Let It Be Me

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Let It Be Me : by Jody Holford - Let It Be Me, Let It Be Me Megan Carter s spent the past five years nannying for a pint size boss the adorable Charlie while also navigating her full size boss his somewhat grouchy way too methodical dad Adam Now that she s

  • Title: Let It Be Me
  • Author: Jody Holford
  • ISBN: 9781640634633
  • Page: 178
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Let It Be Me : by Jody Holford - Let It Be Me, Let It Be Me Megan Carter s spent the past five years nannying for a pint size boss the adorable Charlie while also navigating her full size boss his somewhat grouchy way too methodical dad Adam Now that she s

  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Let It Be Me : by Jody Holford
    178Jody Holford
Let It Be Me

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  • 4 starsLet It Be Me by Jody Holford is a sweet and entertaining read.I enjoyed the storyline, it was well written, easy to follow and I ended up reading it in one sitting.Watching the relationship unfold between Adam and Megan had me smiling and swooning one minute and wanting to punch Adam the next Adam was so convinced love wasn t something he needed in his life, he was happy to live life working and spending time with his son, until work called It took him a while to open his eyes and heart t [...]

  • Rating 3.5 5This is a story of not recognising what you have in a relationship until its about to end Megan Carter has spent five years working as a nanny, caring for Charlie Now she s qualified to follow her dream of becoming a teacher and has agreed to help Charlie s Dad, Adam, find her replacement The only problem is he no longer wants another Nanny, he s asked her to help him find a wife Megan is a romantic young lady, looking for love and very aware that Adam definitely isn t looking for lo [...]

  • 3.5 Stars Adam is a divorced single father His own father drank away their income and his mom left when he was 13, never looking back Add onto the fact that his ex wife cared about her rising career in acting than him or their son, this has greatly affected his outlook on life When Adam first hires Megan to be Charlie s nanny, he became so focused on building a better future for his son that he has become a workaholic Over the 5 years that Megan has been with them, he not only has taken advanta [...]

  • I ve been hearing fantastic things about Jody Holford s books forever, and now that I ve read LET IT BE ME I can completely understand all the fuss LET IT BE ME is emotional, heartwarming, and downright swoony LET IT BE ME introduces Megan and Adam Megan is a hopeless romantic She believes in fairy tales and happily ever afters While she hasn t had much luck in the romance department lately, she won t stop looking until she finds the one Adam, on the other hand, is a cynic when it comes to love [...]

  • DNF at 58%.On paper I should love this book I like the author, I m a sucker for single Dad and nanny romances, and the premise of the employer asking the nanny to set him with dates in order to find some woman who would be happy to have a polite, marriage of convenience in order to provide a mother for his little boy Fraught with comedy opportunity.Megan Carter is nanny to Charlie His mother is an actress who valued her career than her marriage or her child His father Adam is a good Dad and doe [...]

  • Megan is the nanny of the adorable Charlie She loves him with all her heart, but she s ready for the next step in her life, becoming a teacher This means Charlie s dad Adam has to find a replacement Megan wants to do anything she can to make this process go as smoothly as possible, but Adam doesn t want a new nanny, he wants a wife He sees this as a business arrangement and asks Megan to find him a suitable woman Will Megan be able to fulfill this request After his divorce Adam carefully guards [...]

  • Adam could be affectionate at times, way to throw my words back at me In that case he said, letting his hands glide down to grip her incredibly shaped bottom Pulling her tight against him I liked this book, and it was a good thing Adam had Meg because the man could be really daft at times.

  • Oooh what a perfect title I wanted it to be me Loved watching these two grow to love each other or rather he learned to love again.LOVE LOVE LOVE this book.

  • Oh, you guys, Let it Be Me was such a treat I wasn t sure what to expect going into it I mean, not really There are certain things I automatically expect from Ms Holford s books authenticity, heartwarming interactions, and a certain sweetness threaded throughout the story Those things are all present here, but I felt like there was a bit of unexpected edginess in this one A hero who was frankly unlikable at first, giving me pause and causing me to wonder how he could ever be redeemed And then he [...]

