Winter's Guardian

[PDF] Download ↠ Winter's Guardian : by G. Bailey - Winter's Guardian, Winter s Guardian When Winter started university with her best friend Alex she didn t expect to find herself in the middle of a supernatural war Who knew saving a stray wolf could earn you the alliance of the pack To

  • Title: Winter's Guardian
  • Author: G. Bailey
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  • Page: 484
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[PDF] Download ↠ Winter's Guardian : by G. Bailey - Winter's Guardian, Winter s Guardian When Winter started university with her best friend Alex she didn t expect to find herself in the middle of a supernatural war Who knew saving a stray wolf could earn you the alliance of the pack To

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Winter's Guardian : by G. Bailey
    484G. Bailey
Winter's Guardian

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    G.Bailey lives in rainy sometimes sunny England with her husband, two children, one slightly strange cat.When she isn t writing which is unusual , she can be found reading or eating chocolate.


  • I really enjoyed this reverse harem story I love the fact that Winter has a mate from each of the different supernatural species That s going to make for an interesting story line to see how things will work being mated to a wolf, a vampire, an angel, and a witch The ending had me, can t wait for the next book in the series.

  • For all the feelings she had for Jaxson we didn t really see to much of them together so I was confused when her heart was completely broken by him Seriouslye was dating another guy, spent time with the other guy BUT was in love with Jaxson Alsoe met the two other in her h once or twice at max and was sooooo infatuated with them Then to top it all off Jaxson freaked out when he thought she diedhelllooooo he was just dancing with the OW who he was to be mated with Overall.I need to see and feel [...]

  • In my opinion this book is unreadable I have NEVER read a book with this Many errors It was impossible to over look and made Reading it quite unpleasent I Think the plot was cool but it was Way too slow From beginning to end Not much developement in the relationship happened You dont get any answers Dont spend money on this.

  • The writing style of this just did not mesh with me It was basically painful to read I gave up after 35% It needs an editor Badly There was so much telling in this story it was like reading a script as opposed to a novel I actually thought it was low end YA from the writing style, but apparently they were in university Nope Coupled with super basic dialogue that did not sound even close to realistic speech, I just couldn t bring myself to read any further.

  • I was hoping this book would have smut to it when I first started reading it I got my hopes up thinking this reverse harem book would be super smutty I was wrong It doesn t really go into detail too much, if not at all So if whoever is reading this review to try and decide if they want to read this but want smut This book does not do it for me.However, the story is one I ve come to really enjoy I like the concept of her having 4 mates One from each line of supernaturals.I ve already finished bo [...]

  • Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsWinter is stuck in the middle of a war she knows nothing about On top of that, the guys that she is suppose to end up being with are making it difficult for her to be with them, and her heart is being broken She must figure out what is happening before it is too late This book was an okay start to this series I m a little bit frustrated that someone who is meant to be with the heroine is actually trying to be with someone else And then it feels like one [...]

  • Decent Reverse HaremPretty good plot and the ideas were unique I liked the main character, but wish we got to know the heroes Needs editing.

  • Winter and her best friend Alex have left home to attend school away at University It s while she s away that she finds a hurt wolf next to her apartment, and being that animals are calm around her she brings it inside to take care of it s wound While doctoring up the wolf s injury she comes back to find that the wolf has transformed into a boy and then back again Little did she know that by saving the wolf she would be pulled into the supernatural world The guardian of the boy has taken it upon [...]

  • This is paranormal soup, a little bit of this and that Nothing really memorable about this, it s pretty meh urban fantasy The heroine is pretty bland and the author is using some mysterious prophecy to make up for it 4 guys just cannot get enough of her but there is really no reason for them to be into her other than reasons It ends on a cliffhanger and since it s KU I ll check out the 2nd book and we ll see if it improves.

  • Guarding Her Heart It s true this novel would benefit from some editing, however, I didn t have any issues with understanding sentences nor did it have an impact on my comprehension or smoothness of reading The story itself is enjoyable and I m certainly going to read the next book.

  • 3.5 starsThe blue sided human will choose a side When four princes are born on the same day, they will rule true Her savior will die when the choice is made If she chooses wrong, she will fall If she chooses right, then she will rule Only her mates can stop her from the destruction of all If the fates allow, no one need fall For only the true kings hold her fate, and they will be her mates.Winter s best friend decides to set her up on a date with her boyfriend s best friend Winter goes to the pa [...]

