Midnight Blue

Free Download Midnight Blue - by L.J. Shen - Midnight Blue, Midnight Blue From bestselling author L J Shen comes a new standalone contemporary romance It should have been easy I needed the money He needed a babysitter to keep him from snorting himself to death I was cher

  • Title: Midnight Blue
  • Author: L.J. Shen
  • ISBN: 9780996135696
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Midnight Blue - by L.J. Shen - Midnight Blue, Midnight Blue From bestselling author L J Shen comes a new standalone contemporary romance It should have been easy I needed the money He needed a babysitter to keep him from snorting himself to death I was cher

  • Free Download Midnight Blue - by L.J. Shen
    133L.J. Shen
Midnight Blue

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    L.J Shen is USA Today and 1 bestselling author of contemporary romance books She lives in California with her husband, son and lazy cat.When she s not writing, she enjoys reading a good book with a glass of wine and catching up on her favorite HBO and Netflix shows Yeah, she s a badass like that.Keep up with L.J on all platforms Newsletter Sign up goo FwfMzrFacebook goo fKCSo4Twitter goo ceV3RQ goo T4YU71Website authorljshenInstagram instagram authorljshen


  • Midnight Blue stand alone British bad boy rocker must be on his best behavior with innocent girl hired to baby sit him while on tour There was a fire to him and it was going to consume him one day Midnight Blue stand alone takes us on a world wide tour with British bad boy rock Alex Winslow aka The Little Prince and his new baby sitter aka assistant Indigo Bellamy, Indie aka Stardust aka New Girl.Indie is to help keep the fresh out of rehab Alex out of trouble and work closely with his managemen [...]

  • All true meanings are hidden Life is full of secrets, and narrow minded people, and sugar coated, empty conversations that hold no weight What s real is what s inside us What s important is what we feel I d been anticipating Midnight Blue ever since it was announced, not only because it is written by one of my favorite authors, but I had been dying for an amazing rock star romance, too I knew if anybody could give it to me, it would be Leigh I wasn t wrong either, because she knocked it out of t [...]

  • 3 STARS Unfiltered review here wp p7ZSCH 49SThis was me when L.J Shen announced Midnight Blue.This was me after I read Midnight Blue.Alex got on my damn nerves He was just an asshole Not a good asshole Just a fucking asshole.Indigo annoyed the shit out of me She was just, just, just a living and breathing contradiction The girl couldn t stand behind her convictions for a good 75 80% of the book I can t stand females like that You know those girls who say they are going to leave a cheating boyfri [...]

  • The most important dance you ll have in your life is one that does not require music I enjoyed this I actually did.There was some aspects to this story that made me laugh out loud and swoon and all that jazz But unfortunately, those aspects were not as reoccurring as I would have liked Maybe it was all the hype that I thought this was going to be another killer I just can t get myself to give this than 3 stars But as I said, I really genuinely enjoyed it If you are a romance reader, or a fan of [...]

  • 5 STARSHe was larger than life A one man show, even when he was off the stage.Hands down my top favorite rockstar romance ever Full of angst, beautifully broken characters, sizzling romance and a plot that keeps you glued to the pages from beginning to finish, it s no wonder Midnight Blue is one of my first top reads of 2018 I loved it SO HARD.Alex Winslow was beautiful in a way storms were only from afar Just like them, he had the power to sweep and ruin you, two things I was too busy surviving [...]

  • Once upon a time, a mere mortal fell in love with a rock god.MIDNIGHT BLUE is a standalone romance novel by L.J Shen Spoken in Dual Perspectives In this we meet Alex Winslow Indigo Bellamy.Knowing that L.J Shen was bringing us a rocker book all us stalker whores jumped on the band wagon and did what we re not shameless to admit we begged on crawled knees to get our grubby little hands on this, this was one of my most highly anticipated January reads In the Prologue we read that twenty seven year [...]

  • It s Live Early One Click Midnight Blue NOW amzn 2mGgkrd 5 Broken Prince Stars I am in love with Alex Winslow He has stolen my heart and imprinted on my romance loving soul We all know L.J Shen writes some of the best alphas and assholes out there It s even in her motto bringing alphas to their knees However, with Midnight Blue she surpasses ALL expectations The writing is AMAZING, the characters are complex, and the action is entertaining The drama and angst are definitely ramped up in this one [...]

  • This was either so fucking good or my poor soul was too book starved after not having been able to touch a single book for 20 days Although, I suspect it s the former Because I m in love with this book Full review later I hope QUICK REVIEW Enjoyment 5 5Writing style 5 5Storyline 5 5 Hero 5 5Heroine 5 5Secondary characters 5 5 Hotness steam 4 5 Romance 4 5 Angst 5 5Darkness level 2 5Humor 3 5Depth of the book 5 5POV dual, 1st personTriggers view spoiler death of parents off page hero is still hun [...]