  • She knew she needed to be sensible, but it was like her heart wanted to jump up and say, Me Let it be me Sigh The good kind, promise That s how I feel at the end of Let It Be Me by Jody Holford It s a warm, sweet, feel good romance one that is light on angst and altogether just a really enjoyable read It s funny normally I feel like I have a lot to say about the books I read, but with this one, I kind of don t And please, don t take that to mean this book isn t worthy, because it is It absolutel [...]

  • In matters of the heart, it s the clueless that make the perfect match Jody Holford puts her heart in her stories and Let It Be Me in my opinion shows the most evidence of that The romantic and the Scrooge is a common theme in romance, but add in an adorable pint sized matchmaker and you have comedy gold to add to the adorable factor Megan wants to find love, but has been looking in all the wrong places Adam wants to avoid love at all costs and ends up landing in the middle of a mine field when [...]

  • This is my first book from Jody Holford and it was a pleasant surprise Megan just graduated from college and aspires to work as a teacher at the local school To achieve such goal, she ll resign her job as the nanny of Charlie, an eight year old boy who adores Megan Leaving the little boy is hard as they both have grown attached to each other What Megan didn t anticipate was how hard it would be to leave Charlie s father, Adam The hot but workaholic man went through a failed marriage which left h [...]

  • This book contains both cursing a lot, including f bombs and explicit on screen sex This book was not my cup of tea There was a lot of inner dialogue, and a lot of secondary characters scenes that were fine but that didn t really add a lot to the story her brother and his partner being the lone exception But the biggest problem with the book was that I really, really didn t like Adam AT ALL I spent most of this book wishing he d just go away and that Megan would hook up with her brother s boyfri [...]

  • This book was a tough one for me to rate I m not sure if my lack of enthusiasm for the book is because I m not a fan of the relationship with an expiration date plot, or because of a couple other reasons But this book just didn t work very well for me.Megan has been eight year old Charlie s nanny for the past five years She has now finished her schooling though, and is ready to move on to a career as a teacher With her employment by Charlie s dad, Adam, coming to an end, Adam has asked Megan to [...]

  • Megan Carter has finally achieved her dream She s going to be a teacher, which means she s moving on from her job as a nanny to the sweet and adorable Charlie Finding a replacement nanny is her first task, but when her boss Adam decides finding a wife for him is the better option, Megan can t help but feel a little disappointed by his need for companionship instead of love However, as Megan does her best to find Adam what he wants, she finds it becoming harder and harder to deny the chemistry th [...]

  • I received a copy of Let it be me from Entangled Publishing and Net Galley in exchange for a honest and voluntary review Let it be me by Jody Holford was a pleasant surprise but my only wish would be a bit heat between the H h Other than that you ll fall in love with Parker and Garrett, Stella and of course Charlie I d give the book a solid 4 stars total This is the first book that I ve read by Jody Holford and look forward to reading Stella and Parker Garrett s stories in the future I hope.Ada [...]

  • ARC provided by the author for an honest review Learn how to recognized and accept love again with Let It Be Me by Jody Holford Megan Carter has been working for Adam Klein for five years as a nanny to his young son Charlie During this time she has worked hard to also finish school and obtain her teaching degree Now it is time for her to move on, but is she really ready to leave this man and his son whom she has come to love so much over this time Adam Klein s wife left him and their son five ye [...]

  • Let It Be Me by Jody Holford is a nicely written story about a nanny falling in love with her boss Actually, they fall for each other almost simultaneously, as their business relationship evolves into much .The nanny, Megan Carter, and her boss, account manager Adam Klein, really don t know each other very well on a personal level It is only after Megan gives her notice to pursue a teaching career, do they begin to see each other differently Adam asks Megan to find him a wife, instead of a repla [...]

  • Another fabulous book by Jody Holford, author of the Kendrick Place series I loved that series and how the characters from each book appeared throughout the others Since they were some of my favorite books this year I had high hopes going into reading Let It Be Me.Megan has worked for Adam as his son Charlie s nanny for five years During that time, though, they have barely gotten to know each other because he is often working and their conversation often centers on Charlie She is optimistic, car [...]

