Move the Stars

[PDF] Move the Stars | by º Jessica Hawkins - Move the Stars, Move the Stars The highly anticipated conclusion to the Something in the Way series a forbidden love saga LakeIt was a hot summer day when I met him on the construction site next to my parents house If I d known th

  • Title: Move the Stars
  • Author: Jessica Hawkins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Nook

[PDF] Move the Stars | by º Jessica Hawkins - Move the Stars, Move the Stars The highly anticipated conclusion to the Something in the Way series a forbidden love saga LakeIt was a hot summer day when I met him on the construction site next to my parents house If I d known th

  • [PDF] Move the Stars | by º Jessica Hawkins
    188Jessica Hawkins
Move the Stars

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    Jessica Hawkins Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Move the Stars book, this is one of the most wanted Jessica Hawkins author readers around the world.


  • 1 2 Move the Stars, book 3 of 3 Manning Lake s bittersweet, enchanting, forbidden against all odds love saga I wanted those words she d swallowed and saved, as much as I wanted to be the only man to ever get them Books in series should be read in order Book 1 Something in the WayBook 2 Somebody Else s SkyBook 3 Move the StarsBook 4 Lake ManningIn book 1 2 innocent high school student Lake Kaplan fell in love with the much older construction worker, Manning Sutter The story followed them, through [...]

  • 5 TILT THE UNIVERSE STARS MOVE THE STARS IS ONE OF THE MOST EPIC ROMANCES I HAVE EVER READ Every once in a while you read a story that has you so consumed So addicted So in love You Just Can t Deal You are so wrapped up in the story, you don t want to think about anything else That is the effect the Something in the Way series has had on me, and so many others I ve never witnessed so many people so passionate about a story It s been MONTHS since Something in the Way and Somebody Else s Sky relea [...]

  • 4.5 starsI loved it so much it was amazing, it has everything I wanted and even .Seriously this is my favorite book in the series.So many feelings for this book.Move The Stars was an entense and passionate story.This final installment of Lake and Manning was so worth the wait.I loved their moments together,I couldn t control my emotions with these two.I could feel everything these two were going through.If you are looking for a unique and refreshing story this is perfect.Their love story is epic [...]

  • Title Move the Stars Something in the way 3 Genre New Adult, Contemporary RomancePublication Date October 23, 2017 The Birthday Gods arrived early today and gave me an ARC of this book as an early birthday present hehehe Telling you that I ve been waiting for this book patiently is the BIGGEST lie I have ever told.Move the Stars was everything I wanted it to be and so much I cried tears of Joy and sadness while I read Move the Stars This book is intense and passionate Simply put.It s perfect.So [...]

  • 4 s Do you want to change everything This is ite conclusion of Manning and Lake s story At the ending of the last book, we were left hanging with sooo many questions Will he go through with it Is it a farce How much is Lake s Dad influencing things Will Lake leave Will she experience life without Manning They were just so many questions it was driving me crazy.And Jessica Hawkins doesn t let us suffer, oh no, she dives right into things leaving me a bit shockedd thrilled But she was so intense, [...]

  • What the fuck just happened.I pre ordered this back in September after reading the first book because I fell in love with Manning and Lake The second one ripped me apart and I had a pretty good idea where this was going.I was 100% correct in my predictions which pisses me off since this was a huge cliche and WTFI wasn t going to post a detailed review but fuck that view spoiler So basically after a four year time jump, Lake is in New York she has just graduated when Manning shows up out of the b [...]

  • I was swept off my feet by this story The chemistry is undeniable The passion is incredible Relationships are hard, and Manning and Lake had to learn to grow their relationship on their own terms This is a story of true love, devotion, sacrifice and respect The sex is steamy and the love is undeniable This is an amazing, 5 star read In short Hero 5 5 Heroine 5 5 Plot Point, Originality 5 5 Writing Style 5 5 Steam 3 5 Romance 5 5 Angst Suspense 5 5 Darkness 0 5 Humor 0 5 Secondary Characters 4 5 [...]

  • Don t read if you hate Spoilers I had zero intent of reading Move the Stars though not because of any bad writing style as it has been written with finesse by a word surgeon,delicately wielding a thin blade into an open wound,it is that angsty.I was actually pulled back into this world by notifications of readers that had come across the review of the preceding book in the series that I had done.In the hope that the events had improved with time,I hesitantly stepped back into the story and maybe [...]

