How to Be a Supervillain

[PDF] Read ↠ How to Be a Supervillain : by Michael Fry - How to Be a Supervillain, How to Be a Supervillain In the brand new paperback edition of this rollicking middle grade adventure Michael Fry s witty text and hysterical artwork combines superhero action with classic fish out of water humor Victor Spoi

  • Title: How to Be a Supervillain
  • Author: Michael Fry
  • ISBN: 0316318701
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ↠ How to Be a Supervillain : by Michael Fry - How to Be a Supervillain, How to Be a Supervillain In the brand new paperback edition of this rollicking middle grade adventure Michael Fry s witty text and hysterical artwork combines superhero action with classic fish out of water humor Victor Spoi

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  • [PDF] Read ↠ How to Be a Supervillain : by Michael Fry
    135Michael Fry
How to Be a Supervillain

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    Michael Fry Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the How to Be a Supervillain book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Fry author readers around the world.


  • I love this book But then again I wrote and illustrated it So I might be biased Yes, there are tips on how to be a Supervillain evil laugh, monologue ing, etc , but there s so much At its heart this is story about how good and evil are two sides of the same coin And it s got space planes and two alien rock monsters named Bob and Dave You can only say their real names with a mouth full of peanut butter And pie Lots of pie Who doesn t like pie

  • Victor is a disappointment to his supervillain parents He s polite He eats his peas He s tidy His parents arrange for him to be the apprentice of the supervillain The Smear, hoping that he ll learn to be bad because even though superhero vs supervillain fights are scripted now, you still have to be a convincing bad guy That s right the battles are fake, as fake as the WWE The real fights were causing too much damage to civilians and their property so The Authority took over and starting Victor i [...]

  • ARC from publisher at ALAOther books about super heroes villains Anderson, John David Minion 2014 Bacon, Lee Joshua Dread 2012 Boniface, William The Adventures of Ordinary Boy 2006 Carroll, Michael The Awakening 2006 Cody, Matthew Powerless 2009 Ferraiolo, Jack Sidekicks 2011 King, Wesley The Vindico 2012 Kraatz, Jeramey The Cloak Society 2012 McCullough, Kelly School for Sidekicks 2014 Moore, Peter V is For Villain 2014 Can you see why the following this felt kind of five ARC from publisher at [...]

  • This was such a fun read Victor Spoil really doesn t fit in with his family Both of his parents are supervillain Actually, looking back over his family tree, it is filled with supervillains going back for generations The problem is that Victor really has a hard time being bad He tries, but he just doesn t have it in him He either feels guilty or he plain old likes good things vegetables and cleaning up his room Of course, his parents love him, but they really don t understand him In the This was [...]

  • Half book and half comic, How to Be a Supervillain follows Victor in his efforts to stop being good and be a force of evil Except he doesn t like to be rude and his mentor is a hack named the Smear There s a surprising amount of depth to such a silly novel, and though there s bits that are purely for fun Victor s super villain parents not knowing how to hug there s also plenty about what it means to be a good person and how to act as such It s cute and clever and has many little things I ap Half [...]

  • Victor Spoil has supervillain parents called The Spoil Sports But Victor is too good They want him to be evil so he will be a supervillain too They hire the villain The Smear to teach Victor how to be bad The Smear s super power is making stains that won t come out He takes Victor to a fight he has scheduled against MegaMole Along the way, Victor meets Octavia who is traveling with MegaMole to learn how to be a superhero Octavia s parents think she s too bad to be a good superhero Victor Spoil h [...]

  • I truly did laugh and smile while reading this book.I think there is very little difference in being a hero or a villain.Most of us do have some good and bad and when we aren t too extreme with what we do they even out.But taken to extremes is what causes us to be seen as a hero or a villain.Victor and Octavia just happen to be the ones caught up in the deciding age group.Their parents come to realize that by working together things can get done faster.The Smear really helps Victor since he let [...]

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