  • Despite seeming to fit into a formulaic plot of hot guy falling for his nanny, there were several aspects that made this novel stand out The heroine, Megan is a sweetheart and has a wonderful relationship with the little boy, Charlie, that she s been taking care of for five years since he was two Unfortunately, the hero, Adam, is really rather a cold stick of a guy Having had one failed marriage, he s determined never to love again But he is going to need someone to replace Megan now that she is [...]

  • If you enjoy a nanny and her boss romance, you likely will enjoy Jody Holford s contribution to the genre You will like Megan, a young woman whose goals and aspirations have tended to be placed second to the needs of others Having worked as a nanny for a few years, she is ready to pursue a career as an elementary school teacher But she loves her young charge, Charlie, and she doesn t want to abandon his father, Adam Will she put herself first Adam, meanwhile, is one of thsoe burn me once kind of [...]

  • Let It Be Me is a cute and sweet slow burn romance between a nanny and her boss The first book in Jody Holford s new Love Unexpected series, it s not quite friends to lovers nor enemies to lovers, it s somewhere in between I mention slow burn, though once the sparks caught the fire between the love birds is way off charts Just like what s the series called, the attraction between Adam and Megan blossom unexpectedly after five years of acquaintance I think or less it all come through as the resu [...]

  • I really connected with Adam and Megan s story Megan works for Adam in caring for his son She has worked for him for 5 years and they ve never spent much time together As Megan gets ready to quit and move onto being a school teacher, she ends up spending time with Adam to find a replacement for her What Adams wants though, is a wife who is of a partner in raising Charlie than a soulmate Adam and Megan end up crossing the employee employer line and Megan falls hard What Adam doesn t expect is t [...]

  • I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI enjoyed how this book was character driven There was obviously a conflict but it focused on the conflicting emotions of the characters and whether they wanted to risk a relationship or not I liked all of the characters but especially Megan She had a calm, loving presence within the story which makes sense due to the fact that she is the nanny I loved the relationship that she had with Adam s son It was playf [...]

  • Exceptional story This book is wonderfully written and the story just blew me away I loved these characters and it was fun to see them change their view of not only what they want in life but each other as well Being nanny for little Charlie was the greatest job Megan Carter could have had while going to school and completely her education degree Now she s finished with school and ready to move on in her career Unfortunately leaving the two people who have become so important to her isn t going [...]

  • Let It Be Me by Jody Holford is an enjoyable if predictable story Nanny stories are my favorite of tropes, but I liked Megan so that made the story interesting The negative Adam was another story indeed It grows on the reader after a while but really Megan could have done better However, this story makes a point that everyone needs to be understood and loved, even if they don t think that they do.Sweet Megan is also a complex character which makes her as believable as logical Adam The plot is so [...]

  • Such a great story This book makes you feel every heartbreak, every chance of hope, morsel of love The transformation of Adam from closed off to everyone but himself to a truly loving come back to life man was beautiful Megan brought that out in him despite many bumps in the road I loved how even though she had feelings for him and even before she did, she was never a pushover She spoke her mind and told him how he was behaving Their coupling was sweet and endearing Throw in a way too cute boy w [...]

  • A single dad, a nanny, and a slow burn made this book a delight to read.Adam was burned by his marriage and doesn t have any interest in taking that road again He s doing everything he can to be as successful as possible so his son will never know what it s like to go without like he did growing up Unfortunately, those experiences have skewed his priorities a lot But luckily, Charlie has Megan, his nanny since his mom left The love that Megan has for Charlie was felt through every piece of this [...]

  • I adore single father romances Let it Be Me did not disappoint at all Adam is anti love single dad trying to do the best he can with his son Charlie Adam and Charlie are adorable together Megan the nanny soon to be teacher is moving on from Adam and Charlie It is sweet and so loveable how they all interact I really loved the relationship between Megan and Charlie You add in the fight of attractions between Adam and Megan and you have me sold on this adorable and wonderful story This was a first [...]

  • I loved this book Megan was a nanny to a wonderful little boy Charlie Adam was the dad who worked too much trying to make partner in his lawfirm and broke too many promises to his son I really liked the progression of the book showing how Adam realized how much he was missing out with his son and Megan Charlie was a joy to read about I smiled many times listening to his conversations I got this book from Netgalley for an honest review I enjoyed this book immensely and will look for others by thi [...]

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