  • Alex Winslow was a tornado, impacting everything and everyone on his way to destruction What do I say What do I even say to that This is seriously one of those reviews where you just want to scream, GO READ THIS BOOK DON T BOTHER WITH REVIEWS ONE CLICK READ RIGHT NOW It s phenomenal, and if you are a fan of angst whew, babyTHIS IS ALL FOR ANGST LOVERS I m telling you, I inhaled Midnight Blue I couldn t take a breath until it was done Angsty, steamy, turbulent, gritty, beautiful, my heart was so [...]

  • Lets take time to admire the cover, HOT 4 Stars How is your soul feeling today And now here is my secret, a very simple secret It is only with the heart that one can see rightly what is essential is invisible to the eye Antoine de Saint Exup ry, The Little Prince The author s playlist rock Gimme Shelter The Rolling Stones Daddy Issues The Neighborhood Love Song The Cure Young God Halsey An Honest Mistake The Bravery Cigarette Daydreams Cage the Elephant One U2 Shake the Disease Depeche Mode What [...]

  • Once upon a time, a rock godfell for a mere mortal Wow Oh wow I know we ve all done this a thousand times or since L.J revealed the cover, but can we all please just take a moment again to ogle, ummmm I mean, admire the cover and the fine specimen that adorns it Ok just give me a sec right, now onto my review This book is EVERYTHING to me and L J Shen is one of my favorite authors for a reason, and just when I think her books can t possibly get any better, she releases this masterpiece L.J is [...]

  • Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    FOUR STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author Once upon a time, a mere mortal fell in love with a rock god You probably know this is not a fairy tale by now Mortals and gods don t mix.MIDNIGHT BLUE is an enemies to lovers romance between an ultimate bad boy British rocker and a feisty and eclectic American girl The blurb of this book is what enticed me to want to read it I have a thing for British book boyfriends and the cherry on top was that he was a Rock God as well I wasn t expecting this to [...]

  • Holy Freaking Wow That s all I can think of now that I ve reached the end of this story Honestly, I m just grateful that I came out of this in one piece While reading this book, it felt like Leigh essentially ripped my heart out, juggled it, pricked it with some pins, kicked it around for shits and giggles, took it out to the range for target practice, made it into roadkill, and dunked that bad boy right back in my chest It was the FEELS For once, I wasn t the one talking to my heart, but it was [...]

  • I swooned, I definitely swooned over this one, and yes, I m still swooning over yet another drool worthy rockstar This book is definitely a book that literally takes hold of you and doesn t let you go until the very end I will say this, my heart, oh my aching heart is trying to slow down its beats still The ups and downs, the highs and lows, the slaps and punches, it literally had me smiling, laughing, crying, and begging all at once I ve tried to sit and think how exactly to put what this book [...]

  • I don t want to fall in love with you You don t seem to have much choice I loved this book so much Its 2 00am and I have to wake up in 5 hours but I couldn t stop reading I know I always say this but I think this is my favorite L.J Shen book to date I am in love with Alex Winslow There I said it I fell in love with a hot, foul mouthed jerk Alex is a tormented hero and I am a sucker for those He s a brilliant musician dealing with fame, addiction and many demons He has an awful family and I under [...]

  • Ms Shen usually either blows my mind by her talent, as in Vicious, or disappoints me greatly, as she did in the rest of the Sinners series.As for Midnight Blue, I disliked the first half of it and thought the second half was quite good but unfortunately, that couldn t save the book for me.3 stars out of 2,5The writing This is a long book with approximately 350 pages It is told by dual point of view, both by Indie and Alex The writing is talented as always because Ms Shen has a skilled way of tel [...]

  • I don t want to fall in love with you Midnight Blue is a deeply complex read with a broken British Rock Star and a sweet American girl sent on rocking tour in order to keep him sober But we all know what happens when you add gasoline to a fire You You said you loved to see how we burn together So you took a match Lit us up And now we burn forever Alex Winslow is on the top of his game He is a successful rock star with good friends, a million fans, and plenty of swagger When his manager sends a s [...]

  • 5 Blue Stars Ms Shen at her absolute best This is a work of art and will absolutely be one of the best books I read this year It was incredibly written, heartbreakingly raw and ran the gamut of emotions and I would not have changed one single thing Alex is a rock star He is THE rockstar Every guy wants to be him and every girl wants to do him He s instanely talented, a true lover of his fans but he s also grouchy and mean with real troubles And his troubles have landed him in hot water one too m [...]

