Vanishing Girls

Vanishing Girls Best Download || [LisaRegan] - Vanishing Girls, Vanishing Girls She was close enough to see that the girl had written a word on the wall in bright warm red blood Not a word actually A name Everyone in the small American town of Denton is searching for Isabelle C

  • Title: Vanishing Girls
  • Author: LisaRegan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Vanishing Girls Best Download || [LisaRegan] - Vanishing Girls, Vanishing Girls She was close enough to see that the girl had written a word on the wall in bright warm red blood Not a word actually A name Everyone in the small American town of Denton is searching for Isabelle C

  • Vanishing Girls Best Download || [LisaRegan]
Vanishing Girls

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    Lisa Regan is a suspense novelist She has a Bachelor s Degree in English and Master of Education Degree from Bloomsburg University She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and daughter.


  • 3.5 starsGritty thriller about a small town in Pennsylvania where women are vanishing without a trace Detective Josie Quinn is the star of this book While the plot at times was a little formulaic and over the top, Josie s character is what makes Vanishing Girls a worthy read Josie s life is falling apart On suspension for using excessive force, she turns to alcohol to help pass the day and keep the demons from her past at bay Unable to stop doing what she loves best, being a detective, she uses [...]

  • 3.5 STARS Detective Josie Quinn is your archetypal kickass female protagonist, and she s one seriously messed up individual A teenage girl has gone missing, and though Josie is currently suspended from duty for use of excessive force, she decides to carry out her own enquiries into the missing girl and discovers that there s much to this case than initially thought.As seems to be the norm these days, our female lead has personal demons she uses alcohol as a crutch to lay to rest her terrible ch [...]

  • 4 Stars A girl goes missing in the small town of Denton, Pennsylvania and Detective Josie Quinn knows that the police investigation is being mishandled the problem Josie was suspended from the Department and can t do anything about it except for conducting an investigation on her own, that is Josie, however needs help Her only allies are her soon to be ex husband and Detective , Ray, and her fiance Luke, who is a Statie neither likes the other, and neither wants Josie investigating on her own, b [...]

  • 4.25 gritty stars .25This is the first book in this new series from Lisa Regan and it was definitely a fabulous start to the series.Josie is a detective currently on suspension in a small rural town in Pennsylvania.Josie is a likable character with some demons of her own you can definitely see the potential for some major growth in this character throughout the series, as well as her relationship with Luke Luke I don t really have a handle on quite yet, although he seems quite handy around the h [...]

  • I ve always been a fan of Lisa Regan s Claire Fletcher series, and was delighted at the release of a new series by this author Book one starts out with a massive bang Josie, her marriage disintegrated and her career on hold from a suspension, finds herself in the middle of not one but two murder scenes For tough as nails Josie, taking a step back for personal problems is not an option, even though she s risking everything As young women keep disappearing, Josie takes it upon herself to investiga [...]

  • 5 BIG Stars Lisa Regan is quickly becoming a Master at writing gritty mystery thriller police procedural books I also like that she writes strong female characters who aren t afraid to kick some butt This book is gritty, but it needs to be as the plot is dealing with murder, rape, etc Having worked in forensics for years, I tend to be very critical of portrayals criminals serial killers rapists, etc d Regan NAILS it Josie Quinn is a police officer on suspension and is currently having trouble ha [...]

  • Well here we go again about being the minority in my books The premise of the storyline was fantastic and appealed to my obsession for thrillers Josie Quinn is on suspension for something that happened in a previous case she was handling Chief Harris refuses to let Josie come back to work despite being short staffed and having girls go missing left and right I was a tad disappointed since this is nothing new in a detective novel the main character is always on suspension for something and can ne [...]

  • EXCERPT She only went outside if her mother, father or sister were out there For a long time he disappeared She stopped sensing him, stopped hearing him She almost believed that he had gone back to wherever it was he came from Maybe she had conjured him after all Then one day her sister was hanging clothes on the line while she flitted to the other side of the yard, chasing the yellow monarch butterflies that proliferated on top of the mountain A white sheet fluttered on the clothesline, blockin [...]

  • The blurb for this book cited this as a good choice for fans of Angela Marsons and that s all I needed to start reading it When the story starts, Josie Quinn is on suspension for excessive force When her boss refuses to bring her back when a teenager goes missing, she basically launches her own investigation Josie is one messed up lady She s got problems with her job, her almost ex husband and alcohol Her childhood was a horror story And she seems to be in the middle of every bad scene happening [...]