  • Not sure how or where to start this review I knew this book was going to rock my world but I didn t realise just how much It was the perfect and only way this story could end, but I have to say, there were times I almost couldn t cope Jessica s writing almost broke me today She is crazy talented and solidified as a Forever Author for me.This book gave me ALL THE FEELS I cried so hard at points I had to stop reading to get my breathing back under control as I thought I would be sick I threw my IP [...]

  • The conclusion to the Something in the Way series is here Get Move the Stars on all platforms iBooks Google Play Kobo

  • 5 Stars Full review Spoiler freeThis is probably one of the most bittersweet reviews I ve ever written The highs and lows I ve gone through with this series have been crazy, and Move The Stars was THE ONE I was waiting for These characters have forever cemented a place in my heart, and I will never forget them EVER From the very first page I had my heart in my throat, and even though I was prepared for whatever might happen, I was so anxious turning those pages I had been waiting for this book t [...]

  • ARC Provided by the Author There are those books that just work They stay with you, you believe in them both during the book and at the ending.The ones that keep you up at night I was up until 1am the ones that make your heart jump in your chest, that make you want to skip ahead to the ending to relieve the tension I didn t but I would be lying if I said I didn t think about it fleetingly, a time or 2 and that make you cry Not sniffle, but actual tears.The scene in the snow, by the cab, at the d [...]

  • Love is enough Jessica Hawkins has written an intimate love story that could only belong to the two involved Yet, I m so honored to have shared it with them through her poetic words Move the Stars is a satisfying, warm fire on a cold night, heart wrenching, heart filling conclusion to what has become a favorite of series of mine I will always recommend this series for it s depth, slowburn journey, and stunning curated prose These characters will live in my heart long after this book has been clo [...]

  • Move the Stars Something in the Way 3 By Jessica Hawkins5 StarsPlease note, this book is NOT a standalone The first 2 books in the Something in the Way series need to be read first.If ever there was a book that you needed a paper chain to tear off the links each day till release day this book would be it Never thought the day would come.Ahhh what an ending we were left with in Somebody Else s Sky 2 We needed this book We all have our theories on how this book would play out We ve hashed it out i [...]

  • Wow I really hate myself, I can t believe I didn t give up Manning still the WORST, Lake still a weak dumbass and Tifanny still a bitch, at least they re consistent I guess I can t believe she saved herself for him, seriously he fucked and married your sister YOU DUMBASS, don t give him your virginity I m tired and mad at myself ughhh Why Why did I read this

  • Absolutely outstanding My heart was pounding in overdrive the whole time, but yet, I didn t ever want it to end I could barely come up for air while I inhaled and devoured this book The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful, it was all there Talk about an epic conclusion to an amazing story about love, where that love goes through so many ups and downs with unfortunate timing and a few stolen moments here and there, but is never forgotten or buried And how the characters persevere and grow a [...]

  • I craved this book so badly Needed to know this conclusion and counted the days until it was with me There comes a time when an author writes a series that you basically live through the characters, wish upon them, suffer with them, want the best for them, or the worse This series is one of my favorite series ever The conclusion is simply PERFECTION The emotion, the feels, the angst Jessica Hawkins wrote this book with so much love and passion that it is palpable from the very first word until t [...]

  • Title Move the StarsAuthor Jessica HawkinsCategory Romance, ForbiddenSeries or Standalone Series, Book 3POV Dual POVPlot 5Characters 5HEA Not tellingI soared with this book Right along with Lake, I cried, I hoped, I loved and I soared AMAZING This has to be one of my favorite series ever Amazingly written, this book takes us on a slightly different journey from the first two books We finally see what Manning s decisions created, we see the Lake he helped built Our characters are mature, they ha [...]

  • We were written in the starsbut would the story ever be ours To say that the third instalment of Jessica Hawkins Something in the Way series was highly anticipated would be a MASSIVE understatement This series has literally consumed me while reading it, as I just had to keep reading to find out how this forbidden love story between Lake and Manning would progress and evolve To me, Hawkins writing is just pure genius she takes a tough subject which some may find a little uncomfortable and forbidd [...]

  • This book is REAL This book is RAW.This book is MESSY In other words, this book is LIFE From the minute I turned the last page of Somebody Else s Sky back in May, I have done little else but think about how this epic story of forbidden love would end I dreamed up no less than a million different scenarios, and I couldn t have been further from the reality of what Jessica Hawkins gives us in Move the Stars.I knew what I wanted, but in the end I got everything I didn t even know I needed I had tea [...]

