The Wife Between Us: The First Four Chapters

Free Download The Wife Between Us: The First Four Chapters - by Greer Hendricks Sarah Pekkanen - The Wife Between Us: The First Four Chapters, The Wife Between Us The First Four Chapters A novel of suspense that explores the complexities of marriage and the dangerous truths we ignore in the name of love When you read this book you will make many assumptions You will assume you are re

  • Title: The Wife Between Us: The First Four Chapters
  • Author: Greer Hendricks Sarah Pekkanen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download The Wife Between Us: The First Four Chapters - by Greer Hendricks Sarah Pekkanen - The Wife Between Us: The First Four Chapters, The Wife Between Us The First Four Chapters A novel of suspense that explores the complexities of marriage and the dangerous truths we ignore in the name of love When you read this book you will make many assumptions You will assume you are re

  • Free Download The Wife Between Us: The First Four Chapters - by Greer Hendricks Sarah Pekkanen
    250Greer Hendricks Sarah Pekkanen
The Wife Between Us: The First Four Chapters

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    Greer Hendricks spent over two decades as an editor Her writing has been published in The New York Times and Publishers Weekly The Wife Between Us is her first novel.


  • THIS IS A REVIEW OF THE FIRST 4 CHAPTERS ONLYNellie is engaged to Richard Nellie is being followed by Vanessa, Richard s ex wife Vanessa lost her husband, her home, her life style when Richard told her to leave Now she s preoccupied with the much younger, prettier woman.Do you believe any of that Is it the truth A lie A partial truth The book promises twists and turns that will astound us, the readers The first chapters are told mainly in Vanessa s voice Of course, that may change Then we, the r [...]

  • An option for readers before the release date 1 9 18 is to read a Kindle edition of the first four chapters of THE WIFE BETWEEN US BY Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen After finishing the fourth chapter, I am sold on the foreshadowing, the plot moves on a smooth rail between scenes, and the writing is miles above the ground I can t wait to read the novel in full, and hope it never lands

  • From the very first page, I knew I was in for a fun ride I love reading twisty thrillers with a strong female voice Because I received an ARC from our publisher, St Martin s Press, and was made aware of all the twists and turns, I read it from the lens of seeing if I could figure out what was around the corner And I was pleasantly surprised With a plot that reminded me of Sleeping With the Enemy to the shocking bombshell at the end, I relished in spending time dissecting this marriage and all th [...]

  • ASSUME NOTHING.Women s fiction s obsession with domestic psychological thrillers continues into 2018 with THE WIFE BETWEEN US St.MartinsPress written by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen We know there are three sides to every story, but what s going on between Nellie, Emma and Richard involves many, many Who is the liar Who is telling the truth Assume nothing When you read this book, you will make many assumptions, but that will be a mistake You will assume you are reading about an angry jealo [...]

  • Wow What a story I devoured these 4 chapters and can not wait for This is a fantastic thriller about a tangled love triangle and the complications of marriage It hooks you in from the first sentence and doesn t let go You can feel the heartache, loss and jealousy in every sentence If you ve been through a divorce or bad breakup, this one will twist your heart and head Go grab yourself a copy You will be very happy you did This just might be my favorite book of 2018 and it isn t even released ye [...]

  • Earlier today, I added this book to my TBR list A few hours later, I was able to read 4 Chapters, and I was correct in putting this one on my list If the rest of this book is anything like the first 4 Chapters, I know this will be one book that I won t be able to put down From what I read, this sounds like a 5 5 read Vanessa, ex wife of Richard, is stalking his fiance Nellie She thinks Nellie is the reason for the demise of their marriage However, she hints that if people knew what role she play [...]

  • THE WIFE BETWEEN US WRITTEN BY GREER HENDRICKSThis was a slow burning psychological thriller that for personal reasons I picked to read based on the title only I don t usually choose my books to read for the title only At times this was confusing for me It might just be me , but I kept confusing the ex wife Vanessa with the engaged Emma I would have to go back and re read it to know for sure, but the narrative seems to intermingle Vanessa and Emma s jobs and Aunt Charlotte who is a great support [...]

  • NOTE This was only a sample of the first four chapters of this book.3,5The premise of the book was enough to make me curious, and these few pages I read were really amazing I could see that The Wife Between Us has great potential, and I believe it ll reach it because the story is compelling, with a unique character, Vanessa, who has a different, specific goal in her mind, and I d love to know how it ll be explored I didn t actually care about Nellie, though, so I m wondering if she ll evolve thr [...]

  • Well that was quite a ride Hard to put down once you start Couldn t wait to see what happened next.

  • Perfect life or a perfect nightmare Bam I m hooked Perfect husband Check Perfect wife Check Fairytale wedding Check Perfect life Checkor maybe not Bam This psychological thriller gave me whiplash and I ve only read the first four chapters of THE WIFE BETWEEN US Five stars is not enough Four chapters is not enough I need the whole book stat First, I love the cover It s quite eerie with the two similar women, plus the blue color sets the tone for what you might find inside I got chills just starin [...]

