Random Harvest

Random Harvest Best Read || [James Hilton] - Random Harvest, Random Harvest Charles Rainier a prosperous Briton loses his memory as a result of shellshock in the First World War

  • Title: Random Harvest
  • Author: James Hilton
  • ISBN: 9780786705931
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback

Random Harvest Best Read || [James Hilton] - Random Harvest, Random Harvest Charles Rainier a prosperous Briton loses his memory as a result of shellshock in the First World War

  • Random Harvest Best Read || [James Hilton]
    137James Hilton
Random Harvest

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    James Hilton 1900 1954 was a bestselling English novelist and Academy Award winning screenwriter After attending Cambridge University, Hilton worked as a journalist until the success of his novels Lost Horizon 1933 and Goodbye, Mr Chips 1934 launched his career as a celebrated author Hilton s writing is known for its depiction of English life between the two world wars, its celebration of English character, and its honest portrayal of life in the early twentieth century.


  • RANDOM HARVEST is one of the two James Hilton novels I re read about every five years or so the other is LOST HORIZON.It s an engrossing tale of a man who loses his memory due to being shelled in the Great War, eventually finds happiness with a young actress, and then is knocked down on a Liverpool street He regains consciousness and knows he s a member of a prominent and wealthy family He begins to reconstruct his life again, knowing all the while that something and someone is missing Eventuall [...]

  • Reading a book by James Hilton should be accompanied by curling up in your most enveloping chair and having a cup of creamy coffee or tea to sip His writing is a style that we no longer have in literature much like Nevil Shute The setting is between the two World Wars in England The main character suffers from two amnesias after being injured in World War I, he recovers in several hospitals, but does not know his name or where he is from then, after having a fall, he comes to on a Liverpool benc [...]

  • A mystery, a romance, a history of England between the wars An utterly spellbinding story of lost identity and lost love.I should confess I ve always had a soft spot for the BW movie, even though it is ridiculously melodramatic, or maybe because of that, but defintely because it starred the gloriously beautiful Greer Garson who could make a young boy roll up a sock and stuff it in his own mouth to prevent himself from crying with joy every time she appears on screen.The book is a beautifully str [...]

  • I ve seen this as an old black and white movie several times and was curious to read the book Reading something you ve seen on the screen, or watching something on the screen that you ve already read on paper always bring a bit of disappointment and it doesn t always matter which side gets the disappointment The story consist of 4 parts Part I and the book doesn t cover them necessarily in this order is Charles Renier s life prior to WWI where he is raised in an affluent family Part II finds Cha [...]

  • James Hilton was a mid twentieth century English writer of bestselling middlebrow tearjerkers, a bit like Nevil Shute He is best known today for two books that became blockbuster movies Goodbye, Mr Chips, and Lost Horizon, which gave the world Shangri La Random Harvest is a typical example of his work The hero, a reluctant but successful between the wars business magnate and politician, is haunted by missing memories he has lost three whole years The lacuna commences with his being wounded in a [...]

  • I am struck afresh by the aptness and loving detail of Hilton s description of autumnal London For Londonwas of all cities in the world the most autumnal its mellow brickwork harmonzing with fallen leaves and October sunsets, just as the etched grays of November composed themselves with the light and shade of Portland stone There was a charm, a deathless charm, about a city whose inhabitants went about muttering, The nights are drawing in, as if it were a spell to invoke the vast, spawling creat [...]

  • I think this book is much better than Good bye Mr Chips Much interesting and readable, to me I enjoyed the story and the characters very much Who wouldn t be intrigued by Charles Ranier A fun book The movie is great, too Greer Garson I don t know if you should read the book first or see the movie first They re a little different, but the movie might help you understand the book I loved them both.

  • This is another book that I did a disservice to by waiting so long to review it, but I will try I thought this was a beautiful book, and TARDIS like its bigger on the inside It covers than its story seems to, at first glance it hides a thoughtfulness and a sadness that runs like a strand through many of Hilton s war touched books Random Harvest appears at first glance to be a mystery and a love story Through the narration of Charles Rainier s secretary and confidant, it tells Rainier s story Th [...]

  • There s something about James Hilton s novels that generates in me a powerful emotional connection to both the characters and the idea explored in the work in this case, the vertigo, confusion, and desire to re gain a lost past felt by Britons as they entered the darkest days of WWII Hilton s work can be passionate without being overly sentimental, can explore the past without relying on easy nostalgia, can remain hopeful without resorting to unrealistic expectations, and can instill a hope for [...]

  • Fantastic I read this for my RS book group, and we all came so excited to talk about it The problem is that you can t really talk about it unless you ve read it, so I can t write much here without giving anything away And if you plan to read the book, I recommend that you DON T read the summary The less you know, the better, because following the story as it progresses is part of what make this book so enjoyable.Here s what I can tell you this takes place in England between the World Wars The ma [...]

  • I first read this book 30 years ago and again last year It is a story of love and loyalty after the First World War The conclusion is one of the best I ve ever read.

  • My grandma gifted this book to me and she said it was her favorite book of all time so I had to read it It took me a while to get into, but after getting to the end, I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed it What did you do in the Great War But even the most cynical of us couldn t see ahead to a time when the only logical answer to that question would be another one WHICH Great War James Hilton

  • This is a very good story it s completely readable and well constructed It is a tale of lost identity due to shell shock in the last world war, The main character has become a successful industrialist but has a two year gap in his memory His personal life has remained detached and almost unnaturally unemotional but he continually seeks clues to those missing years The reader gets his story in a series of flashbacks as one phase after another is revealed There is an element of suspenseof mysteryo [...]