  • possible spoilers aheadFirst thing that I need to point out is how disproportionate the pacing was the first part 67% of the book covered barely 5 days which were spent in NY, when the span of next four years played out in only a couple chapters Despite the first class writing style, the fast transition and time gap between those two gave me a whiplash.As angsty as the previous two books were, my sitting on pins and needles and kindle gripping ended abruptly at around 2 3rd s of the novel after [...]

  • What an incredible ending to this gut wrenching and emotional series This was one of my most anticipated reads of the year and it did not disappoint This is book 3 in the Something in the Way series and is not a stand alone It should only be read after reading the prior 2 books, Something in the Way and Somebody Else s Sky.I apologize in advance for the vagueness of this review I just want everyone to be able to experience all the emotions that this book elicits Fans of this series already know [...]

  • I need chocolate I need alcohol.I need a hug A big warm hug and a shoulder to ugly cry on.My heart aches in the most wonderfully, beautiful way I finished Move the Stars and it was sheer brilliance From that very first book, that very first time we met Lake and Manning, Jessica Hawkins has held a part of me It has been TORTURE enduring all the pain and heartbreak she put me through while reading those books, knowing I had to wait until Move the Stars to reach the end But NEVER, not once have I r [...]

  • 500, tears 500, gasps 500, why, why, why 500, my skin is on FIRE FEELS.500, Something In The Way Stars My most FAVORITE JESSICA HAWKINS READ TO DATE This author has punched me in the gut and heart and I want Lake and Manning have not had an easy road This has been the most heart wrenching, heart pounding, series I ve experienced So many important things happen in this story Everything in this story is cruel The road to get here is cruel The heartache is cruel The love that should be is cruel [...]

  • There s a Truck, there s a Lake and there s The Stars And in it is an adorable young couple , in the Big Bear camp wishing and hoping for their Happily for Now Their Ever After improbable and seemingly impossible.And from here starts the Pain in the Heart story It pulsates with angst , chokehold emotions and soul crumbling tears Jessica shows no mercy , takes no prisoners and prepare for cutting your heart out and putting it through the wringer , before you open the pages.None of us were guarant [...]

  • ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review My instinct to love him was as strong as my instincts to cower from him To cover my heart anticipating the next blow This takes place about 4 years after the last one and it broke my heart but it also made it soar Because of this, I wasn t too mad at Jessica Who am I kidding, I can never be mad at the woman who single handedly gave me the book I ve been waiting to read for years.My heart has been overtaken by this series before the release [...]

  • This is by far one of the best series I ve read in 2017HANDS DOWN ALL THE FEELS SPOILER FREE REVIEWOnce again, Jessica has almost rendered me speechless There is so much to say about this series, it s hard to know where to begin First off, let me say that in all the reading I ve done I have not felt the emotion and connection to the characters like I have in the SITW series My thoughts have never been this consumed by a love story, EVER Lake and Manning s journey is a love story of epic proporti [...]

  • This series has been one of the most emotionally gripping and yet rewarding of my life Not to compare the styles or authors or books but I can only liken it to how I was after reading Twilight That series led me to this romance genre of books via fan fiction and opened up a whole new world for me The Something in the Way series has brought me book friends and honest, open hilarious relationships with women that I will treasure for always I was a fan of Jessica s prior to the SitW series, and wil [...]

  • REVIEW 5 SPOILER FREE STARSBUY THIS SERIESREAD THIS SERIESLOVE THIS SERIES BEE Ok, for real That s what I wish my review was able to say Because, yeah I cannot and will not spoil anything for you, and please go in to this book completely blind A lot happens A lot is discussed A lot of emotions are had And when I say that Jessica doesn t just give the love away, I really mean it Go into this one with an open mind, an accepting heart, and a forgiving conscience I just finished it and I am in shock [...]

  • Book 3 started crazily for me I have a feeling this will not be a popular review, but againis is only my opinion I find no fault with the writing, which was top notch Where I struggled was that the pacing seemed rather skewed, the first 60% or so, was based on 5 days of real time then the rest of the book spans years and, there is a decided lack of angst I don t knowI just felt a bit of disconnect I don t do spoilers so I apologize for the lack of details in this review butI d hate to ruin it fo [...]

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