  • 4.25 gritty stars .25This is the first book in this new series from Lisa Regan and it was definitely a fabulous start to the series.Josie is a detective currently on suspension in a small rural town in Pennsylvania.Josie is a likable character with some demons of her own you can definitely see the potential for some major growth in this character throughout the series, as well as her relationship with Luke Luke I don t really have a handle on quite yet, although he seems quite handy around the h [...]

  • Vanishing Girls by Lisa Regan is the first book in the new crime thriller Detective Josie Quinn series The lead character Josie is a police detective that is on the outs and suspended when a huge case is going on and is not the type to sit on the sidelines waiting for the call to come back to work.From the opening chapter the action takes off as Josie finds a simple stop turning into a life and death situation as bullets begin to fly This leads Josie to despite her suspension decide to start inv [...]

  • 3.5 starsThis was an action packed crime thriller that follows Detective Josie Quinn on her journey to uncover hidden truths and secrets surrounding the disappearance of several local women Quinn is on a work suspension when the novel starts, but she just can t seem to stay away from her police departments investigations.I love Lisa Regan s Claire Fletcher series so I was excited to start this new series Unfortunately, this book fell short for a few reasons I wasn t a fan of the main character, [...]

  • Vanishing Girls is an entertaining, gripping and suspenseful story that had us lost in the untamed, dense woody coulee Things started off quite quickly as the unexpected emerges from that one laned windy road and our main character Detective Josie Quinn is thrust into the middle of some action With a case on her mind that isn t supposed to be on her mind, she is determined to find answers Answers become questions for Josie and for us Things started to slow down for us as we get to know Josie an [...]

  • VANISHING GIRLS by LISA REGAN Detective Josie Quinn 1 is a gritty, dark, and tense police procedural that grabbed my attention quickly and had me totally invested throughout this whole story LISA REGAN delivers another well written, action packed, and an angst driven story here that starts off a little slow but quickly becomes a thrilling, entertaining and exciting read I found the storyline to be rather interesting and I enjoyed following along with Josie as she investigates the disappearance v [...]

  • A dark and twisted story featuring a strong female protagonist with little regard for the rules It keeps your attention and has some great twists towards the end What took me out of the story a little was how completely unrealistic some parts were In the real world, I seriously doubt Josie would still have a job or any colleagues left that still liked her Details about those plot points would be considered spoilers, so I ll just say I d recommend some suspension of disbelief for this story Quiet [...]

  • 4.5 sDetective Josie Quinn was frustrated at being shut out of the investigation into the missing girl She had been suspended for misconduct and of course she knew they were right but being unable to work the case when she had so many thoughts and clues to follow, was driving her crazy Of course, Josie being Josie meant her own private investigation would follow Almost being killed by a runaway car, in which one of the badly wounded passengers turned out to be someone she knew sent Josie in a di [...]

  • Lisa Regan is fast becoming a favourite of mine I have loved the last 3 books of hers that I have read.This is the start of a new series about a very strong female detective Josie Quinn is currently suspended but that does not stop her from getting involved when girls are going missing in her close knit town This is a very fast paced read that leaves you wanting from Josie.Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for a copy of this book to read and review.

  • Everyone in the small American town of Denton is searching for Isabelle Coleman, a missing seventeen year old All they ve found so far is her phone and another girl they did not know was missing Mute and completely unresponsive, it s clear the girl has been damaged beyond repair All Detective Josie Quinn can get from her is a name Ramona Currently suspended from the force for misconduct, Josie takes matters into her own hands as the name leads her to evidence linking the two girls The race is on [...]

  • Anyone who knows me gets that I really like a strong, female kickass main character and that s exactly what I got in Josie Quinn I warmed to Josie even before I found out the reason for her current suspension I wanted to follow her from the opening of the book She s gritty and real and passionate as girls start disappearing in her home town of Denton and Josie will not rest until she finds out what is going on I loved the interspersed chapters from the POV of the kidnapped girls and was particul [...]

