This all starts when a member of the wrestling team is getting hazed by his teammates As a part of the hazing, they decide to put up posters advertising his need to get laid Suddenly, this hero is getting hundreds of text messages, but one of them stands out among all the trash.While I can t say who the hero was, this is who I pictured [...]

  • Audiobook Review at Of Pens and Pages.Overall Rating 4 starsStory 4 starsPerformance 4 starsBOOK REVIEWI ve found my favorite hero in the Douchebag series While Zeke and Oz crept their way into my heart, hero 3 I won t say much about this book s main characters since I think it would be better for the reader to meet them on their own didn t even knock I just blinked, and there he was, sitting comfortably with a plate of cookies in his hand.Again, I won t say much about couple 3, but all I can sa [...]

  • This beauty and the beast college romance is verra verra good Get it, read it, love it the end Ok, I m kidding I got stuff to say still A wrestler who s face has seen better days and a redhead beauty Will he ever believe someone like her could be with someone like him This hero wasn t brooding or a douche He was actually very sweet and rather insecure It was very endearing but I kept wishing that he would show his savage side at once point or another It sort of kind of happened but not to a degr [...]

  • 5 So Sweet StarsSqueeeeeee.That s me All night And then when I woke up this morning I did not want to put this book down I mean seriously It was the sweetest book I have read in so long.I smiled almost the whole way through after that first 5% where I was like how is this going to work and then I woke up thinking about it and still smiling Just flipping perfect I wish I had time to reread it right now because I would I so would.The Learning Hours was diffferent than the first two books The whole [...]

  • Love my Douchebags Here is a chance to win an entire set all three books of signed paperback copies woohooooooo goo udKfxG No Spoilers You guys have to try this book I fell in LOVE with it HEAD OVER HEELS So special that it honestly threw me for a loop The Learning Hours was so much than I could have ever hoped for Sara Ney made the unthinkable happen she turned my life upside down.And I m not blowing smoke here.You guys have no idea what s coming If you think you know what to expect think agai [...]

  • 5 Stars PERFECT I loved this book so much, both the hero and the heroine were absolutely and utterly perfect It s a hard review to write since the author wants to keep the main characters on the hush hush, but let me tell you now it was one of the most swoon worthy books I have read in a long time So many feelings, I can t even begin to tell you how perfect this heroine was for our hero, she was exactly what he needed And he was so, so adorableTo describe this story in a few words delicious, exp [...]

  • Opinion of an adult reader based on the personal protest against harassment and violation of human dignity view spoiler I should have probably never read this book.I m 36 years old I m approx 16 years physically and at least 23 years mentally too old for this story.My low rating is not only because of immaturity of main and, above all, side characters It s about much .3 things I liked about this book 1 Hero Decent, sweet and well bred guy.2 Hero I only wish he could have grown backbone.3 The or [...]

  • Live How Date Douch4.5 stars The Learning Hours is so different from the other two books in the series yet it s so good.I fall in love with the story from the first pages and I totally devoured it.I couldn t put it down, and omg I thought that Zeke will be always my top favorite but wait until you meet this hero.The learning Hours was a sweet story with the perfect amount of humour.I loved the characters and like I said the hero was perfect.He is sweet,cute and smart.I have to admit that it to [...]

  • _________________5 AMAZING STARS_________________Wow, this book was nothing like what I was expecting Let me start off with the fact this is my first Sara Ney book.I ve seen my book friends reading this series and enjoying it which piqued my curiosity I was given the opportunity to listen to the audio of this book and I didn t hesitate to agree Normally, I ll go to or Audible and listen to a sample because I m a firm believer that a listening experience can either be enhanced or ruined by the na [...]

  • Confession I didn t really like book 1 The Studying Hours Not enough to want to even attempt to read book 2 The Failing Hours But I gave book 3 a shot because so many people said it had a different feel than the first or second.I m definitely glad I did I found the hero and heroine in this to be absolutely adorable and the sexual tension between them was SMOKING Even though the heroine was insanely shallow in the beginning, she won me over as the story progressed I had the cheesiest smile on my [...]

  • It s LIVE on Blog Tour bit 2xDMXuKI have loved each and every book in this series and this one was no different This story was a departure from the previous ones in that the hero was a literal hero He was kind, generous, warm, intelligent, amazing, naive, sexy, underrated, insecure, and totally awesome He was completely different from everyone else and was unappreciated He wasn t a douchebag, but that didn t stop his friends from trying to turn him into one The blurb states that the hero s frien [...]

  • IT S ALIVE Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder 4.5 stars Geez, my headline is corny but it really does explain The Learning Hours Outside beauty can hide an ugly inside and inside beauty can be hidden by an ugly outside We all have different tastes that attract us to our desired partners I myself, don t particularly find long hair on guys attractive I m not a huge fan of fake tans, fat necks the overly muscled kind , or dyed hair either, but each to their own.I admit that The Learning Hours th [...]

