Rage Best Download || [Shayne Silvers] - Rage, Rage Hell hath no fury like Callie Penrose Ever since Callie the Vatican s rookie monster hunter killed a demon a few weeks ago Kansas City s been eerily quiet But she soon learns it s just the calm befor

  • Title: Rage
  • Author: Shayne Silvers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Rage Best Download || [Shayne Silvers] - Rage, Rage Hell hath no fury like Callie Penrose Ever since Callie the Vatican s rookie monster hunter killed a demon a few weeks ago Kansas City s been eerily quiet But she soon learns it s just the calm befor

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  • Rage Best Download || [Shayne Silvers]
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    Let s cut to the chase You read stuff I write stuff So, If you want to nab a few of my free Best Selling Urban Fantasy books to test the waters, go here shaynesilvers Now, let s talk about this specimen of a man named ShayneShayne Silvers writes the Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Series which features a foul mouthed young wizard with a chip on his shoulder attempting to protect St Louis from the various nasties we all know and fear from our childhood bedtime stories Nate s been known to suckerpunch an Angel, cow tip the Minotaur, and steal Death s horse in order to prove his point His utter disregard for consequences and self preservation will have you laughing and cringing on the edge of your seat.Get your FREE Nate Temple Starter Library TODAY at shaynesilvers.Shayne holds two high ranking black belts, and enjoys conversing about anything Marvel, Magical, or Mythological You might find him writing in a coffee shop near you, cackling madly into his computer screen while pounding shots of espresso.


  • alliwolfchild on October 12, 2017Verified PurchaseMr Silvers has outdone himself Every book gets better and better This book continues Callie s story first book was Unchained , and the reader gets to watch her grow, learn new things about herself, and meet new allies There are many literary references in the story, as well as amusing references to today s society He had me laughing on the second page, and that lasted throughout the book with little gems here and there.One thing I admire about hi [...]

  • S o many new faces coming to Missouri gods, legends, and nightmares and assorted other monsters and wizards too Don t worry, folks, you ve got Callie Penrose, rookie monster killer, in your corner What, that doesn t reassure you For shame, as our gal Callie is up for the task in Rage , book 2 of Shayne Silvers new Feathers and Fire series It s no surprise to readers who have followed other series, the highly addictive The Temple Chronicles that this series and its star are already getting wonder [...]

  • Caught between the forces of Heaven and Hell, Callie finds new allies and new powers to help her fight to remain alive and independent of those who would claim her as their own, or have her die to further their plans or hinder their enemies.

  • A fantastic readThis is a wonderfully written novel and a great second book in the series Witty, contemporary, and some kicking action to spice it up.

  • Shayne Silvers continues to be one of my fave new writers His stories are interesting, fun, snarky, paranormal adventure stories with good people who aren t always human and great details I can see the story play out in my mind as I read when I can manage to slow down my reading enough to watch the movie in my mind My biggest problem with his writing is that I tend to rush my reading, unless I make a deliberate effort to slow down, because I m caught up in the story and want to know what s going [...]

  • Silvers continues his production line without a hitch, steamrolling another exceptional installment of his works out to readers and sculpting another segment of his universe into place with the usual myriad of small hints and subtle touches, adding layers of mystique to the overall structure of the world s larger story beyond the scope of how even the characters themselves yet can see The quality of writing continues to hold steady and while not as dramatic as some of his twists and turns in pr [...]

  • Awesome What an excellent follow up, kick ass story I m slowly becoming obsessed with this series and world I will be starting the Nate Temple series asap , and I m loving getting to know Callie and seeing how her powers develop Shayne Silvers, you devil, dragging out the revelation of Callie s powers and supernatural history for as long as you can I see you, milking it because you know we will stay loyal and keep reading because we re hooked Well, I say to you sir that I am lactose intolerant [...]

  • Where to start with this It s only a few weeks after the chaos of Unchained, the first book in this series, and already the shifters, magic users, and demons are out causing trouble in Kansas City again And it s up to Callie Penrose and her mentor Roland, the local Shepherd, to stop them.Callie is particularly worried for her friend Claire who was scratched by a werebear during the previous fighting Now it appears that Claire too will become a werebear, and Callie goes to visit the bears looking [...]