  • I received a free electronic copy of Vanishing Girls Detective Josie Quinn 1 by Lisa Regan from Netgalley for my honest review A great and gripping thriller This story takes place in the small town of Denton, TX where a young 17 year old girl goes missing Detective Josie Quinn, who is on paid suspension can t sit still and decides to do her own investigating into the girls disappearance The she investigates, the she finds herself in trouble and realized that her sweet town has a lot of secrets [...]

  • The first book in a new series never fails to be exciting for me especially when I get to the end and am disappointed that I don t have the next one at hand Such is the case here, and I m already hoping the author is well into the writing of book No 2 The star of this show is Josie Quinn, a detective with the Denton, Pa police who s been put on leave following allegations of use of excessive force where she lives is of some relevance to me since in about 15 minutes we can be in the Keystone Stat [...]

  • When 17 year old Isabelle Coleman goes missing from the small town of Denton, and unusual seemingly unrelated crimes start happening left and right, Josie Quinn makes it her personal mission to find the missing girl by connecting the blurry dots She may be currently suspended from her role as detective for a recent excessive force incident, but she s not letting that stop her Against the wishes of her ex husband, and her boss, she investigates the vanishing as a civilian Figuring out things the [...]

  • Fans of Lisa Regan will be delighted to see a new series, featuring Detective Josie Quinn If you haven t read anything of this author, this would be a good place to start.Detective Josie Quinn is a strong, independent woman, secure in her own skin and her job That is, until she screws up and batters a woman in her custody She s on unpaid leave, waiting for a hearing to see if her career will stand.Two girls have recently gone missing in recent time They found one of the girls a girl they hadn t [...]

  • This was my first experience with this author Lisa Regan And I have a feeling it won t be my last.In Vanishing Girls we are introduced to Detective Joise Quinn, who just happens to be suspended from her department in small town USA There is a teenage girl missing, and Josie just can t seem not to investigate on her own Which doesn t sit well with her Chief or other members of the department, including soon to be ex husband, Ray Who ironically, won t sign the divorce papers The she investigates [...]

  • If, like me, you re a lover of police procedural series, seeing the same characters filling your pages again and again, every time a new one appears, you re probably asking yourself, can I really allow another series into my life The answer is yes There s always room, so make some time to tuck into Vanishing Girls you won t be disappointed the case is gritty and the stakes are high One of my main lures into crime series, police procedurals in particular, is my love of the main character seeing h [...]

  • Thank you Netgalley Bookoutre for this ARC.Again I find myself in the minority on this one A 2 to 2.5 star rating rounded down A good story and a fast read But the characters were so immature sophomoric Josie was really the second in command here Behaving like she did would have gotten her fired from a real police sheriff department and likely lynched as well And she continued believing her behavior was justified til the bitter endupon which she s appointed acting Sheriff and the coincidences Jo [...]

  • I m not one of those people who takes much notice of a book cover, I m of a read the book description and decide kind of reader, but when I seen the cover for the Vanishing Girls I loved it, and the cover just shouted at me read me now So that s the reason I choose to read this book and I m so glad I did I always get excited when I find a new crime series to read, despite being a huge fan of this genre I m always looking for a series that s different from the norm, but at the same time highly e [...]

  • Vanishing Girls is the first instalment in a new detective series by Lisa Regan and as far as firsts go, you can t ask for much than this Josie Quinn has been suspended from her job as a detective in Denton, PA But that won t stop her sticking her nose into the search for seventeen year old Isabelle Coleman, who disappeared from her home The investigation is slow going and unearths another girl nobody even knew was missing in the first place Josie is determined to find Isabelle but there are da [...]

  • RELEASE DATE January 17, 2018RATING 3 Stars Worth a read but not what I d call a contender for Best Book of the Year GENRE Thriller SuspenseAUDIENCE Fans of Kristi Loucks and Lorraine Taylor may enjoy books written by Lisa ReganSERIES Josie Quinn Book 1THE GOOD Lisa Regan has a great writing style that keeps readers involved with the story, and the first chapters evolve from describing the main characters, their backgrounds and situations, and setting up the plot There wasn t a single chapter th [...]

  • Finished reading January 21st 2018 You can t always be all roses and sweetness, she had always told Josie That don t get shit done A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Bookouture in exchange for an honest review Thank you view spoiler Bold and striking two words that describe the cover perfectly And these words apply to Vanishing Girls itself as well, because this new detective series goes all out and buries you under a mountain of intense and action packed scenes I pic [...]

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