  • So this review is probably going to be very short and vague, so I ll start with just telling you that you should probably one click these books if you haven t already College wrestlers and the girls that bring them to their knees, what could you possibly want The author has also asked that we avoid spoilers at all costs, including the main characters names, so I apologize in advance if I just start talking about this guy or that girl It ll all make sense once you read the book Jumping right int [...]

  • I m quickly learning that Rhett Rabideaux isn t most guys This is quite possibly the happiest my ears have ever been Because this audio This audio book was EVERYTHING.Now this particular picky reader doesn t typically like audio books Either the pacing annoys me or the narrators do There s too much monotone, too much overacting, and all the nitpicking on my end But this book This was the icing on the already perfect cake As much as I adored reading this book, listening to it made me fall in lov [...]

  • 3.25 StarsOverall Opinion This was a cute read I enjoy the idea of the H not being as attractive as the h I ve only read one other book that was like this in that sense, Things Liars Say, and I didn t even realize that it was by the same author I am giving this a higher rating just for that unique aspect alone Otherwise, I had some issues I felt like there could ve been of a conflict between them There was very little drama, and what there was was self induced from insecurities The h could ve b [...]

  • Sara Ney completely flips the script in The Learning Hours It s role reversal at it s finest She takes the typical structure of a romance novel and flips it upside Well done, Sara Well done indeed Here s the breakdown Rhett Rabideaux is surrounded by douches Like, seriously annoying douches, folks His roomates are idiots His teammates are PIAs And the women trying to get his attentionrget about it they re definitely douches LMAO Poor Rhett has just transferred from LSU in his home state of Louis [...]

  • 5 stars I LOVED this book There s not a lot I can say about it because the author wants the characters kept secret but I will say that this is probably my favorite book I ve read this year There is honestly not one thing I would change about this story and I think every single one of my friends is going to LOVE this book too Fantastic

  • This was another fantastic book in this series I completely devoured it As far as the love story goes this was perfection The hero, OMG he was so sweet and adorable And the heroine was completely sassy, a true spitfire I was completely consumed by their story I love that it was somewhat original and that it was a true case of the good, but not so great looking guy getting the gorgeous girl A girl that looked past appearances It was so endearing and beautiful.So Wil, if you thought it was perfect [...]

  • OH MY FUCKING GAWD THIS IS NOT A DRILL, PEOPLE On 26th September 2017 get your arse to and one click THIS BOOK Seriously, I can t get my words out quick enough, I want to run around my neighbourhood preferably naked and knock on every fuckers door just so I can gush to them about how amazing this book I can t do that so I m going to tell YOU instead THIS BOOK IS FUCKING AMAZING I couldn t put the fucker down once I started and lost hours of sleep because of it When I wasn t reading it, I was th [...]

  • ARC provided by the publisher for an honest review Omg amazing loved it This review is very hard to do cause we can t really say much I could spend hours talking about it and how amazing it is and believe me it s great.I m a big fan of this series it s just brilliant and this book is maybe the best out of the 3 The story had me happy, sad, angry and maybe frustrated in parts But once I started I couldn t put it down from the first page I was hooked This book is a little different from the other [...]

  • Sara Ney has done it again The Learning Hours is an unexpectedly heartwarming romantic comedy, as well as a fantastic addition to an addictive series.This story is a departure from the premise established in the previous Douchebag books, but it s no less delightful Rather than having a hero who is an utter tool, the hero in this book is a kind, gentle soul through and through It s the heroine who is a supremely shallow ass.I loved that the hero is vulnerable and humble yet tough The heroine read [...]

  • 5 STARS Be still my Douche loving heart I m just over here waving my pom poms for the team Douchebag cheer squad.D is for delightful Surprisingly insightful.O is for outrageous Hilariously contagious U is for unique Your interest this will pique.C is for the chapter titles Little laughs you ll try to stifle.H is for the Heroine On a good foot we did not begin.E is for emotional I ll be very clear, I shed a tear.B is for bilingual, baby That charming tongue did drive me crazy.A is for sweet as ca [...]

  • 5 Stars For half of this book I was either swooning or feeling full of heart ache for our main dude, Rhett Sara Nay s third installment of the THE LEARNING HOURS, HOW TO DATE A DOUCHEBAG series really pulled at my heart strings and I was both in love with this book while being saddened by some of the situations that occurred I physically ached for some of the crap he was put through and had a hard time coping BUT, I also LOVED the strength and perseverance he had to shove that crap aside and foc [...]

  • When I started this I didn t expect the heroine to be the douchebag and at first I didn t like Laurel much at all, so colour me surprised that she totally won me over Surprised because I m always super harsh and judgey on the heroines and tend to let the heroes get away with a lot only in romanceland though lol , but Laurel battled her way back into my good books.Loved Rhett, he s the sweetest most genuine bloke I ve read about in a long time, naivete, insecurities and all Loved the slow burn of [...]

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