  • There are just so many feels in this book It s emotional, thought provoking, intense, heartbreaking, heart wrenching, soul shredding You get the picture I know whenever I pick up a book by LJ I m in for an emotional ride, and Midnight Blue is no exception I m looking forward to nursing this sweet book hangover.

  • 5 STARS Review Vanilla Spice BooksNow I heard that L.J Shen s heroes are always an acquired taste I love them multi layered, complicated and broken, bordering on asshole just as much as the good guys But Miss Shen s are supposed to be about ten steps up from those so finally getting a shot at reading one of her books had me thrilled.Indie s need for money makes her interview and take a job as a sobriety companion of one of the most famous contemporary rockstars Alex is a hot mess and very unhapp [...]

  • I ve read every book from L.J Shen and I ve enjoyed them all so I m sad to say that Midnight Blue was somewhat disappointing I liked Midnight Blue but I wasn t blown away I was certainly entertained and omg how I love Shen s impeccable and stunning prose Her imagery is spectacular.I guess my expectations got the better of me I struggled with the characters I felt Alex was the classic stereotype rockstar Over the top and too much at times but luckily I warmed up to him It was just too late in the [...]

  • 4,5 5 stars This is by far my favorite book from L.J Shen Midnight Blue is the intense,frustrating,heart wrenching,hot and ultimately beautiful story of Alex and Indie Omg wow this book was everything,I felt every emotion My heart aching with these two.They drive me crazy in a good way.Alex and Indie were so perfect for each other, they have amazing chemistry and there was always tension when these two were at the same room I fall in love with them slowly and I couldn t get enough of them I can [...]

  • And another one has fallenIt s no secret I love L.J Shen s stories, her writing, her assholery alphas and equally formidable heroinesSo, this book was the shit , I shit you not I havent been this excited about a rocker character ever since my last and only fave Jimmy Ferris from Ms Kylie Scott sLead Stage dive 3 The bottom line is,Anything essential is invisible to the eye.Cause like all great love stories, there are layers and layers of complex facettes of this overwhelming emotion, characters [...]

  • First, let s start with that cover.Yummy with a capital Y.And, the story I m convinced Ms Shen has her writing quill set to nothing short of magic Seriously the woman can write a badass alpha hole like no other I loved this book told from dual POVs I saw it went live early one clicked that mutha and was done with my life for the day I simply could not put it down Kids What kids Laundry What laundry Husband What husband Food Get it yourself, folks, this bitch is busy touring the globe with Alex W [...]

  • I m finding lately that I am drawn to stories that build up slowly complex characters that have hidden depths and unravel organically as the story progresses, emotions that creep up on you, plotlines that are unpredictable and raw and sometimes uncomfortable All these elements, along with poetically written prose and a deep sense of emotion is what makes a book one that I will remember out of all the thousands of books that I have read Midnight Blue is one that I won t forget.Alex, a broken and [...]

  • It is well known, that this author knows how to write some delicious asshole alpha males Her series Sinners of Saint series is a perfect example I loved that series I am a big fan of redeemable assholes, so when I heard she was gonna write about a rockstarI was all over it This one is about Alex Winslow and Indigo Indie Bellamy.Alex career has been going down hill lately, because of his public behavior He is just as out of control as his drughabbit is So his agent and publisher send him of to re [...]

  • L.J Shen took me on one wild and crazy ride with this book My emotions were all over the place, I laughed, I cried, I screamed at my Kindle, and yes, I was hot and bothered by the time I got through all the steamy scenes too I admit I have a hard love for Alex He isn t perfect he s a complete and utter mess But I love him, he made me want to be his drug of choice He s a cocky rock star with an ego Indie is a simple girl who has too many family issues and financial problems to deal with When she [...]

  • ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest opinion4,5 blood pressure through the roof starsTo get the plot out of the way because it will be long overflow of rant and frustration and Alex is a Rockstar out of rehab that succeeded in sinking his former album and behaved VERY badly He needs to make his next tour a success read not get cocked up, not trash motel rooms, no nude picks of his male parts yada, yada and produce a decent new album Oh and I forgot not chase his former girlfrie [...]

  • NOW LIVE US UK L.J Shen can never disappoint me, even when she s writing a character that I should hate Alex was such a jerk and had no care about anyone else s life but his own But L.J came in and wrote this story with such strong character development that it made me love Alex.We re not just thrown into the middle of Alex s story, we re taken on his journey from the first time he decided for himself that he needed to change his ways I think what made his asshole behavior even better was that h [...]

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