The Weight of a Piano

[PDF] The Weight of a Piano | by ☆ Chris Cander - The Weight of a Piano, The Weight of a Piano For fans of Ann Patchett s Bel Canto Amanda Coplin s The Orchardist and Annie Proulx s Accordion Crimes A tour de force about two women and the piano that inexorably ties their lives together thr

  • Title: The Weight of a Piano
  • Author: Chris Cander
  • ISBN: 0525654674
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] The Weight of a Piano | by ☆ Chris Cander - The Weight of a Piano, The Weight of a Piano For fans of Ann Patchett s Bel Canto Amanda Coplin s The Orchardist and Annie Proulx s Accordion Crimes A tour de force about two women and the piano that inexorably ties their lives together thr

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  • [PDF] The Weight of a Piano | by ☆ Chris Cander
    192Chris Cander
The Weight of a Piano

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    Chris Cander is the author of the novels THE WEIGHT OF A PIANO forthcoming from Knopf, 2019 , WHISPER HOLLOW, and 11 STORIES, and the grade K 5 picture book THE WORD BURGLAR Visit chriscander for info.


  • Pianos are difficult to move Ponderous and unwieldly, a piano cannot be moved by oneself Help is required This particular piano carries with it not only its heft but emotional attachments that are equally as heavy Auto mechanic, Clara, drags the piano around from apartment to apartment and relationship to relationship until she meets a photographer with his own baggage associated with the instrument And what of the music or its absence There is a great deal of history associated with this Pianos [...]

  • In 1962, 8 year old Russian Katya receives a piano, which is bequeathed to her by her elderly neighbor, who recognizes the music in Katya The piano is a German Bluthner Katya becomes a gifted pianist and she brings the best out of the piano But her piano is lost to her when her husband decides to leave Russia with high hopes of starting a new life in America with Katya and their son In 2012, Clara is torn about whether she should sell her Bluthner piano, which was given to her by her beloved In [...]

  • I have a total book hangover The story is poignant, but importantly to me is how the people are so real This author clearly understands human emotion on another level, and pulls the reader right into each character s world so completely that you truly forget they are words on a page and not flesh and blood The research that must have gone into this novel in order to include the level of detail it does, is staggering.The PASSIONS are palpable I laughed, I cried, and I even exclaimed Oh I have a t [...]

  • Chris Cander s new book, The Weight of a Piano is simply stunning Her story follows the life of a Bluthner piano as it travels from owner to owner In addition to the piano, there are two women who play central roles in the tale In 1962 when she is 8 years old, Katya is gifted the piano by a neighbor in her apartment building in Russia She eventually emigrates from Russia to the United States losing her piano in the process In 2012, Clara, who was gifted the piano by her father, decides to s Chri [...]

  • Thank you so very much Knopf for my free copy of THE WEIGHT OF A PIANO This is an emotional, poignant novel with elegant prose that will pull you in so much you won t want to let go.In 1962, eight year old Katya Dmitrievna receives a piano from her neighbor who sees something special in her It s a beautiful Bl thner piano and Katya grows up to become a gifted pianist Years later, she s married with a son and her husband decides it s time to leave Russia to start a new life in America, but her Th [...]

  • I couldn t decide whether to give this book a 3 3.5 or a 4 and After debating I decided on a 4 because it genuinely was a good novel It had some predictable moments however, the alternating stories of the past and present kept me interested not really lagging anywhere throughout Of all the twists there was only really one that I didn t see coming and I enjoyed that This books synopsis is already written out so I will just say that it was a heartfelt book about wrestling with either holdin I coul [...]

  • OMG, can this book be any irritating Every major character in this book is either depressed, behaves badly, or keeps making bad decisions It s essentially the story of a young Russian girl named Katya to whom is bequeathed a beautiful and expensive Bl thner piano, which eventually falls into the hands of an American girl named Carla, and how their stories intersect Katya s story in interesting, and I wanted to read about her Carla s story, whose chapters alternated with Katya s, wa OMG, can this [...]

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