Murder of the Bride

Free Download Murder of the Bride - by Faith Martin - Murder of the Bride, Murder of the Bride Looking for a brilliant best selling murder mystery with a feisty female detective Then meet DI HILLARY GREENE the police woman with a nose for the truth and a talent for trouble DI Hillary Greene is

  • Title: Murder of the Bride
  • Author: Faith Martin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Murder of the Bride - by Faith Martin - Murder of the Bride, Murder of the Bride Looking for a brilliant best selling murder mystery with a feisty female detective Then meet DI HILLARY GREENE the police woman with a nose for the truth and a talent for trouble DI Hillary Greene is

  • Free Download Murder of the Bride - by Faith Martin
    481Faith Martin
Murder of the Bride

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    Faith Martin is an English author who was born in Oxford She currently is living on a narrow boat She is best known for her popular detective series, starring DI Hillary Greene.


  • 4.5 StarsDI Hillary Greene and her team have been called to the scene of a suspicious death The body of a young woman, dressed in a wedding gown, is found in a cow barn The only witnesses the cows She was obviously strangled but by who and why Upon questioning her friends, co workers, lovers, Greene finds that the woman was not universally liked She had her cap set for a man who would become quite rich upon the death of his father She was one of those who spoke her mind and didn t particularly c [...]

  • This is a 4.5 star read.I received a review copy of this novel directly from the author and publisher Joffe Books I have voluntarily chosen to review the book, and the gifting in no way determines my review rating, which reflects my honest opinion.Wow the author has really gotten into the swing of things with this novel The plot is simpler and the list of active characters has been pared down making for a well tuned novel that is fast paced, easy to follow, yet still mesmerising with its twists [...]

  • I am growing to absolutely love Hillary Greene what an amazing character she is pure excellence on Faith s part for developing her so well I also love the way that Faith writes these books so they can be read as stand alone without a lot of repetitive catch up text.A bride is found murdered in a cow shed at a fancy dress parties A lot of potential murderers and very few clues leaves Hillary flummoxed but not for long as she, and her team, get stuck in fitting the pieces together As I have come t [...]

  • 4 and 1 2 starsDI Hillary Greene is called to the Three Oaks Farm to the site of a body The young woman is dressed in a beautiful wedding gown But she is not a bride It is a dress up party to celebrate someone s anniversary She was found in a smelly barn surrounded by cows So much for forensic evidence After interviewing the local bobby, she interviews the two people who found her Hillary reviews the list of fifty or so guests and crosses out the women That leaves them men to interview This is a [...]

  • I would like to thank Netgalley and Joffe Books for a review copy of Murder of the Bride, the third novel in the DI Hillary Greene series of police procedurals set in Oxford.Hillary is called out late at night to a dead body Local hairdresser, Julia Reynolds, has been found murdered in a cowshed She is the eponymous bride having been dressed as one for a fancy dress party As the investigation unfolds it soon becomes clear that Julia and those around her were keeping secrets, some relevant than [...]

  • donnasbookblog.wordpress This is the third book that I have read in the DI Hillary Greene series and I have enjoyed all three The characters are going from strength to strength in the books and I really enjoy how they interact with each other This book has a good solid plot, it is set at a steady pace and had a few twists and turns along the way a very enjoyable read This book can easily be read as a stand alone and you don t miss out on anything if you haven t read the previous two books in the [...]

  • It s a costume party and the murder victim is found in the cowshed dressed as a bride Who was she and why was she strangled The crime is solved by Detective Inspector Hillary Greene and the reason for the murder was truly tragic I m definitely looking for books by Faith Martin I found myself arriving to my U.S History class late because I wanted to get to the end of a chapter The students appeared not to mind.

  • I would like to thank Netgalley and Joffe Books for a review copy of Murder of the Bride, the third novel in the DI Hillary Greene series.To begin with the weakest point of the book the cover I would never buy this book based on the cover alone The good points of the book there are many I do not have to repeat the cover text here because other reviewers did so Hillary Greene s character is evolving and , and that of her colleagues too What I liked about this story was that, contrary to Murder o [...]

  • A bride is found dead in a barn at a fancy dress party to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary DI Hillary Greene is on the trail with her team and a new superintendent to get used to What is his real mission as to why he has been transferred and why was the bride strangled This is the third Faith Martin DI Greene book I have read and I am enjoying them and each time There is an underthread or two along the way which keeps the flow between books and a little interest to the main storyline Hill [...]

  • When I was approached and asked if I would like to take part in the blog tour for Murder Of The Bride by Faith Martin, I accepted the invitation as I knew that it was the ideal opportunity to acquaint myself with a new author Shockingly this is the first book by Faith Martin that I have read I know, I know where have I been I can t believe that I didn t discover this author sooner because her books are fantastic but about that in a bit.I took to DI Hillary Greene from the start She is one feist [...]

  • Once I started to read Murder of the Bride, I couldn t stop I found Faith s characters to be well rounded and believable and her knowledge of police procedure to be excellent.The book starts with a girl s body, dressed in a wedding dress, in a cow barn at a farm where a fancy dress party is in full swing There are numerous suspects, which Faith introduces without any particular emphasis on any one and we follow DI Hillary Greene as she and her team set about the task of finding the murderer.DI G [...]

  • Another cracking tale by one of my fast becoming favourite authors Hillary Greene reminds me of a cross between Vera Stanhope and Miss Marple, her character develops and with each book I read She is an extremely likeable character, with a razor sharp brain, but equally she is humorous too She is the victim of a husband who was a crooked policeman, and is forced to live on her uncles barge, which, as the weather gets worse, is not much fun, but the lovely nature and flora and fauna which surrou [...]