  • I am already totally hooked on this one The story of an ex plotting revenge on her replacement is really nothing new, or so I thought until I started reading this It s hard to explain, but the tone the authors set and where they choose to start the narrative make it clear that this is a new take on the idea I love the switch between perspectives I am a sucker for that kind of narrative shift, especially when it s done well, as it is here Rather than just moving back and forth without changing ho [...]

  • This book gripped me from the first page and I could not put it down This is a story about what happens behind closed doors within a marriage, and that you can t always take appearances at face value It tells the story of Vanessa, who is left devastated with nothing after losing her husband to another woman But who is her replacement and who is telling the real story of Vanessa and Richard s marriage and its ultimate demise The Wife Between Us is chock full of twists and turns, and will take you [...]

  • A Must Read This page turner is told from the perspective of two very different women, who also have much in common One is the ex wife of a successful businessman who has lost herself in despair over the death of her marriage, and is particularly distraught to learn that he is to be remarried She suffers all the signs of depression drinking, obsessive thoughts, isolationd is humiliated waiting on a woman who was formerly in the same social circle The other is a young, independent woman engaged t [...]

  • What you get when you pick up this book and open it to the first page is suspense, some chills, and a lot of question that might take a little while to answer The story comes across as stalking, revenge but there is so much Be prepared for some shockers as the authors twist and spin this to keep your attention holding it and leave you wondering what the heck is going on Nothing is as it seem Well written, with some very good characters and scene that will stay with you for a long time to come.

  • Since this was listed as a thriller I wanted to read it It is far from a thriller it is chick lit I wanted to like it but I didn t It goes back and forth between two women who both like the same guy One happens to be married to him, then divorced It seems she is obsessed with the younger woman, but there is a reason I can t say too much because it will give the story away Anyway, if you are looking for a good thriller, this isn t it, but if you enjoy chick kit you will probably enjoy this book [...]

  • One of the many things I enjoyed about this book was the ending It came out of nowhere for me and left my jaw on the floor that s an awesome book in my opinion Not to spill any details but, when the truth was revealed, it was totally unexpected I honestly thought I had this book figured out and could guess what was going to happen, but was I mistaken There were so many twists and turns and the plot of the story was beyond excellent A really good read full of suspense and thrills.

  • I would highly recommend adding this to your list of books to read Received this as an advance reader copy I thought I understood what was going on and then boom a change in the plot there were twists and turns throughout that kept me guessing I couldn t wait to get back to reading it to find out what was going on I didn t see the ending coming Goes on sale January 9th i did that it was is one of the Dec choices for the book of the month club Get your copy You won t be sorry

  • I am going to have to buy the book on my nook because it definitely got my attention Husband left wife for a younger woman and now the ex wife is following the new woman The obvious seems to lead to the ex wife being a little crazy over the break up and is going to hurt the new woman but since the book promises shocking twists you don t see coming the obvious plot cannot be where the story will go Intrigued

  • Part one read like juicy gossip I was hooked By part two I was OBSESSED As the dark, twisted and dysfunctional layers of these relationships peel back you ll become convinced you have it all figured out You will be wrong I loved this one so much Definitely a must read for any thriller lover 5 from me Thank you St Martins press for my copy in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.

  • Very intriguing I ve just finished the first four chapters and so far I m loving the story It s hook grabs your attention in a way very similar to girl on a train I m not saying that the book will mirror that story but so far, that s the vibe I m getting I can t wait to read the rest

  • You had me with the first chapter, as a teaser The other three were overkill, I was already going to buy the book At that point, if I wasn t already hooked, the 3 video trailers were enough to clinch the sale Disturbing Provocative Thought provoking I want to know what happens in chapter 5 and beyond

  • Very intriguingThe plot grips you right from the 1st page Even though alcoholic ex wife who are obsessed with their ex husband s lives are the new themes, this one makes you want to find out about the characters how the plot twists.

  • Loved the many twists and turns this book has Not available for sale until January 2018 Make sure you buy this book when it comes out You will love it and it ll keep you guessing all the way until the end meetthemrs thewifebetweenus

  • A really good book that had me thinking of so many different scenarios up until the very end I got this book as an advanced reader s edition, and was running to read it on lunchbreaks and waking up early to read it, I will definitely be looking out for other books from this author.

  • They hooked me by offering the first 4 chapters months ago it was confusing and unrealistic I hate when you can t count on the protagonist s point of view to be somewhat consistent Her story and point of view kept changing I can t believe I actually stuck it out and finished it.

  • This is not your run of the mill jealous husband novel The reader is treated to changing perspectives to the very end Read it and enjoy I will certainly look forward to a movie The two authors must have enjoyed writing this together.

  • Reading the first four chapters of this book is a form of torture Because now I have to wait for the whole book to come out to figure out what is happening I can t wait

  • I read the whole novel from work and did not realize they offered only four chapters on some For those who enjoyed the first four chapters, you will truly enjoy the climax and ending I do not favor spoilers so good reading and pay attention or you may become confused on who the villain is.

  • loved the first 4 chapters, found myself wanting to read , I want to know was the first wife a drunk , I want to know if the husband has a habbit of getting younger wives.

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