  • Callie, Mr Silvers newest character, is back in her second book After getting rid of Jonathon, Callie must now track down his sister, but new problems keep cropping up her best friend has a unique problem, she needs to find out about a new church in town, and Roland is going to Italy to try and help catch the mole in the organization Not to mention her new abilities But soon, she is surrounded by deaths, and she is the only one who can get to the bottom of them I absolutely adore this series Thi [...]

  • Callie Penrose is back and she s dealing with some anger issues I know it hasn t been too long since the first book in the series came out but I was chomping at the bit to get my hands on this latest novel Based in the Templeverse, we see all manner of magical creatures in Callie s city, from vampires to Nephilim, but those are the least of Callie s problems as she finds herself facing the elusive demon, Amira, whilst trying to deal with rogue shifters and religious zealots As always, I loved th [...]

  • GreatPoor Callie just cannot catch a break Only weeks have passed since Callie was abducted by a demon and Kansas City is in an uproar New shifters are causing havoc and death, a new church on the scene has it out for monsters and something isn t right with Callie s best friend Claire.When Callie s investigation gets tangled into a police case she gains unexpected help, from a Regular, no less There is a bunch of mythology blended into this book and I still can t figure out who the shoe makers a [...]

  • Callie isn t on her way She has arrived in full blazing glory As she tries to understand variant powers, chaos erupts in KC The scene has expanded with Claire s riotous growth as a character, and the introduction of new characters two hilariously familiar to some Fans, and one not completely new Yes, the accustomed action, humor, emotion, and attitude fly full force I refer to this as a singularity story the vortex draws in the reader, and the further you go, the impossible escaping its gravita [...]

  • Wild rides are Shayne Silvers specialty, and he certainly does not disappoint with Callie s latest adventure He is an absolute master at seeding his stories with tiny little tidbits and details that someone unused to this world will read and forget Once you have read a Shayne Silvers novel, you will learn that none of these are unimportant and that all of them will come back to have significance in the story Even knowing all this, Callie s 2nd book still managed to surprise me with shock and del [...]

  • Callie Penrose does know who she is or where she came from She just knows she was raised a Catholic school and a Shepherd learning to fight with all kinds of weapons even her body Just within the past few weeks her magic had gotten stronger She found she might be related to Angels Strange beings showed up in her town some friends some powerful but she was to protect the innocent Freaks or human or shifters or Gods among them all were her division to care for She has barely learned what is going [...]

  • Callie Penrose is Awesome I really like the interplay between the characters and how even new players have well formed back stories and the many from literary fiction masterpieces Watching Callie grow in her abilities and confidence is very inspiring and Clairebear as well Even Roland appears to have confidence in his young charge The fact that justice was served and the Freak factions are coming to some realizations is just icing on the cake.And in the end, Missouri does love company LOLThere [...]

  • Fantastic sequel to the first Feathers and Fire book Callie Penrose, Kansas City resident Shepherd trainee is striking out on her own Religious zealots call for the deaths of Freaks like Callie, whose magical powers clearly go beyond just your normal wizard Without the help of her mentor and St Louis famous wizard, she s got to figure out who is murdering freaks in KC, plus her best friend is turning into a bear She is her own special form of sassy Her new friend Beckett discover an underworld o [...]

  • Callie Penrose kicks buttI probably should have read this book before Warhammer Nate Temple 8 but it didn t make much difference to the story line While reading Warhammer I did consider swapping to Rage Callie Penrose 2 but decided not to change Callie is a force to be reckoned with, unleashed in this story by Roland her bodyguard a shepherd working for the Vatican We are introduced to Darling Dear in this book which explains their connection to Nate s new accessory in Warhammer, Amira is back a [...]

