Other Words for Smoke

Ó Other Words for Smoke ò Sarah Maria Griffin - Other Words for Smoke, Other Words for Smoke Haunting and literary Sarah Maria Griffin s sopho novel follows twins Mae and Rossa as they discover a house full of witches experience devastating first loves and face a dark power beyond all imag

  • Title: Other Words for Smoke
  • Author: Sarah Maria Griffin
  • ISBN: 0062408917
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Hardcover

Ó Other Words for Smoke ò Sarah Maria Griffin - Other Words for Smoke, Other Words for Smoke Haunting and literary Sarah Maria Griffin s sopho novel follows twins Mae and Rossa as they discover a house full of witches experience devastating first loves and face a dark power beyond all imag

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  • Ó Other Words for Smoke ò Sarah Maria Griffin
    121Sarah Maria Griffin
Other Words for Smoke

About " Sarah Maria Griffin "

  • Sarah Maria Griffin

    Sarah Maria Griffin lives in Dublin, Ireland, in a small red brick house by the sea, with her husband and cat She writes about monsters, growing up, and everything those two things have in common Her first book, SPARE AND FOUND PARTS, is out now.


  • This is a fascinating coming of age story with magical elements that feel both grounded and properly mystifying Mae and Rossa are twins whose parents are slowly coming apart, and they get sent to live with their great aunt Rita and her teenage ward, Bevan, for two separate summers They soon discover that Rita s house is no ordinary place it s one of those spooky houses with a mind of its own, where the rooms change shape and configuration sometimes Plus there s a talking cat named Bobby, This is [...]

  • Yet another mindblowing novel from one of Ireland s most promising voices Sarah really outdoes herself in this one I d loved her previous work and was highly anticipating this novel, so my expectations were set high from the get go, yet it felt like they were somehow exceeded despite that At the core of it all, this is a novel about power, love, fear and the marks our actions leave onto the world, all interwoven with complex threads of family and magic The book follows the story of a set of Yet [...]

  • An interesting tale filled with magic, betrayal and the lengths people will go to get what they want Other Words for Smoke creates a twisted fairy tale like story when a set of twins are sent to live with their Aunt for the summer and upon their arrival they find that things are not quite what they seem with a game in progress between two forces with everyone who crosses the threshold becoming the unwilling participants This book creates a world where fantasy and reality sit side by side sha An [...]

  • Sarah Maria Griffin wrote Spare and Found Parts, the post apocalyptic sci fi about bisexual Nell with a mean streak and a mechanical heart so of course, I m reading this book about twins and dark secrets and other interesting things mentioned in the super long blurb LOL

  • Three and a half stars for this inventive take on practicing witches For fans of Alice Hoffman who can handle writing that s a little grit and a little less whimsical, Other Words For Smoke presents a coming of age tale that makes you question everyone s motives While the story follows our protagonists for a few years, a lot of the character development is left to the reader s imagination Despite this, the creative mysterious elements kept me reading until the last page, where the conclu Three a [...]

  • I can think of books to compare this to, but seriously this amazing work of YA wordsmithing is unique Part Haunted House, part coming of age, the tale goes from 14 year old twins coping with the slow falling apart of their parents marriage to the menace of a house possessed by ancient powers in the blink of an eye Every character is carrying some kind of heartache, from needing to belong, to first love or crush or lust , of their previously stable world falling apart, of long lost loves Mae I ca [...]

  • Just finishing Other Words for Smoke feels like falling back into this ordinary world from another, far stranger and scarier one An extraordinary book dark and beautiful and twisted and strange.The closest comparison I can make is to Alan Garner s masterpiece, The Owl Service, yet this is uniquely it s own thing just similar in magnificent gothic weirdness.

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