  • Estaba yo iniciando la escuela secundaria y una vez fui al cine a ver Adi s Mister Chips supe luego que era la versi n cinematogr fica de una obra de James Hilton Mi maestro de literatura me recomend leer En la noche del pasado , t tulo en espa ol de Random Harvest Siempre le agradec la recomendaci n Me adentraba yo en la literatura de adultos y aquella novela tuvo mucho significado para m por eso mismo, por ser de las primeras que le una vez dejado atr s a Verne, Salgari, etc La historia que se [...]

  • Great premise, disappointing follow through I m very surprised that I didn t like this other reviews praise it for being engrossing, but I found most of it to be quite dull Charles Rainier is an English politician and businessman who can t remember a few years of his life due to a WWI head injury While set at the eve of WWII, most of the book is comprised of flashbacks to Rainier s life, eventually including scenes from his missing years And, of course, there are women involved a cold present da [...]

  • Great premise, disappointing follow through I m very surprised that I didn t like this other reviews praise it for being engrossing, but I found most of it to be quite dull Charles Rainier is an English politician and businessman who can t remember a few years of his life due to a WWI head injury While set at the eve of WWII, most of the book is comprised of flashbacks to Rainier s life, eventually including scenes from his missing years And, of course, there are women involved a cold present da [...]

  • Charles Rainier has a rising political career, a beautiful and charming wife, a fine country home, and a successful business, but he is missing something about 2 years of his life He was wounded during World War I and received a head injury From the time of his injury in a trench in Germany to over 2 years later when he came to himself on a park bench in England, he can t remember a thing This is the story of his life, his romances, and his ultimately successful attempt to figure out who he is.I [...]

  • A novel about a man who wakes up one day in 1919 and finds he can t remember anything about the last three years of his life 1941 Full review and other recommendations at Another look bookThis book delighted me so much, it will probably be one of my favorite reads of 2014 I loved how it was all jumbled out of order, with the mystery of the story what happened during those forgotten three years established from the very beginning The 1942 movie adaptation puts rather emphasis on the romance aspe [...]

  • I had not read this novel before, but found it extremely engrossing The characters were well drawn, and I could picture what it was like to live in England between the World Wars Not many books are set in this time period, especially if they don t have anything to do with the war This book carried suspense all the way through, with a surprise ending that I didn t see coming I would highly recommend it for a quiet and deep journey into the lives of some interesting people caught in a highly unusu [...]

  • this is one i keep reading over and over again an amnesia story who is NOT fascinated with amnesia if i got amnesia, and was lost somewhere and unidentifiable, what kind of life would i make for myself how close would it be to the one i lost what influences a person s choices who is the real ME a wonderful story, set in england, between the two world wars, and also a love story.

  • After seeing the movie with Ronald Coleman and Greer Garson, I really wanted to read the book I wasn t disappointed The movie doesn t exactly follow the book, but I still enjoyed both The differences gave slightly different perspectives on the same interesting problem James Hilton also wrote Lost Horizon and Good bye, Mr Chips Loved both these books, as well.

  • Having read Mr Chips and Lost Horizon as a child and having liked both of them, I took a risk on this otherwise unknown novel by the same author Although it started slowly, I stuck with it and am glad I did, it s surprise ending having quite an emotional impact.

  • Another book I need to add to the remember it all your life and wonder about it Listopia I would like to have been in a discussion group for this one maybe This book seemed to me to have several different levels I need to read it again 50 years later.

  • Interesting book.It s an interesting book but reads at times like a run on sentence Had figured out the end, just a little before it happened.

  • War what is it good for Absolutely nothing.A novel set in the 1930ies involving repressed memories and delayed PTSD I m not in the habit of reading current best sellers but this book was published before I was born and since he was British the language is often dated and arcane However in many ways the themes are as current as yesterday s news The English Class system bows to money while holding its nose regarding the means used to earn it Part II jumps back to Charlie s return to England after [...]

  • I saw the movie first and really liked it, so wanted to read the book and get all the extras that only a book can provide, and I hoped for details of the plot What I got was the author s soapbox for his political and social commentary Vast portions of the book added almost nothing to the actual story If I hadn t known what was coming, I would have been pretty bored waiting for something to happen, even though Hilton is a good wordsmith The screenwriter did an excellent job of sticking to the he [...]

  • James Hilton probably somewhat forgotten other than The Lost Horizon and Goodby, Mr Chips surprised me with Random Harvest which I may have like as much as Lost Horizon which was an old favorite Something that usually never interests me is a romance story but this is a great one set against the backdrop of the end of WWI and the beginning of WWII It s about a man who suffered from what was then called shell shock and he has lost a big chunk of his memory It s in five parts, some in first person, [...]

  • Nice idea but Too much random banter Major plot detours I found myself trying to understand what all the family financial ruin was about and what it had to do with the amnesia mystery The 16 year old niece sugar uncle love story possibility is impossible to warm up to if you have even a milligram of cynicism.Credibility problems How is it that this shell shocked and later hit by car concussion victim still the financial wizard brilliant CEO of the world Finally, the stuffy British style He smil [...]

  • I am emotionally hung over from this exquisite book So much so that I m reading it again immediately I don t even know what to say about this book except it has instantly become a personal favorite and personal classic It s not like the movie at all I will tell you that The movie is loosely based upon the book This book is so incredibly moving There are so many poignant passages James Hilton really understood struggles, pain, love, and human nature This is the third book I ve read by him in the [...]

  • Having seen the old movie with Greer Garson and Ronald Colman, I was curious to see how the book compared The plot is the same, but the events are arranged differently in the book vs in the movie, so the big plot twist is different as a result.The movie focuses on Paula, and the book focuses on Charles Of the two, I think I prefer the movie but I m probably biased because I m a big Greer Garson fan.

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