  • Thanks to Jill Burkinshaw and the team at Joffe Books for the advanced copy which I received in exchange for an honest review The book opens with Hillary and her team being called out to a suspicious death at a farm in the Oxfordshire countryside A young girl who dressed as a bride for a party in the farmhouse has been found strangled in the cowshed The team as always hit nothing but dead ends and red herrings along the way.This is the third book in the series, but like the previous, can be read [...]

  • This is an interesting story, honestly did not totally figure it out ahead of time although I should have Descriptions of people places are good, help create that visual I like when I read a book Character are well developed, unlike some books I have read lately, one can actually relate in some way to all of them I like Hillary Greene but don t care too much for the other characters although they do help round things out At least romance is a side thought and not focused on The interactions of t [...]

  • This is the third book in the DI Hillary Greene series, it opens with the discovery of the body of a young woman, in a bridal gown, in a cow shed She had been a guest at the anniversary party being held at the farmhouse The investigation throws up a few different suspects and its not until the end you finally discover the identity of the perpetrator and the reasons behind the killing.We also gain further insights into the characters and personal lives of DI Greene and her team, plus there is a n [...]

  • Read almost in one sitting, this book kept me interested and engrossed from beginning to end I like the characters involved in the storyline and the fact that it is not a gritty detective novel with gratuitous descriptions of sex and violence Some of the themes are a bit predictable and repetitive such as stating that police work is not really like it appears in books and films, o.r the protagonists framing events as newspaper headlines but it s like an old friend, you forgive them their memory [...]

  • Its good catching up with old friends again and this is how I felt when reading the third book in the DI Greene series Her character is certainly being well developed and I enjoy her style and character traits This book where Hillary Greene is investigating the murder of a girl dressed a a bride, leads you down some interesting paths and the offender is well disguised but you can t get too much past DI Greene I enjoy the other characters in the book as well which gives you some interesting side [...]

  • I really get into strong female detectives and I must say that Hillary Greene is that without a doubt When she is called out to Three Oaks Farm because of a suspicious death, things are not as they appear The bride to be is dead, but she is not exactly without fault She had quite a few beaus and jealousy is a strong emotion that can lead to murder You will need to read the book to find out how DI Greene figures out who did it Get this great book, you will want I would like to thank Joffe Books [...]

  • DI Hillary Greene has been called to the scene of a murder a beautiful, young woman has been found strangled in a cow shed and she s dressed in a wedding dress She hasn t been killed on her wedding day she was attending a fancy dress party No motive or suspect can be identified There s a new DCI at the station too transferred from the Met and Hillary isn t sure whether his arrival is good or bad Hillary is still dealing with an animal charity taking her to court to take her house off her as well [...]

  • Interesting, if repetitious There are a few phrases that I wouldn t mind if I never had to read them again Poisoned cherub in reference to Frank, Puff the Tragic Wagon couldn t the car just remain a vintage Volkswagen as referenced in the first book Grandmother in need of teaching how to suck eggs and horizontal tango I ve been binge reading this series, so I suppose that is why I notice the repetitious, irritating phrases from book to book Interesting plot, even though the killer was not a surp [...]

  • Never saw that ending.Hillary is at her best, but the case just seems to be going no where Who killed the pretty bride in thrashed Following many twist and turns an unexpected murderer is found Meanwhile, things are changing at The Big House A new boss, I who has his on agenda, an office romance fading, young Tommy engaged, Frank Ross helping crack the case, a interested male friend, and Hillary s on discovery regarding her dead husband, where will Gilead

  • Something keeps drawing me back to these and the fact that they are on Kindle Unlimited helps I think this was the best one yet I m glad Hillary and Regis finally got their misunderstanding cleared up I m intrigued about what the new boss Jerome is up to and disappointed in Hillary at the very end The court case concerning her house is so clearly without merit that I hope that thread is dropped completely soon.

  • Yet another winner by author Faith Martin I love Hillary Greene A good strong female protagonist and crew The characters are well developed and each has good bad qualities These books are hard to put down I ve already downloaded next book in the series, book 4 I totally recommend this author, book, series to ready of police procedurals.

  • Fabulous seriesExcellent read And if you figure it out, you re better than Sherlock I m a fan of this series, but each book can be read as a stand alone.The characters are well written, three dimensional and growing with each book a story within a story Worth the time and effort.

  • Another good one Each book in the Hillary Greene series has been better than the one before Another murder to solve, office politics to deal with I m really enjoying the fact that she isn t as self destructive as other characters from other series, e.g Anna Travers, Erika Foster, Jane Tennison.

  • Many twists and turns A murder of passion Or is it Hillary has nothing to go on No one incident shows up any idea as to why a young beautiful woman is the target But determined to dig into every little clue, Hillary and her team sort through every last detail The result will astound you.

  • D.I Hillary Greene is called out at night to Steeple Barton, where a body has been found in a cowshed A body of a female in a bride s dress.A good interesting mystery, well written and an easily read story I have enjoyed all the first three books in this re issued series and look forward to reading .Received an Advanced Reader Copy.

  • Wow, another fantastic book from Faith Martin who has become one of my favourite authors Totally believable storyline, likeable characters well mostly and twists and turns that take you on a roller coaster ride Thanks to a Joffe Books for allowing me to read and review this book another 5 read.

  • Another winner in the Hillary Greene series With each installment, the author parcels out of each characters life outside of the the big house while expertly interweaving many storylines, making for a face paced and engrossing read Onto book 4 4.25

  • A Case of Murder most rareAnother good story involving DI Hilary Greene and her team Lots of twists and turns and an unexpected ending Lots to come from the characters involved A very good read with likeable characters.

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