  • 5 How do you choose Stars I have officially jumped on the reverse harem band wagon Her Guardians is one of the best I have read It has everything in an awesome urban fantasy read and not 1, not 2, but 4 smoking hot guys Werewolves, Vampires, Angels, and Witches, engaging storyline, amazing characters, action, adventure, drama, it has it all.Definite recommend.

  • Wow this book kept me awake till 4am Winter is a college student who s dating life has been bad So she decides to stop dating all together, but her best friend roommate sets her up on a blind date He is a hottie but its doesn t go well and she finds a friend to give her a lift home That night her dating life changes when she meets another hottie Her blind date with Wyatt wasnt so bad either and they try again, his friends are just as gorgeous as he is But Winter doesnt know all the beautiful me [...]

  • Winter guardian by Giley was hands down, an amazingly fantastic book Similar to the other books I ve read recently, I walked into this book not having read any reviews and just let myself be taken away by the book, without waiting for the ball to drop Winter guardian by G Bailey not only managed to take me away, it blew me out of this world Winter guardian follows Winter, a seemingly normal young woman attending university with her best friend Within a period of 24 hours, Winter is faced with no [...]

  • Winter s Guardian is the first book in a paranormal reverse harem series that shows us a unique twist to the RH I loved that each of Winter s mates is a wolf, vampire, angel and witch Add in the human girl, who may just be alittle something else, and you have a very interesting setup to a great series What can I say, I loved it Winter is a fun lead who is not afraid to speak her mind When she is first introduced to Jax, she does not find him charming at all Things change when she finds a young w [...]

  • Brilliant Really good, love the little collection of supernatural creatures going on in this book It is a very strange plot and not much really happens in this book, i feel like it is just here to set the scene, ending it with pretty much every question unanswered I love how all of Winters guardians are so different with there own vivid personalities It is sightly predictable, it was obvious at after the first few chapters that there is something different and special about Winter Clearly she is [...]

  • Loved It Where do I begin Possible Spoilers I loved the mystery of the Dabriel, Wyatt and Atticus not knowing about Winter knowing Jaxson, and vise versa I also love how not even the reader knows about the prophecy along with Winter I have so many hope for all of them to get together Winter s strange abilities super accuracy and not being a vampire make me inpatient I want to know what she is and what she is capable of I love that the story involves all of the major supernatural species This is [...]

  • Fast paced page turnerI really enjoyed this excellent book The characters are well developed and the plot is very interesting It s not a book that you get bored reading because you can guess what happens next Every twist and turn is a surprise keeping the reader engaged interested in what happens next I had a hard time putting it down which made me very tired at work for a couple of days Can t wait for the next book in the series

  • Really great story I wanted to give this book 5 stars I really did but I simply couldn t because of how many spelling errors and grammatical errors there were Some sentences were so messed up I couldn t understand them Besides that the story was really amazing It brought the reverse harem world to the paranormal world in a modern way I loved all of the characters and can t wait for book 2.

  • This book was a bit slow at first, but once it got going, I was hooked Winter is one lucky girl, finding these great guys Jax is such a jerk at first, but I loved him the most He and Atti are my favorites, though we don t get to see Dab much I immediately bought the second book after finishing this, because this ends on a pretty big cliffhanger.

  • 5 starsWhy did I give it a five Simple, it kept me hooked I love vampire books my addiction is so bad that at work, when I see a broken part of wood, I ve thought this would make a great a great stake Yeah, I m a nerd This is my FIRST book written by Bailey and I honestly should put in my review BUT I m rushing to get the next book in the series THANK YOU G BAILEY

  • Wow that was great Cliffhangers suck but it leads to a great start to the next book I really enjoyed this book and all of the characters Winter is awesome I love Atty he is hilarious but Jax needs to pull the stick out of his butt I can t wait to read the next one

  • Loved it I ve been waiting for a RH book like thisally good read strong heroine sexy men love all the paranormals in this book and how Winter took finding out about the paranormal world so well.autifully written

  • Great start to the seriesI thought this book was great I love that is about several types of supernaturals and not just focused on one I read it straight through and can t wait for book 2.

  • NoHow could you do this to me just when it was getting really good you go in the the book and tell me of have to wait until the end of the year for part two Why would you do this will not make it Great book

  • Great Angst, intrigue, action and multiple hot guys crashing in our heroine It was hot, heart pounding, painful and sweet at times I can t see a HE though.

  • A really great read If you like the supernatural and a Heroine with a lot of heart this book is for you I can t wait for the next book

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