  • This is the second of Feathers and Fire, the Callie Penrose series.We kind of get an idea of who she is evolving into in book one, but holy cow this book There is a ton of mystery, intrigue and investigating with Mr Silvers wonderful supernatural world front and center with an amazing finish and my favoritelots of snarky dialog.Oh and one of my favorite characters things in the book is the introduction to Darling Dearsa very intriguing couple who make very special leather goodsriously every woma [...]

  • Another winnerAlright, mea culpa I admit that it took me a book to warm up to Callie But I a solidly a fan after book two There was excitement, twists and humor I didn t find it predictable though Shayne dropped hints at where it was going I do admit to a bit of fog surrounding the end Perhaps that is intentional but I m really certain what the choice was Oops, that may be a spoiler Anyway, look forward to book three though I m planning to raz Shayne to deliver before 1 2018.

  • Fantastic I adore this story so much Callie is amazing Probably one of my favorite heroines She thinks things through and recognizes when she s being emotional So many of these types of books have characters that just whatever stupid thing they want without regard of the consequences Callie isn t like that She is smart and uses her wit I feel like she s completely relatable and I love her.

  • I was hesitant to read this one because I didn t love the first book in the series, but since I was at least sufficiently curious as to what happens next I went ahead and did so I am glad I did as the series and the characters seem to have found their footing About a fourth of the way in the everything gelled for me and it became quite a fun story with a compelling cast of characters that I definitely want to continue reading about in the future.

  • Fast pace and enjoyableSolid five star rating The first book had a slow start and didn t pick up for me until half way through but this second installment to the series took off from the beginning The twists in the storyline keeps you guessing until the author reveals the plot I loved meeting the new characters and their roles in making this novel an enjoyable one I m looking forward to what happens next with Callie.

  • Feathers and Fire I really love the story behind the main character and how the author weaves in not only the main focus character from his other great series, but also smoothly introduces the reader to other new and unexpected characters The author is a master at intertwining drama, humor and action with all his stories and I can t wait to continue on this wild ride of self described with Callow Penrose Great read

  • Another masterpiece by this author He awes me with his writing and imagination The combinations of supernatural creatures, religious figures, as well as a totally unexpected but brilliant character addition in this book took that even further and blew my mind I can t wait until January for Feathers and Fire, and Nate Temple and his merry crew as well I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to read any genre.

  • You re missing it Another fantastic story If you like paranormal mixed with abbynormal this is the author for you Magic mayhem and heroes Laugh out loud moments, intriguing storyline I hope that Darling Dear continue to be featured in upcoming books, really enjoyed their characters and high quality specialized leather goods I also appreciated the parallel to unfortunate climate of hate, and the authors view totally supports my own Rock on Shayne

  • OuchOk, don t normally write a review but this part just made me cringe Her teeth clamped down, and several snapped off against the metal, making her body quiver in agony like I had placed tinfoil on a filling Silvers makes the pain intimate on a level almost any human can comprehend but at the same time your mind wants to skitter to a safe place His descriptions of, pain, pleasure, scenery, etc make it easy to visualize.

  • Always leaves you wanting Mr Shayne Silver s knows how to keep you wanting I love this man and his writing style, he throws in laughter with a bit of danger, oh and the kick ass fighting always turns a girl to mush I can honestly say I recommend Mr Silver s books to anyone who will listen I am over the moon with this series and of course the Nate Temple series THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH SHAYNE SILVER S PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING

  • Biological temperature indicators favorite sceneShayne did it again This go around Callie meets some very interesting peeps The first, some awesome leather makers aka Dear and Darling whom I hope to be seeing of, and she kicked some demon ars.oh and we can t forget those wings.

  • I may just like her even than NateI love the Nate Temple books But there is something about Callie.Anyway This is full of the same great storytelling I ve learned to expect I can t always figure out where it s going, which I love And I thoroughly enjoy the way he pulls in figures from all manner of religion and myth, and fleshes them out, makes them feel REAL.

  • AmazingI loved how kickass Callie is The book was full of plot twists Never saw on of those plot twists coming Read Read Read I do recommend that if you haven t read the Nate Temple series, that you read that first I started with unchained, which was fine but after reading Nate s story first it made a lot sense.

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